Are Shannon and David Beador Getting Back Together?

RHOC star Shannon Beador has announced she will divorce her husband David. During this week’s episode we saw just how bad the tension between the couple was.

“The truth about the state of my marriage is that it’s not good,” Shannon confessed to viewers. “I just want to know how David feels because living in this limbo, it’s kind of a form of torture. I just want to know.”

“David’s checked out,” she continued. “There’s no doubt, my husband is checked out. If you’re done with me, then say it and go.”

During a routine check-up with her doctor, Shannon also shared that she hadn’t been intimate with her husband in awhile. “I haven’t been intimate with my husband,” Shannon said, explaining that the problem wasn’t coming from her side. “There is desire on my part, I don’t have a low libido. I haven’t been very sexually active because my husband has a low libido. He’s not going to be happy I said that at all, but it’s the truth.”

In other Beador news, Shannon confused her followers on social media when she posted a selfie with David and her daughter at a USC game. A fan assumed the Beadors were trying to work on their marriage, but Shannon shot down that hope.

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41 Replies to “Are Shannon and David Beador Getting Back Together?”

  1. I think it’s great shannon and david can come together for dinner and events for their kids sake but I hope shannon isn’t trying to reconcile with David. he is toxic for her and it’s way too soon. she needs to move on without him or else she’ll find herself in same situation soon enough. David doesn’t care. it’s very obvious.

  2. She’s an alcoholic in total denial! David said it best.. she was raised with zero coping skills for real life as a daughter of privilege. Face it.. the world has watched as she “self medicates” as her means of dealing with conflict, people, and situations. She never learned to either cope or communicate as a child because of her parents situation She probably “turned inward because of the childhood trauma and became selfish! She is definitely a “sender and not a receiver”. She screams, yells and runs when she gets into conflict. David can’t tell her anything g she doesn’t like or want to hear” so he takes refuge I silence to avoid sending her into an emotional tailspin! The woman needs substance abuse help and counseling! Everyone wants to make David out to be the bad guy, but for SB to make a spiteful comment that his “libido is not low” is not taking responsibility for her part in the demise of the marriage! She’s just trying to embarrass and hurt him! He had an affair which involved sex with someone other than her.. so the equipment must “work”! Most men don’t want to be with someone who controls and haraigns them all the time.. it’s immascating!

    1. You state that she is an alcoholic in every single comment. Alcoholism isn’t something you need to shame anyone for. If she actually is an alcoholic…I hope she seeks help. If she is a social drinker…enjoy.

        1. So it would seem. Some people are just set in their ways and cannot/will not change. Open mindedness is not an option for them unfortunately.

      1. The long rant ended with “immascating” hmmm…. think it was supposed to say “I am skating”? (Maybe trying for “emasculating”) but more likely “I’m masturbating”

  3. He has a low libido. It is not uncommon as men age either. So, I guess he has tried some Viagra or Cialis…with the other woman then. He just could not bother with that with his own wife, the mother of his children. I really thought he was trying, but it sounds like he checked out and never tried at all. We will never know what happened inside the home when the cameras were not there either.
    I am sick of all the attacks on Shannon. She did the best she could. Was she perfect? No way. Is anyone perfect? No way. She is on TV and that makes it even harder. I am sure she wanted the cameras to see a happy family, and yet, it was not so happy. Maybe it has been years of just going through the motions…for the kids sake, when the kids have seen discord for far too long. It takes a toll on everyone.
    Shannon will still have those wonderful memories of family times and great vacations. The family comes first for her, so it is great that she can still do things as a family, no matter how hard it is for her.
    As for alcohol, I do hope it is not a way to soothe the troubles away for her. I don’t know if she has a problem with drinking, but if so, I do hope she gets help.

    1. I’m sick of the attacks on her too ! People
      are willing to forgive Vicki but somehow Shannon is just the worst! Gimme a break

  4. The demise of a marriage is always sad & hard. It takes two to make or break it..
    I do believe watching that David left a long time ago emotionally because of Shannon’s screaming out to be heard . Watching her, she just does not address the issues bothering her well. She’s been grovelling for crumbs that by her own hands, she threw into the garbage. No man can take what she dishes out. One sees clearly, because he has said it, he does not have the energy to cope with her or her friends.
    Many blame David, many blame Michael, but marriage is not a game or one sided.
    As a woman, I blame the women. Treat your husbands with love & respect & it will be returned ten fold. That’s my take.

