Shannon Beador’s Secretive Protective Order Against Husband David Beador

RHOC star Shannon Beador has had quite a rocky relationship with her husband David Beador that has played out on-camera over the last few seasons.

It seems as if Shannon and David’s problems have been going on for quite some time. Shannon has always said David has never laid a hand on her, but in 2003 Shannon was protected against David by a court order.

According to RadarOnline, who obtained Orange County Superior Court records. Prosecutors requested to protect the struggling reality star, from the father of her children just three months after he was charged with assault and “battery against a cohabitant.”

Judge Munoz signed off on the order on May 1, 2003.

The order stated that, David “must not annoy, harass, strike, threaten, sexually assault, batter, stalk destroy personal property of, or otherwise disturb the peace of the protected person.”

David was also ordered to surrender any firearms he owned within 24 hours.

Does this surprise you?

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38 Replies to “Shannon Beador’s Secretive Protective Order Against Husband David Beador”

    1. EXACTLY! Shannon’s lie about domestic violence = Vicki’s lie about cancer…they’re even….TWO LIARS. So I guess we’ll have to hear Shannon crying about why she lied…a lie is a lie and she owes Vicki an apology and a little humility

      1. Vicki owes the world and apology for lying to make personal buck about a killer disease but her juvenile ‘fans’ will always support that hideous lie. ‘They are even now’ Not. Even. Close. Vicki tried to score money lying about cancer and make money off that lie, inexcusable.

  1. Wow. I am gob-smacked. If this is the case, how could Shannon possibly take him back? He is quite a shadey character, there’s no doubt.

  2. Truth or untruth? Shannon will speak of it in days to come as she does with all else. Just a matter of time.
    Shannon is holding on to straws at this point. That marriage is defunct. No love left on David’s part & there’s absolutely no close connection left between them.
    Sad but true.

      1. It is horribly sad Pierre. All of their dirty linen & skeletons aired out openly in public. David is beyond miserable & Shannon is sad, sadistic & very depressed. Not good places to be.

        1. “sadistic”???? oh brother…that would be your girlfriend the cancer liar Vicki who is sadistic and a hypocrite like her over the top ‘fans’.

      1. I wasn’t aware either tbh. Although I didn’t start watching OC until not that long ago. All the same, Shannon deserves better imo.

    1. Ok Rain- no fan- (WHAT) to Shannon- but I agree (WHAT)- this is almost 15 years ago- I do think the marriage is in the crapper-but – all marriages have stuff- all of them–

          1. Or maybe it was wishful thinking on her part . It’s obvious Shannon is fighting hard for this marriage but he isn’t

            1. I wouldn’t , no matter how much I loved him-want his creepy hands on me again- just me- but certain things in a marriage (for me) are un-forgivable- , she needs to realize , she caught (1)- pretty sure that number is much larger–

  3. I don’t understand why people go on reality shows with dirty laundry and when it eventually (and it will) comes out, they act all incredulous and indignant over it!!
    Makes no sense, simple resolution is don’t do a reality show if you don’t want your past to come back to haunt you!!

  4. Horrible. Don’t get why she still wants to be with him. Abuse, and an affair? A mother in-law that hates your guts? I feel like the girls are old enough now to understand that their parents have to get a divorce.

  5. Not at all. And she def knows better. No wonder she is such a damned mess. Girl, give it up already. No one wants to get divorced but seriously – these are legit grounds.

  6. Anyone can find this information online which is why Shannon denying it and calling Vicki a liar is funny. I would say it’s her and David’s business but then she is on a reality show so any secrets are going to come out. If you have skeletons in your closet then don’t go on a reality show.

  7. Shannon has no sense of self-worth. It’s sad that she’ll take abuse and being cheated on and just keep coming back. She can take care of herself financially so I don’t understand what’s holding her back.

  8. All I can say is poor Shannon. I don’t know where her head is but she has got to get a grip. Divorce isn’t such a bad word when it comes to you and your children’s well being. No matter how good you are at burying it, that kind of pain raises up again later in life and in the meantime eats you up like a slow growing cancer. Not a way to live a life. I hope she gets the help she needs to do the right thing for them all.

  9. Lydia the Christian who holds herself up as a bright light and the authority on friendship, how do you feel about yourself after tormenting a woman who is going through the hell Shannon is? Lydia in her perfect life, with 2 expensive cards for her birthday and a loving doting husband, wonderful parents. You should be ashamed.

  10. I new there had to be some truth to what Vicky said or else Shannon wouldn’t be this worked up about it. I wonder why she was trying to hide it? Ahe didn’t try to hide the affair after all

    1. I think partly because it happened so long ago and something like this getting out directly impacts her children’s lives and their relationship with their father. And I’m not defending David for his actions. I’m thinking this was worked through a long time ago and possibly never happened again? Maybe Shannon didn’t want something in the past to come into the forefront. It’s a very sad and scary situation that happens to the strongest of ladies.

  11. I want to know what happened on a more recent Hawaii trip that had nothing to do with this incident. Shannon said she and David were at a bar and she woke up hours later in the middle of a street, bloodied and bruised. She said maybe somebody spiked her drink (ok) but neither she nor David knew what happened! What??? Huh??? Hmmmm. These two do not belong together!

      1. Actually, Shannon brought it up more than once! It was discussed on another thread as well. Shannon is another one that needs to keep her big trap shut! Who in their right mind spills info. like that? She’s truly unhinged.

  12. David should stay away from her….otherwise he´ll spend the rest of his life eating quinoa, organic water, and gluten-free herbal teas

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