Shannon and David Beador Confront Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd


Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County was very intense. Shannon Beador hosted a 70’s party and the drama was beyond!

The episode began with the end of the party where Kelly Dodd was screaming at David Beador, “No wonder you cheated on your wife!” Shannon also alleged that Kelly had cheated on her husband Michael.

Before the party, the Beadors went shopping for their costumes and the family had a funny moment where their daughter Stella announced she had just learned about puberty at school. She asked her dad about wet dreams, which completely embarrassed David.

Meanwhile, Meghan Edmonds stopped by Heather Dubrow’s house to get help with her IVF shot and to get advice about her upcoming speech in Washington D.C. Meghan was going to be giving a speech as an advocate for colon cancer patients and working with a nonprofit called Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Meghan’s issues with her husband Jim continued after she left Heather’s house when she was trying to talk to her husband about the upcoming procedure where the embryo would be transferred into her body. He interrupted her story and didn’t seem interested. Meghan told the cameras that Jimmy’s behavior was making her feel isolated, like he was just “a sperm donor.”

Everyone showed up for the 70’s party, including Vicki Gunvalson. One of Shannon’s guests Jaci, made things awkward when she approached Kelly and her husband and started talking about the time she’d seen Kelly out around town with her boyfriend when Kelly was separated from Michael…

Tamra, Shannon and Jaci were talking in a corner about Kelly with a woman named Nina, when Kelly herself walked in. The women were worried that Kelly had heard them talking about her, but Kelly explained she was looking for Vicki’s purse, and that’s when Nina started shrieking and cursing. Kelly walked away, but later found out that Nina had been the one who moved the purse.

Tamra walked away from the gossip and told Kelly she was being talked about. That’s when everything got heated. Kelly confronted Nina, who pretended to be so bored by the conversation that she took a phone call while Kelly was losing it.

Shannon jumped in, so Kelly turned her focus to her… and their tension exploded. Shannon tried to kick Kelly out of the party, but she wasn’t going anywhere. Kelly’s husband jumped on the bandwagon and the two made fun of Shannon’s party and hurled insults. Kelly accused Shannon of inviting Jaci and Nina just to attack her.

Meanwhile, Vicki said that Shannon was in her element now that she was fighting, which made David get in Vicki’s face and start cursing. Shannon was hysterically crying, begging her husband to come have her back, but he was so busy telling Vicki off that he couldn’t help her.

“Shame on you,” Vicki said. “You’re filthy. You’re a cheater and a bad guy!”

When Kelly noticed David was attacking Vicki, that’s when she made the comment about him cheating on his wife.

Vicki whipped out her phone as they left. “I’m calling [Brooks Ayers]. Brooks put me in this goddamn situation.” She left him a nasty message detailing how his lies about having cancer ruined her life.

What were your thoughts on this crazy episode?!

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21 Replies to “Shannon and David Beador Confront Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd”

  1. The conduct of Shannon and David was deplorable. I get you don’t like someone…so invite them to your party, ostracize them, sit in a corner spreading gossip, then attack them. Shannon running to David… they’re being mean to me and I wanted to look like It’s. Roper was the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. Even pot stirrer Tamra didn’t think what they were doing to Kelley and Vicki was right. Shannon, David, and their little gossip mongers were way out of line!

    1. I did not see the episode but what I have read about that party it was a set up to attack Kelly and Vicki and that is disgusting truth be told Shannon has become disgusting!

  2. That’s just what it was, a silly, immature, stupid, crazy episode. The blonde freak & the Nina brat with the heavy accent, sitting there bad mouthing Kelly to Tamara & Shannon who should’ve either shut them down or walked away. But Nooo & why? because they enjoy gossip & maligning people’s characters is why.
    Why in the name of France would Tamara take that back to Kelly & why did foreign agent,Nina,
    hide the handbag? What!! is she two?
    Why did David pop into the whole thing for anyhow? He’s acting like Peter on RHOA.
    Most un-enjoyable party ever, Mr & Mrs Roper.