    1. It is not one sided, as you said. It takes two to tango. Yet, you are blaming the woman. Many women treat their men with love and respect and then the men turn around and fool around on them…because they can. Also there are women who realize that no matter what they do, their men will cheat, and they feel like they have to accept it…and they do.
      A woman can be a perfect wife and mother in every sense, and a man can go out and cheat on her just because he had the opportunity and wanted to. He may even have thought that the when the cat is away the mouse will play, etc. They may even adore their wives, yet want the whore on the side. It is not always because the wife is not good enough or not attentive enough or not understanding enough. Some men will just cheat…and hope to get away with it.

      I agree that Shannon may be difficult to live with. She goes over the top about a lot of things. I also have no idea what she is like with David when the cameras are off and vice versa. Has she always been quirky, and maybe David thought it was cute or did they both just change after marriage and children. Did he resent the attention the children were receiving perhaps? Some men, especially those with mommy issues, cannot deal with their wives once children are in the picture.
      From what I can tell, David’s mom is terrible. What mother would welcome her son’s affair partner with open arms and even badmouth her own DIL when the cameras are rolling, when the grandchildren were present no less. Maybe David’s mommy issues spilled over into his relationships…and it affected his marriage in a big way.
      I am not saying I know what is going on. I don’t live with them, nor do I know if David was ever physical with Shannon…though it is a possibility, and I don’t condone that. I don’t like to take sides when I don’t know the full story. Suffice it to say, that David was the one that strayed, and I don’t believe he had much remorse. He checked out as Shannon said. That is not someone who is trying to make it work, so the marriage has no chance. Shannon and David belong apart, so that each can be happy. It is not easy, but I think that it will be for the best.

      1. I hear you Sandy, some men regardless of how happy or not in their marriage, do look outside & cheat. It is the make up of the man.
        In my experience, men who have wives that love, honor & respect them, at home & out, in other words, getting a hot breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert at home, so to speak, are happy & content & do not look outwards.
        Shannon, from the very 1st season, before even knowing about the affair, displayed a total lack of respect or consideration toward David. She was a little too comfortable in her marriage & put no effort in it, marriage is hard work.
        Further seasons, her behavior became deplorable & I’m sure in the house as much as it was obvious out of the house. She was/is, one very unhappy woman & anyone around her, is unhappy too.
        Dont for a second believe she is different at home than she is out of the home, I dont see that.
        Just observe her downright despise when Tamara & Vicki reconciled. So blatant was her rage, jealously & hate. Too much for any human to deal with at any time. I believe with her constant display of negativity & with each time, a piece of David’s heart closed, till his whole heart closed.
        Sorry, I know I sound like the opposition, but I cannot blame David.
        I also note how caring & considerate Michael is toward Kelly & she’s not happy either with all the fighting & disharmony & she too is divorcing. It’s not only about their needs & wants & that’s all I see.
        I do not live with them, but I’ve experienced enough of life to see things from all sides.

        1. I know women who do all of the above, cook three meals a day and then offer dessert, and still the men cheat.
          If you look at David, you will see a man who wanted to make his mom happy by bringing home his affair partner…for her approval, when clearly he was still married. This mother of his was disrespectful of her DIL in front of the grandchildren. There are deep rooted problems with David if you ask me…jus by that alone. Maybe he is the kind of man who should never marry.
          Shannon maybe was starved for his attention…and she chose the wrong ways to get it, but maybe, he checked out a long time ago and no matter what, she would be frustrated and ignored by him, sadly.
          I cannot stand Kelly. She has shown extreme disrespect for her husband. I stopped watching OC because of her and Vicki. I still keep up with the comments and the news, but I don’t watch it anymore, and I don’t consider myself as mysogynist. I just observed their wickedness. I don’t believe Shannon is wicked. She is frustrated beyond belief, and she wants to be liked…by everyone, and now realizes that is not possible. It is hard to be liked, and with all the criticism of reality TV persona, I don’t know how anyone does it, really. She is wacky and strange, but I don’t think she is heartless.

