Shannon Beador: Vicki Should Practice What She Preaches

Shannon Beador is reacting to this week’s episode of RHOC in her blog. Beador shares her thoughts on hearing Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd mocking her weight gain and says that Vicki needs to practice what she preaches.

“One of my least favorite parts of the show is watching back what other people say about you. It can get quite frustrating and hurtful when people don’t accurately describe your intentions and say cruel things. This happens quite a bit in this episode.

It’s funny to hear Vicki talk about Tamra “throwing grenades and then walking away and everyone needing to be ok with it.” No, actually that’s what Vicki does over and over again. The end of last season is proof of it.

As much as everyone would love to believe, I’m not worried or nervous about seeing Vicki or meeting with Kelly. I don’t want to be phony with Vicki. I don’t like her and have no intention of being her friend again. A quick “hello” if that at the Sip-N-See and that will be it.

Kelly continually says I don’t take ownership of my actions. I do all the time. I certainly did with reference to the Quiet Woman and have said again and again that I regret my behavior. I make mistakes on a daily basis and know that I am the only one responsible for those mistakes.

When meeting Kelly, I was a bit perplexed. She knew that Tamra and I were going to be at the Quiet Woman. I wasn’t “pissed off” when I saw her. I was surprised, and you can hear what I say. Once again, I wasn’t yelling at her—just shocked to see her. I definitely think Kelly came to the Quiet Woman to stir things up, but I would like to forge ahead, so I don’t plan to discuss it with her anymore.

Kelly seems to get the wrong take on things quite often. Watching her speak with Vicki and recount her meeting with Tamra and I was frustrating. I never said Vicki was responsible for weight gain. This story is getting old. And then here we go again with Vicki and her lies. She has proof of nothing. But she does have a long history of lying and is clearly not stopping it any time soon.

And now to watch all the women discussing the Quiet Woman again. Kelly and I said we were moving forward, so I’m not sure why she is still talking about it. The bottom line is Lydia knew we all didn’t get along and had no right to invite or try to include Kelly in a dinner that Tamra and I invited her to. Seems like Lydia and Kelly are trying to spin a different story so that they seem innocent with only good intentions. I don’t think they did a successful job.

Seeing Vicki at the Sip-N-See just reaffirmed that I have finally reached a place where Vicki’s presence doesn’t mean anything to me. I woke up with a cold the morning of the event (you can hear it in my voice), so I was not drinking. Asking for one cocktail when everyone else had been drinking all afternoon and when the event was over has absolutely nothing to do with seeing Vicki. Not sure why anything is being made of it.

It was interesting to hear Vicki say that some of things that Tamra and I have done are unforgivable. Vicki should practice what she preaches.

And then to hear Vicki and Kelly whispering and mocking my weight gain… I know they have never gained substantial weight ever in their lives. Glad they got a laugh. Nothing but cruel.

To hear Vicki say that she has been such a good friend is laughable to me. She says she is going to “punish” Tamra and I for not being her friend? There’s only one bully in this group and she certainly started our “punishment” last year as she tried to destroy families. Mission accomplished, Vicki. Keep it up.”

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5 Replies to “Shannon Beador: Vicki Should Practice What She Preaches”

  1. Once again, there is proof of domestic violence. It doesn’t have to be in text messages. It’s public record. She’s lying! And when Kelly walked into the bathroom, she was rude! Whether she intended it to be is an entirely different point. Her lack of self awareness, or her desire to spin the situation, is laughable.

  2. Shannon is a big joke. She kinda did say Vicki caused her stress that led to her obesity & alcoholism when she met with Kelly. she, Shannon remembers only what she chooses to, overlooks her own lies, deceit & horrible behavior. She is unforgiving, holds grudges without relenting & is just an over all bucket of the worst kind of sour-grapes. Coupled with Witchy Tamara makes her equally as evil if not more so. Keep it up Shannon, it’ll get you everywhere.

  3. Shannon you are “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”! Ms “Homeopathic zen environmental tree hugger” is nothing more than a “secret alcoholic, controlling crazed menopausal nut job “who is looking like a real hag! Having “Ms. Jesus Jugs potty mouth fake Christian self obsessed unforgiving” Tamra as a friend is not any kind of example to an already lost human being who “thinks she has a moral compass” but is missing a few screws! Tamra as a spiritual mentor is a joke! Ask her daughter Sydney..who is sending her a “cease and desist” letter! After watching the screaming, profanity laced plate/glass breaking in public by SB I am convinced private “alcohol fueled” Shannon has had to be “restrained” on many occasions by Her husband! Her kids and David know the truth (and so does she/unless she is having blackouts)! Tamra knowsctoo.. she has dropped plenty of “hints” about the alcohol/weight gain connection!

    1. I see some of your points. I have also wondered what Shannon was like when she was drinking. She seems to pop off fairly quickly, so I think you may be right about how she acts around her family. Can’t stand Tamara. So sick of both of their story lines. They sound like a bunch of jealous school girls.

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