Shannon Beador’s Husband David Beador Ordered To Attend “Batterer’s Treatment” After Arrest

RHOC star Shannon Beador once said that her husband David Beador’s battery charge was nothing but an “argument” that was “quickly” resolved.

In all actuality the case lasted over 3-years and David ended up in a batterer’s treatment program, according to RadarOnline.

According the report, the California’s Orange County Superior Court, charged David on March 4, 2003 with a misdemeanor of “battery committed against a spouse,” which according to state law, is punishable of up to a year in jail.”

David was represented by a high powered attorney and eventually he plead not guilty a month later to the charge.

David was released on bail “on the condition” that he abide by a protective order, which we reported earlier this week. The order demanded he “must not annoy, harass, strike, threaten, sexually assault, batter, stalk destroy personal property of, or otherwise disturb the peace” of his wife. David was also forced to enter treatment because of this.

“Defendant is ordered to attend batterer’s treatment program and weekly counseling and therapy and show proof at pre-trial,” the documents stated on April 3, 2003.

The following month in May, David changed his plea to guilty in a deal with the prosecutors.

David was placed on three years of informal probation, and agreed to pay a domestic violence fee, give a donation to a battered women’s shelter, and complete eight hours of community service.

The records also say that David finished nine months of the batter’s treatment program by February of 2004.

In April 2006, David eventually completed probation, was able to change his plea to not guilty, and the case was dismissed.

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42 Replies to “Shannon Beador’s Husband David Beador Ordered To Attend “Batterer’s Treatment” After Arrest”

  1. These two are miserable together…I don’t know why they just don’t get divorced. Do they think they’re setting a good example for their girls? Because, to me, all they’re teaching their girls is to stay in a loveless marriage and be miserable. It’s so unhealthy for all involved.

      1. When you put your lives out there on a reality show, then you’ve made it free game for anyone to have any opinion they want on your life. That’s my opinion, thanks.

        1. Exactly! I am a fan of Shannon and for that reason I agree with your original comment – she needs to get put for herself and the kids. He might not be physically abusing her anymore but the way he speaks/interacts with her on the show comes across as very cold and potentially emotionally abusive. I think he probably has anti social and/or narcissistic traits as he appears very charming at times but then also manipulative and withdrawn.

          1. YES! Exactly! Thank you.
            I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shannon and I just want her to find happiness and this marriage is not making her happy. Nor is it making him happy. They both seem so miserable. He potentially physcially abused her, he definitely cheated on her, this gave her trust issues, he doesn’t like her negativity, everything he says drives her crazy, etc etc. This isn’t a good marriage.

            1. Yes, but he really does put her down and doesn’t support her a lot of the time. I feel like he controls her emotionally by making her feel crap about herself. It’s very subtle, so you wouldn’t necessarily notice it. But just look at his face – he’s actually pretty hot/handsome guy, however he has got it written all over him. Just look at his eyes – they have no emotion.

                1. Exactly, it’s bizarre… From what we know he’s physically abused her at least once and had an affair on her. From what we’ve seen he has put her down and not supported her on camera. Any truly loving husband would not do these things. He would unconditionally love and support his wife. Help her to build her self esteem; help her to lose weight; put on a united front for the kids; help her when she struggles with the other wives. Instead he is slowly but surely breaking her down into small pieces but then giving her moments of false hope e.g. vowel renewal = case-book abuse behaviour. Poor Shannon clearly still loves him, wants her kids to have a family, and does not have the self worth or awareness at this stage to leave him.

                  The way he treats her is as though he resents her imo.

              1. so true and it is a form of abuse the way he treats her..he may not touch her but oh boy…can he punish her without laying a hand on her…yes…he knows exactly what he is doing.

      2. The blogs intent is for others to voice their opinions. If you dont like it tell “”. They created the blog for exactly this reason. If you dont like it – dont play the game… free country.

    1. I agree – children should not have to live with this environment… they may try to fool themselves but – they cannot fool those children. I am not saying the should get a divirce…I am just saying…do something about it besides be miserable every day.

      1. But the beat up on shannon is relentless. And they recycle the SAME incident and article .
        Why don’t they discuss crooks and cancer scammer Vicki ?

        1. Tbh I don’t see this as painting Shannon in a bad light though. If anything, it renders compassion and understanding towards her which others may not have (I feel like she is very misunderstood). I want the best for her (and her kids).

          1. It’s for the sake of those children that these ugly articles need to stop coming out . Imagine going to school and their colleagues taking about yet ANOTHER article about their abusive dad . It’s a constant reminder . It hurts the whole family

            1. That’s true but it’s inevitable when you sign up for a reality show. Not saying it’s okay but it’s going to happen.

              Her daughters are lovely as well.