          1. I must say, I do see your point clearly & I do agree on some parts–a lot actually.
            On the 3 meals & dessert, I did not mean that literally, I was referring to the emotional, spiritual & physical support at home. I’ve often times heard men say their home is their castle. When a husband arrives home after a long day, or if the wife works, they band together. He needs to feel the love of his spouse, a simple smile & how was your day goes a long way with men. But with Shannon’s make-up, she probably dives into her troubles, her problems, her feelings, not really listening to his answers or side of anything. I have taught my own kids to never approach their spouses when 1st home, until they’ve unwound, had a good meal & is then relaxed. At that point, you approach & it works every time. Shannon openly degraded him by saying he has low libido for the world to hear.
            What do you think that does to a man?
            Possibly nothing is wrong with his libido, he does not want intimacy with someone who castrates him daily. Who would?
            Cant think of other stuff now, but that marriage has been over before it was over.

            1. I knew you did not mean dessert. I thought you meant…sex. Either way, some spouses will cheat and they do. Maybe they just never were able to be committed to any one person. It is not always the woman’s fault if her man steps out. He could have been honest, told her he was unhappy and gone to a marriage therapist. Then if it was not working, he could have left the marriage and then go bed whomever he chooses. That would have been the decent way to do it. After all he was still married.
              Right now, I don’t blame Shannon for being upset. I don’t think she told the world about David’s libido before now either. She is hurt. He is the one who ended this marriage by his checking out of it. The man went and did it with another woman…right under her nose, and he probably had help…like Viagra.

              A woman can tell if a man has no sexual desire, and it is quite common as men age…more than you think. Is it disinterest in her…sometimes yes, but not always. David simply shunned Shannon for someone else. He took Shannon for granted and disrespected her. So if she disrespects him now that the marriage is over by telling the truth as she knows it…so be it.
              Like kt said…I totally agree with what she has written.

              1. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
                Adultery was the past, therapy, sorry’s, forgiveness, reconciliation, renewal of vows, happy times all followed.
                Maybe they both resorted back to old habits & all the above disappeared.
                Right now, divorce is in their forecast. I guess it’s the end.

        2. She knew about the affair before filming began. He cheated before filming. Either way…they are both a mess and its painful to watch.

          1. New info for me. It’s true that hurt people do hurt people.
            I agree, it is a mess, especially for the kids who’s known from the start & really tried to help that bad situation.
            Too much info, they should’ve been spared that.

      2. I agree. some cheaters are in loving relationships yet cheat for the thrill and excitement and enjoy the attention. then when caught they are terrified of losing their partners. why do they even take the risk then. David claimed he was unhappy and I believe he only came back to shannon (because he left her at first) because his mistress wasn’t leaving her husband for him. even while in therapy, David didn’t seem like he was making any true effort. I think he faked a lot foe the cameras and because he didn’t want to look like the bad guy.

    2. “For better or worse” – David is the one (or any cheater) who didn’t stick to his marriage vows. If he left emotionally, he should have left physically as well, he didn’t have the ba…guts!

      1. Yes Kt, agree. Adultery I absolutely do not condone for a second. It is so wrong in every possible way.
        But, the way I see it is this. Shannon did not commit adultery, but she cheated none the less. How? in her words & deeds, she cheated him out of a happy home, of security in a spouse who would have his back through thick & thin. A wife who would show him the love & respect, not disrespect, nagging, complaining, bad temper flare ups & then be upset that he’s not warm & fuzzy to her.
        They both clearly come from very disfunctional homes & both brought that baggage into their marriage, instead of trying to be better to each other than what they grew up with. Like I mentioned to Sandy, the marriage was over before it was over. Both stayed for the sake of the kids, no more, no less.

        1. Interesting perspective. Not sure I completely understand – it sounds as if it’s excused he cheated because he was cheated out of a happy home? But not really?
          What your saying – to me – is very 1950’s, have dinner waiting, put on lipstick, do not let ‘the man’ see you upset or down, make the evening his, take off his shoes, a good wife knows her place.
          Yes, neither know what a marriage is…except their kids have to live with the pain of their dad cheating on their mom.
          And btw, I’m not arguing, being sarcastic or rude — like I said it’s your perception and it’s interesting..

