Sheree Whitfield Filed For Divorce Because Of Cruel Treatment

Sheree Whitfield opened up details about her toxic marriage to her ex Bob on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and according to divorce papers, there romance was pretty bad.

In divorce papers obtained from the Superior Court of Fulton County, Sheree, 47, filed for divorce from Bob, 45, on March 9, 2005.

“Petitioner is entitled to a divorce from the respondent on the grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken,” the court papers, obtained by RadarOnline, read. “There are no prospects for a reconciliation on the grounds of cruel treatment.”

Sheree asked to have legal and physical custody of their two children Kairo, then 8, and Kaleigh, then 5.

With the former NFL star making an annual income of $1,000,000, Sheree asked for child support and alimony because she “does not have the funds sufficient to provide for her own needs.”

Sheree asked for temporary and permanent ownership of their Atlanta, Georgia home, and an equitable division of all marital assets, both real and personal. The Bravo star also requested her ex be responsible for attorney’s fees.

The divorce was granted in 2007.

But the drama didn’t end there, as Bob requested a downward modification of the monthly $2,142,87 in child support in 2012.

Although it was agreed that the payments would not be permanently modified, it was temporarily changed to $1,000 for one year because he was behind on payments at the time.

Bob was behind 38 months in child support, owing Sheree $75,000. He was also forced to pay for furnishing and other household items to make up the difference.

On an episode of RHOA, Sheree accused Bob of choking her.

“Could you still breathe?” he asked. “I don’t remember shocking her, but if I did I’m sorry. Cause maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.”

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