Sheree Whitfield Questions NeNe Leakes’ Loyalty

Sheree Whitfield is sharing her thoughts about the epic RHOA season ten reunion. Sheree states that her co-star NeNe Leakes has never been loyal to anyone, but expects loyalty back. Whitfield also explains how she believes NeNe poked the bear all season. What went through your mind when Kenya said she was pregnant?
Um, nothing. I’ve learned to not believe everything I hear. If it is true, I’m happy for her. Kids are definitely a blessing…but can we get her to pee on a stick? Do you think you and Porsha can move forward?

I don’t hold grudges, so moving forward is always an option, but I need to know what I’m moving forward from! Porsha conveniently forgot who supported her throughout the season when the entire cast didn’t want to have anything to do with her! I guess the grass is greener being up NeNe’s ass after she’s been s— on all season, but I digress. What about you and NeNe?
NeNe is like Trump; she wants everyone to be loyal to her but has never been loyal to anyone, past or present! I’m a practical woman — I don’t expect more than I give. To me, loyalty is something that is earned and not freely given. Her expectations of friendships/relationships/mutual considerations are unrealistic. If we’re ever on the same page of understanding those simple ideas, then maybe we can become hospitable.

That being said, NeNe poked the bear all season but wasn’t ready for the results. She continued to insert herself into my personal life with her opinions, but per usual, she then tried to play victim. She does that so well! Everyone she has ever moved forward with had to kiss her ass. No thanks — not interested!


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