Shannon Beador Will Get Everything She Wants From David in Divorce

Just two weeks after announcing her separation from her husband David, we have learned that RHOC star Shannon Beador is getting everything she wants in their divorce.

“David and Shannon are in the process of ironing out the details of their divorce,” an insider revealed, adding that David is going to give Shannon everything she wants. “Neither one of them want it dragged out into this big, long ordeal. The separation has been dragged out long enough already!”

“David honestly doesn’t care how much Shannon wants in spousal and child support, she will get everything she is asking for and more,” the source told RadarOnline. “He admittedly cheated, and he wants to make peace.”

Shannon will be moving out of the rental home she shared with her husband and her daughters will be coming along.

“Shannon is still living in the rental mansion that she’s been in for over a year. But she is already looking to move into a smaller home that she can make her own,” the source said. “She is ready to start her new life and all the other O.C. ladies are 100% behind her!”

Shannon is preparing to go after full custody of Sophie, 16, and twins Stella and Adaline, 13, as well as spousal and child support, the insider reveals that she is “leaning on her girls more than ever.”

“Those three girls mean more to Shannon than anything in the world right now, and it is just so great that she has downtime before next season starts.”

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42 Replies to “Shannon Beador Will Get Everything She Wants From David in Divorce”

  1. Don’t believe it for a minute. Article written and planted by Shannon. They live in California everything is 50/50. Child support is figured out by court calculator on income. The new rights of father are 50/50 this article is BS.

    1. She will get child support and alimoney which is based on his income not 50% of anything. The 50% is property and he can give her anything he wants over the 50%. Plus she may not even be asking for more then that. Custody is not considered in a divorce. She can get full custody and he will get visitation.

    2. Definitely planted by Shannon. She’s already doing the groundwork to make herself the victim. I don’t see how it’s fair that she gets full custody and spousal support? I’d imagine she makes more money per year than him at this point. She should be paying him spousal support.

      1. I highly doubt that Shannon’s Bravo check is more than what David makes. If that were true, they would be living a much more modest life. It’s very expensive to live in OC.

  2. I hope she does very well out of it but moreover I hope she manages to find some happiness and self-love/worth she deserves 🙂

  3. SLAY shannon Slay ❤️❤️❤️❤️ He can now go whore around all he wants with his creepy eyes. Shannon should go scrub his stink off her body

  4. I dont know much about the laws in California, but it sounds unfair that she wants full custody of the girls. They are his children too & he loves them the same as Shannon.
    As for getting all that she wants & he is in agreement shows how desperate he is to get out.

    1. It’s usually set up where one parent has fully physical custody and legal custody is shared. Likely, because David works so much, fully custody will go to Sharon and David will have them every other weekend and/or holiday.

      1. Sure, I need a vaca! Somewhere warm!!! I say this as we are headed to the cabin in mountains today – LOL – the things we do for hubs. Put me on a beach and I’m set!!!! I think I read BH is staring in December?

  5. I just didn’t feel like cooking last night, so we had burritos…nice ones…takeout.
    I have always cooked every single night. I am actually a decent cook. I always cook on the holidays too. I just wish I could have a break.
    I hoped that by now at least one child of mine would be married…and maybe I would be invited out for a holiday? Nope, not yet.
    So tonight I am making haddock…in a light tomato broth/sauce over linguine…just a little spicy. I am used to having seafood on Friday…old Catholic thing from my youth when we ate no meat.
    I will not be cooking on the weekend…most likely. It is either takeout or take me out!
    Oh, and I am happy for Shannon. I still don’t believe all of this stuff about the divorce. I don’t know about the custody, but I can only imagine how much she wishes to shelter those girls from seeing their daddy with a new girlfriend…too soon, especially. I hope she gets most of the custody. Those girls need their mother more, in my opinion, especially now, but I don’t think that David should be totally out of their lives, either. He is their father.

  6. Thanks Rain. Actually hubby stopped at Costco on the way home for a few items and asked if he should look for something for dinner, but my son wanted burritos from a place nearby that has a lot of unique and healthier burritos, so we had them.
    We have WF here, but they don’t have those meals you are talking about. They have a lot of buffet items you can put in containers yourself, and they have only a few items in their restaurant that they make into meals…like meatballs…not too much to choose from. I got them once and was not impressed, though the salad items at the buffet that you put into containers and weight are nice. I guess the ones where you are have a lot more. This one is fairly new here to my town. They are not the same in all locations….
    Love you!


    1. I am going to wing it. I was hoping my son would be here to watch my little dog…since I don’t leave him for too long…but he is going up to NYC to see his brother…Though hub is taking off all next week and son also has to use up some vacay…so maybe then I will get to do more, like maybe some day trips…nice lunches, whatever.
      It is ridiculously bone chilling cold today. It feels like February with the wind chill factor…Brrr, but it is sunny? I was almost blown away, trying to walk my dog…and he was almost airborn as well!
      What are you up to?
      Thanks for asking. XOXO

  7. Yeah – something to do while wrapping presents!!!
    It will be a little chilly…it’s a weekend away, just the two of us – there will plenty of warmth…ok, unpacking flannel nightie and putting in something sexy…thanks Rain!

  8. I know. I am a member of Costco and BJs Wholesale Clubs and I like BJs for the undershirts and other things too. I just picked up some clothing items for my son last time. I buy organic baby greens from BJs, etc. Costco has great veggies too. They do have some rotisserie turkey breasts and chicken at BJs too. I go to Costco for some things, but BJs has more manageable size items on average and some thongs like my favorite coffee…not all humongous size.
    We still don’t have a Trader Joe’s close enough to me. I have never been to one.

  9. I am glad David is being financially generous. He certainly wasnt generous with his love to her. I hope they can be friends going forward and that Shannon finds true love & happiness. She deserves it, and so do her children.

  10. Yes, kids should be here TG unless something changes last minute.

    I used to go to NYC more…not so much in years. It is really not that far either. I wont drive there myself.
    I went more when I was young and lived even closer.

  11. Sprouts sounds nice. Whole Foods is owned by Amazon and its prices are a bit better now, though I do most of my shopping at BJs especially and Costco.

  12. If you take espresso enemas, get your aura cleaned, your chakras aligned and your fridge feng-shuied life will come to your eyes even if your eyes were plucked out

  13. The walking dead , Stan against evil , not much else that I can think of at the moment , how about you sister friend , any suggestions ?

    1. Awesome! Have you watched Stranger Things??? Season 2 dropped last week! It’s fantastic

      I don’t have Hulu but I heard that ‘the handmaids tale’ is excellent

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