Shannon and David Beador Open Up About Their Vow Renewal


Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon and David Beador have been working two years to get their marriage back on track after it was revealed that David had an affair with another woman. This week on the show, he surprised his wife with a birthday party that turned into a vow renewal.

“Last year’s birthday was kind of a disaster, and then I thought about how I wanted to surprise Shannon for her birthday this year. I wanted to make it something special. I wanted to express how far we had come over the course of the last couple years,” he told Personal Space. “It just kind of grew from there.”

David shares he wanted to invite some close loved ones to watch their celebration. “Honestly, that’s a very private event, but we’ve been — Shannon likes to describe it — nothing but honest in our relationship on the show. We’ve shared some things on the show that I don’t know that I particularly cared to share, but nonetheless, it was part of our world,” he explained. “It was a way for me to continue to show Shannon the commitment level that I have in our relationship and our marriage. I think it was a way to show the people that we’ve shared [with] through the show my commitment and our commitment to each other.”

And after the affair has been worked out, the couple is glad they got to share their experience with viewers. “Our marriage was in a very bad place when I started the show. I think it’s very obvious that we have clearly gone through hard times, so when any couple renews their vows, it’s because they want to show each other that they’re still committed to the relationship. After we went through this difficult period that we’ve said many times, we didn’t want to share it publicly, but because we’re on a reality show, you have to be real, and we had to talk about it,” Shannon shared. “But if we’ve talked about all the negative, thank goodness we can show something positive.”

One thing that made the ceremony so special for Shannon and David was that their daughters got to be involved. “It was kind of a dual commitment to my kids as well as Shannon, the commitment that I have to our marriage and to our family,” David said. “So it was extremely important to have them there.”

Even though it was just a vow renewal, Shannon says something felt different this time around. “It felt like something completely different. The ceremony took place in a different lawn, and there were different components to it. But I have to say, not to say I wasn’t happy on my married day because that’s definitely one of the most fun days ever, but there was just so much that was happening this night,” she said. “I just wanted to freeze time. It’s like, within a three-hour period, I had a surprise birthday party, a vow renewal, a dinner, and then I was told I was going on my honeymoon the next day. It just happened so quickly, I wanted to stop time.”

Now, David says the Beadors are in a great place right now. “I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned is what a tremendous commitment my wife has to our marriage, and I think I’ve learned that I’m sharing in that commitment to the marriage because it’s so important to who we are as people and who we want to be as a couple for our kids and as a mother and father for our children,” David said. “So some of the things that I had done in the past wasn’t really who I was as a person. I did what I did, but the important part of that is getting back to who I am and who we are as a couple and being there for each other and committing to each other like we did [in] what will soon be 17 years ago.”

“From a relationship standpoint, we’ve both discussed that we’ve learned what’s important in a marriage and how you need to prioritize your spouse, you need to always make time for your spouse. So we do weekly date nights, and we go to church together every week beforehand on Saturday nights,” Shannon explained. “We also have to communicate. We have to act as partners. It’s something that’s imperative for a relationship to be successful.”

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26 Replies to “Shannon and David Beador Open Up About Their Vow Renewal”

  1. I think this is lovely, this is what I want to see on the show, not Liarface screaming in everyone’s faces or her cohort Kelly f’ing and blinding! Good for you Shannon and David and good luck for the future!
    Just read through and I put scamming instead of screaming, now which is the most appropriate??? Both I think!

  2. Wow–using the word “commitment”seven times quoted by Daid Beador is proving how trigger words are used during hypnosis.

  3. I loved this episode. I am happy for the Beador family. I agree with Suse – this is what we want to see on the RH franchises.

    1. ITA Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️ It wouldn’t kill bravo to have more fun and light episodes wothout the insanity

  4. Good for you David! But you need to make sure that you follow through with all the promises you have made and be thankful that Shannon has accepted you, the good, the bad & the ugly. You are a lucky man David Beador.

    1. Preach Karen, preach !! ❤️❤️❤️ He is a lucky guy indeed, because she’s a lovely , down to earth woman and a wonderful mother.

      1. Down to earth?? More like on the moon with her wacky, dubious Dr. Moon. And everyone knows constant enemas are not healthy! I think David & Mrs. Roper are trying way too hard to convince everyone (including themselves) that everything is honky dory. I’m not really feeling it.

  5. oh good grief. what crud. she’s a passive aggressive emotional vampire and he looks like he’s a prisoner who can not wait to get away from her. she must have his balls in a vice grip

  6. oh good grief. what crud. she’s a passive aggressive emotional vampire and he looks like he’s a prisoner who can not wait to get away from her. she must have his balls in a vice grip

  7. Well, it all seems good for them now. I think it was a nice change of pace from the lying, back stabbing, screaming, name calling, drunken messes that usually waste an hour of my life.

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