Shannon Beador’s Spousal Support Demands Revealed

RHOC star Shannon Beador must be expecting a lot of spousal support from her ex-husband David, because new court docs reveal her expensive lifestyle. The documents also reveal that Shannon is fighting for primary custody of the couple’s three daughters.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Shannon says she made an average $22,000/month in 2016 but is expecting to see a bump in income for 2017.

Shannon also reveals that she has $55,355 in expenses every month that David used to pay for.

Examples include:

-$12,000 for rent
-$10,000 for “entertainment, gifts, and vacation”
-$9,000 for charitable contributions
-$3,225 for childcare
-$2,500 for clothes and another $10,060 for laundry and cleaning

Shannon also listed a business expense on her 2016 tax return, which she categorized as “filming preparation.” This was a total of $17,274.

Beador has another $13,400 in various accounts, but says that number only includes “accounts to which I have access.”

Shannon claims David makes $179,432 in gross monthly income. Wow.

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29 Replies to “Shannon Beador’s Spousal Support Demands Revealed”

        1. No the 10 K is probably right for a home her size; but so what? It’s probably not just “cleaning” of the house either, it’s the cleaning of clothing for her and the girls, probably included the pool cleaning too, yard maintenance etc. Again big deal. I pay 100 – 150 every month for my house to be cleaned and it’s only 2000 SF, another 50 every other month for yard work (hedges mostly since my yard is rocked as is common in the desert). I do my own laundry but then again since I run a business and work from home 99 percent of the time I might have a load of laundry every 2 weeks aside from towels and sheets.

      1. I get that, but I feel if I had to spend 3 times the amount on charities then I did child support, I’d have an issue. Just sayin

        1. These are her spousal support demands. When she says childcare, it sounds more like babysitting and maybe hiring drivers to drive them, or whatever. It is her small demand for care of the children, but not their support and things like their clothing, education, and all the rest, like new cars, allowances, etc.
          Child support is another entity all together. I am certain that child support is not figured into this equation at all. That David will have to pay in addition to what is above.

  1. You are right. He should pay after all it is because of what he did and his mother should contribute after all those girls are her granddaughters, so in short instead of cooking for the mistress assist in support for the kiuds.

    1. I can’t even imagine a MIL like Shannon had. I’d have pushed her down the stairs. Accidents happen around the home all the time.

  2. That seems low actually considering his company profit is 13 – 18 m. That must be his salary or draw that he takes but it’s not his total picture

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