              1. Pierre , you’re missing my point . I know it’s inevitable and it has already been discussed and beaten to a pulp. There is NO new information, they are discussing the SAME incident over and over and over

                1. I suppose, but I think the new information is the fact that David is continually treating her like crap on camera. Were this not the case and not a talking point, the story may not have resurfaced.

                    1. Rain, I love you. I am seeing this from yours and Pierre’s side now. I want all of the old stuff to stop resurfacing, but sadly, whenever there is a problem in Shannon and David’s onscreen life together, someone goes and digs into the skeletons that were supposedly put away in a closet far away and pulls them out for all to see and exposes the old news. It puts David in a very bad light, of course, and even though it may evoke some more empathy for Shannon, it still makes it horrible for Shannon and her family to have to relive each time.
                      It is true that living life on a reality TV program will expose everything and dig up any dirt there is, but, I do agree with you that enough is enough.
                      I also agree with you that Shannon should just kiss Housewives goodbye and just work on being a happy person and do what she feels is right, and not dwell on all the naysayers. Onscreen catfights and malebashing etc. do not make for a healthy environment, and her girls deserve some degree of normalcy as well. This is hard on the family, all of it.

                      Love you Rain XOXO

                    2. Love you too darling xoxoxo so beautifully said ❤️❤️❤️

                      It’s the SAME skeleton over and over . Shannon needs to leave AND divorce David


                2. Yes they are but – the show is aring right now so they bring it back up again. Just like the housewives – they keep repeating the same crap over and over and over. Maybe they learned from the housewives…lol. Thats showbiz!!

              2. It’s also inevitable when she continually states on camera that David never hit/abused her. These articles prove that she’s lying.

  2. So sad, David is subdued, withdrawn, so removed from it all. His way of keeping the peace. Whatever he says, Shannon reads differently into it. If she explodes again & there’s a repeat of the past, he’ll be in much more hot water.
    It is horribly sad all around. I feel bad for them all.

  3. Sadly this is what happens when you have law enforcement enter your lives- paper trails always available to linger..I feel bad for the girls….

  4. Yup – thats the face opf hatred i was talijkng about earlier – he was looking at Shannon at the time. Does that look like he actually likes her?

  5. Thank You!
    I agree. Shannon needs to, leave this arsehole.
    I am, not a David fan and I think he is disgusting. I can’t stand cheaters..

  6. Aww, Rain, you are always too kind. Maybe I am better with the written word than with the spoken one. I sometimes mean one word and another word comes out of my mouth…yup! I might say a name and be thinking another one. I hope it is not Alzheimer’s…not yet, anyway?
    I really try to see both sides of these issues, because we just don’t know the real truth. I imagine cameras following me around (yikes!) and then taking the footage they want to maybe put a slant on it to make someone look bad; either myself or a family member…and well, maybe even replaying footage of old arguments, making it look like it is a daily occurrence when it was not, and I could go on. It could drive you nuts…or more nuts!
    I could not live my life on camera…and no one would want to watch either!! I am sure of that, and I don’t know how others do it, except that they must love to be the center of attention. Imagine everyone you are with is wanting the floor…most or all of the time. It would be very difficult to be around that! Then they make up stuff just to make themselves stand out in the crowd, craving more attention. They call up the online rags and report hearsay or lies too, and it happens.
    Well, it would suck to be on reality TV except for the paychecks…in my opinion, but that is just me. I know you would love to have some of that VPR…and that may be more fun than Housewives! (If only I were younger.)

  7. I’m not on a cheerleader 4 any 1 bc I graduated frm high school a long…..time ago! No offense 2any1! I just express my opinion. It takes2, 2 tango. Apparently Shannon never really 4gave David. That’s her problem but she has spent a lot of time& energy in denying the truth. That makes her a liar. She’s a phoney, even her tagline! She has become 1 of the most despised on that show. Her outbursts border on pathological.
    I don’t care what she does with her marriage but she needs 2consider her children. They get on social media & can read what they say abt their Mom& it’s not pretty! IMO obsession is so unhealthy, she has several & it’s time 4 a drastic change!
    I’m out. Peace!

  8. All those girls want is a happy home. Somewhere they feel safe and secure. Someplace they feel safe in inviting friends over without fear of parental fighting and or drinking. Happy parents. I wouldn’t doubt if those girls are rooting for a divorce. They’ll survive and will be all the happier for it.

    1. I know, Wicker..
      Unfortunately, David & Shannon are incapable of “Playing Nice”. They have created a chaotic environment for their girls.
      Sometimes, Divorce is the Healthiest Solution.

  9. No one is arrested, hauled off, finger printed, mug shotted, thrown in jail, made to force $10,000 bail, then sentenced to fines, mandatory therapy, and two yrs. of probation for “nothing”. But I guess it’s water under the bridge at this point.

  10. Right outta the gate Shannon’s first season I called it. I’m in the minority because I was on his side. She is also abusive and the two together are toxic.

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