Shannon Beador’s RHOC Co-Stars Beg Her to Leave Husband David

After David Beador’s abuse allegations went public this week, Shannon Beador’s RHOC co-stars are reportedly begging her to leave her husband.

“Most of the women on the show have talked to Shannon privately and urged her to be strong and to make the move,” a show insider says. “She would be better off without him.”

“It isn’t just that it is embarrassing for Shannon, it’s about her mental health and safety. She’s so upset all the time and she should get out,” the source added.

“Her friends have been telling her that David is treating her terribly and that she doesn’t have to put up with it,” the insider told RadarOnline.

As we previously reported, prosecutors requested a protective order for Shannon against David just three months after he was charged with assault and spousal battery in 2003.

Before the case was dropped, a judge forced David to attend a nine-month batterer’s treatment program, pay a domestic violence fee, serve community service, and complete three years of probation.

“All Shannon’s friends care about it her happiness,” the source said. “They want her to get out and get help.”

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48 Replies to “Shannon Beador’s RHOC Co-Stars Beg Her to Leave Husband David”

  1. This happened in 2003, we are in 2017. I am not in their marriage, but what little I have seen, Shannon is a screeching, nagging, needy, unappreciative housewife & I do believe that David stopped loving her many moons ago. They are both unhappy. Either get help or find happiness elsewhere.

    1. JJgal nailed your posts Starr. ‘screeching nagging needy unappreciative” but Lying about cancer which remains hideous is okay with you, just move along no big deal.

      Glad you are open with your hypocrisy in your posts here for all to see. You hate Shannon and love Vicki no matter what, we get it.

      You victim blame selectively and that is very ugly, glad everyone reading gets to see it.

    2. You nailed it Starr….I don’t know how David lasted as long as he did. Shannon deserves to be happy too and not be a screeching DONE banshee every episode. I would hope she would leave the show to take care of her daughters, but that would make tooo much sense, instead lets put our children through infidelity and a divorce in front of millions….

      1. Vicki should have been fired for lying about cancer to make a buck for herself but her ‘fans’ have no problem with that hideous lying, speaks volumes about those ‘fans’. Vick still lies about that and everything else out of her mouth.

  2. Awww! It’s Audrey Hepburn Night!
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Two for the Road, Roman Holiday, Sabrina….
    Then, one of my. GF has a Surprise Director’s Cut of a Mystery Hepburn Film.

  3. I just don’t realistically see a way that this marriage can hang on. Which is a good thing.

    Divorce hurts (I’d imagine) but not as much as hanging on to a loveless marriage. He’s a dick, she’s lowering herself to stay with this gutter snake. She’s being less than she is. Less than she’s capable of. Just to match wits with a witless fool. C’mon Shannon, it’s time.

  4. I just read on another website that the Beador’s separated just over a month ago after 17 years of marriage. It said Shannon revealed the news to her co-stars on Friday during filming of the season 12 reunion show.

    1. Thank You, Sandy!!!
      Shannon Did it!!
      I am so Proud of Her!
      It had to be extremely difficult as making the correct decision is generally the toughest one to make..
      (Now, I am, looking forward to the Reunion..)

        1. That’s Great!
          I think, “Separation” is just a Polite Term for the first Stage of Divorce!
          I don’t think that they honor ‘Legal Separations’ in Cali.
          Now, Shannon can begin putting a New Life Together!
          It’s a Start!

  5. Let’s see…David pays for her enemas, chakra cleansing, her Feng Shui and all that holistic crap, he provides for the family and they enjoy a good life, yet he’s the bad guy and on top of that he has to eat quinoa all the time, while Shannon is the victim and she can do no wrong…Shannon and the Virgin Mary…#WTF

    1. I’ll grant you that Shannon goes a little over board with the holistic stuff (I myself think East and West medicine can coexist) but it’s her thing. Just like those…shoots what are they called? Those challenges David goes on? Those are his thing. I’m not sure that Shannon thinks it’s all him and that she is blameless. Plus David “providing a good life” doesn’t give him a free pass for mistreating his family either. By the way, why is quinoa a bad word? I love the stuff and it wouldn’t kill him to eat it.

    1. Those skeletons will haunt you every time; especially when you choose to put your life out there for the world to see. You don’t get to edit it.

    1. Vicki is a despicable liar incapable of telling the truth even when caught in her hideous lies, NO ONE owes that sleazy excuse for a human who lied about Cancer anything. She owes the apologies and the amends for her lifetime of lies, that is what defines her she always lies. Period.

      1. oh ok so that makes Shannon a sleazy excuse for a human who lied about abuse…a liar is a liar is a liar, but when Shannon lied no one went on a campaign to blame world hunger and ebola on Shannon….Shannon has to account for the fact that she tried to blame her marriage problems on Vicki when NOW we know that her marriage was doomed once she signed that Bravo contract

    2. Vicki owes the world and every human affected by cancer an apology, a real one and many amends every day for the rest of her despicable lying life. Period.

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