  3. It made me physically sick to see David beador get in Vickie face like that, I wanted to knock him out I don’t care what she is or what she did he cannot call himself a man after that

  4. How boring but Vicki has a cheek calling out David as a cheater, She did the same to Don with Brooks. I can’t comment on the show as I didn’t watch but I would have ten Shannon’s rather than one Vicki. Vicki has screamed in quite a few peoples faces during the seasons so whats good for the goose…….! She is also a liar and a cheat!

    1. Yo nailed it again Suze ❤️❤️❤️ Vicki has selective memory and doesn’t seem to think she does or did anything wrong . Vicki found her perfect gutter mate in Kelly , who had the class and dignity of an ash tray !! Having said that, I’ve always said that husbands should not be involved in their wives arguments, I’ve said that about Peter, Ken , and now David and the new douche nozzle Michael . Just be men and go throw a ball or something

      1. I would normally agree re the men,if it was anyone other than her, but I just couldn’t care less who says what to V these days. Xoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Suze Vicki fell in head over heels in love with a Conman, her sin was sticking by her man. Conman Brooks lied and falsified documents to trick Vicki as well as the public. Fairness behooves me to consider her innocent until proven guilty. Hate her for being a loudmouth or whatever but hate her for the right reason.

      1. I hate her for the right reason for me, thank you kindly for your advice. My history has been on here too many times for me to repeat it and I don’t owe you an explanation. You cannot live with someone with stage four NHL and not know. I know this! Now take your advice yourself and don’t comment on mine without knowing my history!

      2. How long have you been watching the show Sherry??? You know she admitted that she DID know during the reunion. Please go back and watch the reunion before dispensing advice

  5. Considering the fact that Vicki was cheating on Don with Crooks and left Don for Crooks she honestly has no right to be saying that David is a bad person because he cheated on Shannon. At least he stopped and worked hard to save his marriage.

    As far as Kelly Dodd goes there is just not a nice way to say that I wish someone needs to bitch slap her and it get caught on camera!

  6. Didn’t Vicki cheat on Donn? Pot? Meet kettle. And why is this still being bantered about? The big scandal and what should be talked about OVER AND OVER AND OVER until Vicki takes her alcohol and slinks back into anonymity is her part in the cancer lie. I am never letting this one drop until her ugly ass is off this show.

  7. Shannon runs to David for his help because she wants her knight in shining armor to come rescue her from the big mean people. The fact that the subject of Davids infidelity is STILL a topic of discussion is beyond me. It’s old news and so what. Vickie screams your a bad guy, you cheated and lied. Vickie cannot talk she has been cheating for years and years. I would bet the farm that she was out sleeping around before her divorce was final from Mike. Tamara she wasn’t even out the door before she was sleeping with Eddie. It’s rampant among the housewives. David is a coward I cannot stand him. He looks like he belongs in a wax museum. He looks fake. He really does. Bravo or the ladies have got to come up with better storylines. This is old and it’s boring.

  8. Sherry , how rude of you . Whatever Suze ‘ s reason is for hating Vicki is HER reason . Therfore it isn’t up to anyone else to tell her it is the wrong or right reasons

    1. Thank you Daisy! One thing I should have corrected is I don’t hate Vicki, I despise her for what she did but hate is an emotion I reserve for child killers or other violent criminals. When I replied to Sherry, I was fuming or I would have pointed that out at the time. Xoxoxoxo

  9. David Beador was an absolute ASSHOLE! He attacked a single woman as if she had no worth.

    If a man would have been with her, the little dick would have hid under his wig.
    DaaaaaaViddd, your wife has reduced you to VICTIM WITH NO BALLS!

    That’s why you hate her. SHE IS A BALLBUSTER!

    So to feel better you ATTACK VICKI FULL FORCE !

    You do not have a beef with Vicki!

    Your beef is with that BALL KNOCKING KILLING BITCH !

    Man up!

    Or forever be a PUSSY!


    It’s all in my imagination . NITE ALL! . David, WE ALL KNOW SHANNON IS YOUR DREAM GIRL

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