          1. Thanks Kt & yes, I am old school as all heck & that’s me in a nutshell. Got married young, married happily for 52 years to my best friend. Sure we had up’s & down’s, nothing surprising there. But there’s been no put down’s, disrespect or lack of trust on either side. Trust me, no hi heels or lipstick or setting my feelings aside to play the good wife, I was/is regular But, I did put him first & my kids too, a wife & mother does that.
            What I see now is very discouraging & I wont agree to so much wrong in today’s marriages.

            1. I, too am old school when it comes to my (yes 2nd) marriage. He is the King of our castle and I am the Queen. We have mutual respect and trust. We work crazy hours, if I’m home when he’s done, I make sure there is dinner on the table (and he’s always first in line), if he’s home first, he makes me dinner, but I insist he’s still first. Although, he’s not my best friend – he’s my husband, my lover, partner in crime and my soulmate. My best friend is my sister from another mister. Honestly, I see ‘my husband is my best friend’ as a Hallmark tag line. My BFF is who knows everything and yeah even hears me vent about hubs when he’s trying to play handy man but only making it worse (he needs to leave his expertise in the OR). What I honestly feel is discouraging – husband and wives have to both work to financially support families, especially if kiddos are going to college. So, the moms who carry a heavy load at home and work are tired, exhausted, need a pedicure and some me time. These moms need someone to support them and know that person has their back 100% not someone who is not out looking for a side chick who makes them feel ‘good’ and young again. I guess bottom line for me is, yes the woman carries the biggest load but the man has got to step up, adjust and help carry the load. So, in end end we are similar yet different. We are a blended family (blended like peanut butter, smooth) they have all been raised with the values of respect for your partner at the same time do not accept disrespect, take time and find the one right for you.
              I have way drifted off of HW, I’m coming off of a shift and need either caffeine or sleep.

              1. Beautifully put Kt, I love your take on love & marriage. Like you, I do have a BFF from infancy, my lifelong friend & my heart’s twin.
                But, if I have a gripe with my hubby, he hears it 1st hand from me & vice-versa. I like that.
                Love too how well your blended family blends. I have witnessed that with my own niece when her first hubby died tragically. She finally remarried a man who had also lost his wife tragically who had 4 kids & with her 2, she was suddenly mother to 6. I can sincerely say she loves them the same as hers & what a blessing that is in & of itself.
                Hats off to you too, Kt & all the best.

      2. Exactly KT. If you’re unhappy in your marriage either do something about it, like fix it, or walk away. A gutless person will have the affair hoping to get caught so they don’t have to be confronted with the real problems in their marriage. I’ve seen it happen a few times. And I can tell when a marriage is about to go that route. As soon as the couple shy away from their problems, they start to check out and it makes it easy to live with an affair. I’m like a dog with a bone with my kids about the importance of communication in a marriage. It’s up there with respect. If you shy away from the dialogue, you only end up deluding yourself and the very thing you didn’t want to happen…does happen. And one more thing….we can’t possibly know what’s going on behind closed doors. C’omon, we all know couples that either put on this amazing display of love and affection and one ends up screwing around and the marriage goes to divorce or they seem perfectly normal and still end up in divorce. And then we get to hear the stores of what it was really like behind closed doors. Ya just don’t know.

  5. I think Shannon is a good person. I like her. But it was clear to me that the more he distanced himself, the needier she acted, and the more she tried to force him to go through the motions of something he clearly didn’t feel anymore, the less he was attracted to her. I could see both sides, and it wasn’t looking good for either of them.

    1. shannon was desperately trying to hold onto her marriage that was crumbling. I believe she acted “crazy” from sheer frustration of the state of her marriage. yes she should not belittle him on TV but who knows what he does to her behind closed doors. if she is dealing w abuse and infedility her belittling him is maybe as good as she gets it from him. personally, I think things were possibly on the mend but when he found out she called vicky when they were fighting and said she was scared he checked out of the marriage. he felt betrayed by her by letting vicky in on their problems. you should taste betrayal too david.
      tastes bad, doesn’t it? his mother is vile to condone his behaviour. bottom line: he wasn’t happy so he cheated. he should have been a man tho and called it quits instead of sneaking around like a dog.

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