Sheree Talks Bob’s Abuse, Phaedra’s Divorce and Kenya’s Relationship With Matt Jordan

During part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Andy Cohen asked Kandi Burruss if she believed that Porsha Williams really did attend anger management therapy since she was taped going to counseling on the show. Kandi said doing it “on the show” was the key phrase there, and no, she didn’t believe Porsha had really gone. Then there was a debate about whether or not Porsha had properly apologized for attacking Kenya Moore on the boat. While nothing got resolved, it was time to take a look at Kenya’s tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Jordan.

After Andy showed a tape of Matt’s erratic behavior throughout the season, he turned to Kenya and asked how she could stay with him throughout all of that. “He was very sweet. He always seemed like a nice guy,” she began. “When he started to show all these weird signs of getting angry, hitting things, but not being mad at me. I didn’t really equate that to him being abusive.”

Cynthia Bailey added that she had asked Kenya why she was still with Matt on several occasions, prompting Andy to ask Cynthia why she had gone out of her way to reunite Kenya and Matt at one point in the season if she felt so opposed to their relationship. Cynthia said she could see that Kenya wanted to make it work, so she wanted to help that happen

This turned the conversation to whether or not Kenya “provoked” Matt’s violence. Sheree vehemently denied the claim, but also refused to apologize in any way to Kenya if anything she had said hadn’t come out right. Andy ended the scene by pointing out that Matt had shared a Woman Crush Wednesday post in honor of Porsha. “Thanks, but no thanks,” Porsha said.

Next to face Andy was Phaedra Parks. Phaedra said she couldn’t understand why Apollo Nida was contesting their divorce since she had already paid him $100,000. She did, however, bring a copy of her final judgment papers for the divorce, showing that it was completed on July 12, 2016. “You’re not divorced!” Kenya shouted, citing the fact that Apollo was fighting the judgment. They then started barking at each other to “focus on the truth” and Kenya called Phaedra a condo that nobody wanted.

Andy asked Phaedra why she hadn’t told anyone except Porsha when the divorce was finalized and Phaedra said she only felt like telling real friends. Porsha then apologized for accidentally telling the rest of the women after Phaedra had stormed out of Kenya’s “divorce party.”

Sheree Whitfield had also been dealing with a lot this season. She was spending more time with her ex-husband and things were going great with the two until Bob made a joke about choking Sheree. Phaedra said she had been “disappointed” and “very disturbed” by his comments, and the rest of the women immediately told Sheree this wasn’t her fault and offered messages of support.

Whitfield revealed she had never discussed the abuse with her children. “With Bob, it was a lot of verbal, emotional abuse, and we have had some altercations,” she said. “I have not talked about it for 10 years. I wanted to protect my kids and I just never wanted to talk about it.”

As for why Bob said it? Sheree said he simply forgot the cameras were there.

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4 Replies to “Sheree Talks Bob’s Abuse, Phaedra’s Divorce and Kenya’s Relationship With Matt Jordan”

  1. Sheree had the only dress that didn’t display her boobs which I liked. However, she was constantly pulling it up like she was afraid it might fall and show her boobs. Why are these women so proud of their fake boobs? What was wrong with what God gave them? And I don’t believe that Kenya’s are real.

  2. Talk about a bunch of Boobs sitting on the couch. I don’t watch the reunion of this show, but I do watch the show it if it’s on when I happen to put Bravo on. I only like Cynthia, Kenya and Kandi…the rest, just awful. Can’t stand to listen to them shriek and that’s all they do.

  3. These two women are my least favorite. Especially Porsha. And Pheadra, the so called Christian on the show. Well that is all it is, show! This was not a fun season at all. It was just dirty and nasty and I’m so glad its done.

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