Shannon Beador Voluntarily Checks Herself Into Fat Farm

Shannon Beador is getting ready to film the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County in a unique way. She wants to lose some weight before she starts filming! Shannon, 52, revealed on Heather McDonald’s podcast that she was voluntarily checking herself into a “fat farm.”

Shannon checked herself in over the weekend and shared a makeup free selfie, writing, “Grateful and blessed to be @thegoldendoor #healthyeating #exercise #meditation #nomakeup #gettingclarity #season12”

Grateful and blessed to be @thegoldendoor #healthyeating #exercise #meditation #nomakeup #gettingclarity #season12

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Although Shannon seems to be loving where she is now, she has previously admitted she is “not very motivated on the exercise thing.”

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  1. What…no longer singing the praises of wacky Dr. Moon and not plugging the Dubrow’s skin care line…hmmm. By the way Shannon, gorgeous without makeup. Be healthy.

  2. Ohhhhhh this so disappoints me. She is NOT FAT!! With everything going on politically, media etc and women’s body image………..what are we? Freaking Doomed!!

    I loved her look last season. And, Shannon, you look absolutely beautiful without makeup. You are 52 and don’t look it plus whatever age you might look, it’s a good one. Remember, the skinnier you get the more injectibles you will need and or face lift. So carrying a little extra weight helps your face so carry the little extra. No one is saying to be unhealthy. It looks good on you!

  3. As much as Shannon is not a fav of mine, I was concerned that medically something was wrong as it is not normal to put on so much weight in such a short span of time. I guess also dealing with those other women who are so focused on their bodies took it’s toll on her. Cant be easy for her.

    1. When someone diets a lot and starves a bit, the body become much more efficient at turning calories into fat, so everytime you go off the “diet” with very reduced calories and eat like you did prior to dieting, you gain more and more weight. The best diet is not a diet really, but a complete lifestyle change, and exercise shoild be a big part of that. Muscles burn far more calories just being there, unlike fat, so you can eat more calories when you have more lean muscle. Losing weight should happen iver a longer period of time and not a quick diet that starves the body with very restricted calories. I kept weight off for many years and ate well, not starving, but I was very active and worked out daily, except most weekends. It becomes something you love if you stick with it.
      The problem is when health issues make things change, and that happened to me. Now walking my dog is my main exercise, and walking is fine. I just have to eat a little less to keep my weight normal. Inactive women can use their target weight as their calorie counter…If 125 lbs is the weight you want, eat 1250 calories a day and you will get there, but eat more calories if you are active. 135 pounds…1350.
      1000 calories is too restrictive. I imagine Shannon is having cleanses, high colonics, etc. When she eats normally during non filming time, the weight piles up. Exercise can be fun if it is what you like, like maybe Zumba, dance, group step, etc. classes, kick boxing, yoga, pilates, etc. No one should lose more than about a half pound a week on diets, except in the beginning when losing water weight too. I understand why Shannon wants to lose weight, being on TV and critiqued all the time. People can be cruel.

  4. Based on her behavior ..ugly is as ugly does! I do not think she is remotely pretty! My take on her “loose canon behavior” is ” I think she has alcohol abuse issues!” Alcohol will pack that midsection!! Just my opinion!

  5. The pressure to be skinny put on women today is ridiculous. Shannon looks great and she should be proud. When we hit menopause, it is unrealistic to think our bodies will look like they did in our 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. I wish on these shows, there could be a couple of women, that would reflect how real American women look. Such a shame…..

  6. Rain, I agree with you about this, however, it is worse now than ever, and seems overboard with those in the spotlight. Everyone has to be not normal but ultrathin. It is also critiqued by so many with fat shaming. The Internet is a good and a bad thing. People of all ages everywhere can gang up on someone and fat shame them, even young girls, and they often have eating disorders as a result.
    I mentioned that there is a yo-yo effect of dieting over and over and then gaining more than the time before. The body wants to put back the weight and then some. Dieting is bad for the body. Eating healthy in general is the good thing. Also menopause and aging does change our bodies, and looking like a teenager is not the norm.
    Then again, have you seen the latest Christie Brinkley pics…on SI’s cover? She is all over TV now with her two daughters, one 30, Alexa(Billy Joel’s) and one 18, Sailor, who looks a lot like her. Christie will not let herself age and she is 63. She always had her looks…and now with some help, but she was never the brightest bulb..just saying.
    I watch VanderpumpRules and see it (body shaming) there. James calls everyone names and he is not the only one. Katie is not skinny, and Sheana keeps looking thinner and thinner. I was happy to see Jax say that Sheana used to have curves and look nice but lost them now…and not to shame her to her face, which he did not either, but to make an observation that curves are nice and attractive. Brittany has curves for sure.

  7. UGH, she’s coming back….why?…..damn. I guess RHOC is just determined to never relive former glory. This franchise needs a shot in the arm for real – Shannon and Lydia are not it……and when did they start calling rehab the fat farm??? #shadebutnoshade

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