Shannon Says David Beador’s Mistress Never Met His Mother


Vicki Gunvalson once told us on the RHOC that David Beador’s mistress was having family dinners with David’s mom and sister and finally Shannon is clearing the air about what the truth really is and where Vicki got her information from.

“No,” she responded to one viewer’s question on WWHL. “[Vicki] says she has proved this, that, and the other, no. Never happened. David’s mother never met her.”

During an interview last month, Shannon spoke more about the toxicity that she has to deal with in her family. “It has nothing to do with the affair. It has to do with the fact that no matter how hard I try, my husband’s family doesn’t give two hoots about me. And it hurts,” Shannon said. “And especially for her to go down and say that one gut-wrenching comment that I drove my husband to an affair, nobody drives anybody to an affair. I didn’t make my husband do anything; he did it. So for his mother [to say that] when I’ve continually made efforts, it’s hard.”

“It’s a shame, because I have no cousins, both my parents were an only child, and I wanted to have that big family. So I love the holidays and having everybody come over,” she told the Daily Dish. “I don’t know if it’s gonna happen this year. I mean, it’s not gonna happen this year. I’m not gonna keep throwing myself in the lions’ den. I’m kind of over it.”

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So here is a woman who lives in denial–beaten wife that takes back spouse, cheated on and takes back…why would she believe mistress didn’t have dinner with husband’s family? She didn’t even know about affair until long after it happened.

Not trying to be judgemental just looking at facts.

I’m confused! Didn’t Heather co-sign to this story too? Wasn’t she saying Shannon told her about her it, as well? I don’t believe her.

She sure did!!! I guess Shannon thinks that viewers are dumb!

There IS NO PROOF she was beaten! Jesus Christ get your facts right. There was a domestic call in 2003 but no one was “beaten” that’s all in Vickis vicious rumors of deflect deflect deflect – she makes me sick. And yeah so what that they stuck together to work on their marriage? That’s a bad thing? Jesus stop with the ASSumptions you sound like Vicki

Omg I’m loving you ❤️❤️❤️ I thought i was Shannons number 1 fan 🙂

@sue-FACT-David Beador PLED guilty to BATTERY. Sound like Vicki LiarFACE? Get a grip, Sue. Calm down. This was my opinion based on the FACT/police report I read.

In February 2003, David Beador pleaded guilty in court to willfully and unlawfully using force and violence against his wife. Additionlly, Beador pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of assault and battery against a cohabitant. Beador was released on a $10,000 bond. He was placed on 3 years informal probation. Beador also participated and completed a batterer’s treatment program. All of this information is a matter of *public record*. Read this: “In Section 242, the Penal Code defines battery as a “willful and unlawful use of force or violence against the person of another.” Section 243(e)(1) of the Penal Code criminalizes… Read more »

Agree… Shannon plays the victim when she’s cheated on. But denies the abuse… When it’s proven. David beat on her… Cheated on her. Stay… That’s your choice! Your life! But don’t play the righteous victim when you’re husband screws another woman (and you put all the blame on her). And when it comes out David beat you! He did!!! He beat you . .. You called the police! He was convicted! Either you forgave him…. Or you’re staying for the free ride. Which I think is true.

If Shannon wants to make a go of her marriage now then good for her, could I do it, probably not but I know a few that have and it has worked. If she wants to fight for her marriage then go for it. Personally until there was actual proof I could see I wouldn’t believe anything Liar Face Vicki says anyway.

Exactly..why would ANYONE believe a word out of Vicki’s mouth. She has recanted her own stories at the reunion so her credibility is zero. I don’t know how Shannon is still with him either, but like Suze, I agree that this is her decision. It just sucks so bad to have in laws that clearly don’t like or care about you. You have to stick that out for the rest of your marriage.

Well said ladies! Maybe she’s with him because her girls are still young or maybe because it’s what abused women do. Either way , it’s sad and hearbreakkng. Judging her is not helpful and counter productive. We don’t know where they are in their relationship now. I HOPE they’re happy and they’ve moved on . But if not, then she needs good friends for support and to show her the way. It’s easy to be idealistic when this isn’t happening to you but we never know how we would react if this was our husband! Sigh! Poor Shannon ! Love… Read more »
I’m going to play devil’s advocate here…maybe they are one of those couple that actually fight with each other until it is violent. I know he plead guilty but you never know the true story. It’s never ok to lay hands on anyone, but I’ve had friends (that I clearly stay away from now), who use to do that every time we went out. One night it actually ended up as a fist fight between the two. That is way too much drama for my taste, but this story might not mean that Shannon is an abused wife….It doesn’t mean… Read more »

I agree Rain, no one here knows the truth so it’s down to Shannon to do what she feels is right. Xoxoxoxo

Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️


Tamara and the hag’s own daughter say she fights dirty and makes things up to get even. People always pick on Brianna for her comments about her mother but God only knows what kind of crap The hag’s kids have put up with all these years. Brianna us probably as tired of her as we are.

Well said Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️ Ty Rain.

Spot on Bee xxxooo❤️❤️❤️

Again Aunt Bee totally agree with your post

I’m guessing there’s a reason the in-laws don’t like her and I’m guessing that reason is that she’s a nutty self-important, over-aged, (getting over-weight) battle-ax.

nye bunny – not sure what planet you are living on but Shannon is not overweight.

Don’t know what to think, but I do wish them all the best. It has to be hard being in both of their shoes. Added rumors & talk, is not going to help.

Didn’t Shannon say on an episode she was freaking out about David’s mom that she ,(David’s Mom), wanted David to stay with the lady from the affair? Sounded like they met to me.

Again, Shannon came on this show saying she wanted total transparency. Well, now she’s getting it. But also, again, where young kids are involved I think it’s something that is off limits. Why these people go on this, or any tv show, when they have young kids who have no say so over the decision, is a mystery to me. It’s just really messed up. As for Shannon’s MIL, she’s hideous.

Marriage is an agreement between two people, and however it works is only their business. There are three disgusting people at work here: 1) The ignorant and nasty mother in law that discussed their marriage on camera and to strangers. 2) Vicki threatening to hurt Shannon’s children with info she thinks will do the job, and 3) Tamra, pretending she doesn’t want to know what Vicki’s “secret” info is, while bringing it up so she can hopefully get it said on camera. All three of these women are garbage.

Hi DebBren. How are you?

As far as I’m concerned U can’t state my husband didn’t beat me when there is proof. Then my MIL never met the mistress. These women R not worth my time. Some of these comments R like reruns of them. Trying to defend Shannon. This woman is incapable of compassion. She obsessed over others. Just like her side kicks Tamra that 4gives bc her trainer told her2. Then when it suits her hides behind God. Heather standing as a sanctimonious Bimbo & talking abt Kelly’s kid. Who does she think she is? These women make me ill& those that try… Read more »

And a good day to you too!

Excuse me Nancy. I do have a job. Thank you very much. In fact I’m a small business owner. Aren’t you a sorry women just like you are accusing us of being? Your comments are nothing but gossip also. Maybe you should look in the mirror babe.I’m out peace

Oh brother…. another child played hooky today. Go to school you!!

Heather stated shannon told her this also after Vicki said it