Are Shannon And David Beador Headed For Divorce?


In this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador confides in Tamra Barney about her martial problems. Shannon stops by Tamra’s house to find comfort in her friend, and reveals she has had a “rough last couple of days.”

Shannon reveals she had a fight with her husband David and tells Tamra “things can be so good with him and then we can just fall to the point where they are so bad.” Shannon goes on to share that she doesn’t feel like she is one of David’s priorities and she doesn’t think they spend enough time together which causes tension in their marriage.

Shannon tells Tamra, “When I feel like I’m living alone, I’m not the nicest person to come home to. And it’s just like a downward spiral, it starts with I just wish I felt more important.”

Shannon shares that she came from a broken home and so did David and she doesn’t want her to go through what she did with her parents when they were getting a divorce.

“I feel like my marriage is falling apart,” Shannon tells Tamra.

Watch the preview below.

As we previously reported, the Beadors have listed their home for sale, and an insider revealed to us that it is because they needed to downsize, not because they are getting divorced.

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9 Replies to “Are Shannon And David Beador Headed For Divorce?”

  1. She treats the poor guy like crap. Always condescending and nasty towards him. That’s why she gets on so well with Vicki – they treat their men like shit.

  2. It’s so sad to watch yet another marriage not hold up under the scrutiny of the cameras. David is a clever and funny guy, and Shannon needs to SERIOUSLY lighten up. What she does is to make everything personal, what he does, and what he doesn’t do. It’s a little immature and very damaging. I would hate to see them fail, but she needs to stop worrying and just live. Relax Shannon, not everything IS, or NEEDS TO BE, about you. If you think all of your worth is wrapped up in your man, you will never be happy with anyone, because your happiness has to start with you. You can pull your happiness out of someone else, no matter who it is.

    1. I hope Shannon and David work it out. I think they are good together. Hope they don’t give up on each other. I think they really love each other. Tamara and Heather are trouble makers.

  3. Omg, she is actually telling her business to Tamra. You can bet Tamra ran to the nearest phone to tell Vicki or anyone else that would listen. Tamra has been married three times, what does she” know about relationships, hers will be next, Eddie is going to soon tire of her drama, lies and phoniness, sex don’t sovereign everything.

  4. I think Shannon has tried everything & telling Tamra is a good thing because they are friends, has changed & has been honest about her “big mouth.” I love Tamra, you always know where you stand w/her. She doesn’t tip toe around or kiss someone’s behind & then turn around & talk badly about her friends. Heather is a peacemaker too & is a very sophisticated, intelligent woman who I think gets misunderstood. She hasn’t changed, what you see is what you get & she doesn’t expect any more from her friends than she does of herself. I think Shannon can be quirky but she has & continues to try & bring them together. I hope his gift isn’t tainted by planning the renewing of their vows by getting into more trouble. His mother is a piece of work. Despite his mother pulling the pity card you see right through her. She loves her son but w/conditions. She doesn’t have to love Shannon but she does have to try to get along w/her. She’s not married to her, her son IS, so stay out of their relationship.

  5. Shannon and David will get divorced. No doubt about it. Shannon’s self esteem isn’t good wether she was always like this or David created it. The only decent person on the show is Heather Debrow. Sure, she may have her downfalls too, but she’s only human. I think her and Terry should spend more family time together or there could be trouble in paradise. You don’t get these years back with your kids. I think Tamra is a bad example of someone who has become a Christian. My girlfriend did that and our friendship of 40 years went up in smoke. She started judging me, said her morals were better than mine etc. etc. She hadn’t changed one bit. She was very confused about who she is. I think thats where Tamra is at. If you keep supporting your grown son, you will lose Eddie. I don’t blame Eddie one bit. Your enabling your son Tamra. He is not standing up and being a man. Vicki, well we have seen her every season. She a control freak and thinks she’s a good catch just because she makes her own money. There is more to being a partner than making your own money Vicki. I think you should grow up. I do believe you also have self esteem issues otherwise you wouldn’t be sashaying your ass out in the bar. Kelly, Meagan and Shannon should leave the show. They are boring, annoying and uninteresting!

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