Sheree Whitfield On Her Feud With Kenya Moore

Sheree Whitfield has had drama with Kenya Moore on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since her return in season eight, over their perspective homes, Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor. But if you ask Sheree today about the feud, her part in it doesn’t run very deep.

“It doesn’t run that deep for me,” she told The Daily Dish. “But I think she’s pretty passionate about it. It’s like honestly there really isn’t any competition or comparison. I mean we’re comparing apples and oranges.”

“At the end of the day, we are two very strong women who accomplished something that a lot of women won’t, so in that regard I praise her for that,” she said. “But that’s about it.”

“Honestly all jokes aside, I do see the vision of where Moore Manor can go. I haven’t been in there since her housewarming, but I definitely can see where it can go,” Whitfield added.

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  1. I wish they would be friends, but can Kenya have friends, really? She seems so phony. Every word out of her mouth and every laugh seems put on and forced. She is annoying to me, but she and Sheree do both have new homes in common and are on the same show, so why not try to be friends, really.

    I don’t know why Sheree named her home Chateau Sheree except for the allieration, because it seems stupid to name it after your first name. After all, did she not say that she wanted her grown children to live with her?


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