Sheree Whitfield in Another Lawsuit Over Chateau Sheree

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When it comes to Chateau Sheree, RHOA star Sheree Whitfield cannot catch a break. On December 17th, we reported that Whitfield was sued by a contracting company that she pay them a sum of $23,000 for work they did on her home and now she’s hit another bump in the road.

According to, Whitfield filed a suit on January 11 against her insurance company for $279,940.56. Sheree’s management company is claiming the insurance company didn’t dish out enough dough to cover expenses to repair a water leak that damaged her home while it was under construction in early 2014.

When the leak occurred, construction of the 15,000 square foot home was only reportedly 85% complete. According to the suit, a cold spell caused the pipes to freeze and break, water flowed out and damaged part of the home.

Guyco Plumbing & Home Improvements was hired to fix up the house and Standard Chemical Inc. to rid the home of the water. Sheree also hired a public insurance adjuster who cited mold as an issue, but the insurance company disputed the claim. As a result, according to the lawsuit, Whitfield and the insurance company battled over what it would cost to repair the home. They both got appraisers and a third one was hired to help the two parties come to a mutual agreement. Unfortunately according to Whitfield, the third appraiser seemed biased to the insurance company’s figure.

The lawsuit claimed that this caused the home to decrease in value.

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      1. Her success was in one question! ‘Who’s gonna check me boo?’ That was it and I would watch an episode just for that!!

  1. i never liked Sheree but thought she would be good against Kenya but I see this going to be more like it used to be — all about her financial mess.

  2. LOL good comments all of them. This lady just cracks me up! Saaay….where the heck can I buy her dresses anyhow…


    Bond. Jane Bond.

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