Sheree Whitfield Gets Sued By Contractor for Chateau Sheree


It is no secret to Real Housewives of Atlanta fans that veteran Sheree Whitfield has been building her dream home, Chateau Sheree, for almost four years now. While there has been a lot of gossip in Atlanta and in the press about Sheree’s financial state and her home, Radar Online has exclusively reported that she is in a lawsuit bind with her contractor.

Court documents obtained by the site show hat Stoploss Specialists, Inc filed a petition against the reality star earlier this month. had also reported the company is suing her for not paying her bills for the construction.

The site reports that Stoploss “claims that Whitfield owes them $15,450 in unpaid bills, but they are asking for a total of $23,000 to include late fees and other charges. In the lawsuit, the company also said that they were retained by Whitfield on Dec. 17, 2014 “to supply equipment, labor and/or materials for the improvement.”


“When Radar last checked, the Fulton County court system had yet to set a court date to get into this case further.”

Photo Credits: Radar Online and Bravo


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  1. I never liked Sheree when she was on before but really wanted her to outdo Kenya with the house bet. Sorry to hear about this and hope it is settled soon so she can win. Can’t understand how these supposedly smart women get in these financial binds.

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