Shannon Beador: Vicki Needs to Worry About Her Own Issues


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to address Vicki Gunvalson’s comments about her vow renewal and to look back at her second honeymoon with her husband David. Beador says Vicki needs to be worried about her own issues.

“It’s nice to be in another episode where I’m not directly involved in drama!

I like to take my time packing so I do get stressed to make sure I remember everything when under pressure! It was so typical when I was searching the rooms at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe one last time to find multiple piles of candy wrappers on the floor of my kids’ room! They absolutely love staying in hotels!

When watching Vicki’s birthday celebration, I was a bit taken aback when Brianna asked why Vicki wasn’t invited to my surprise birthday party and vow renewal. It’s just a ridiculous question. There is absolutely no reason why David would ever include Vicki in one of the most intimate and important nights of our lives. The last exchange between them at the ’70s party did not end well. Neither Vicki nor Kelly should have been a part of it. Vicki said I have “thrown away our friendship”. She needs to look at herself because her lies caused the demise of our relationship.

When Vicki tried to analogize her vow renewal to Donn with mine, it was ludicrous. There are no similarities in our marriages whatsoever and I’m not going to go into those details. Vicki planned her own vow renewal. David spent months carefully planning our night and put such thought into every aspect from the date (when we got engaged), the surprise birthday, the venue where we got married, having our children there, and the perfect guest list.

And how dare Vicki say that David is going to pay for the affair for a long time. I have not had an intimate conversation with her in over a year. She knows nothing about what is going through my head or the progress we have made. Vicki needs to focus on her own issues (and not go to her typical deflection) and not worry about mine.

David and I took a video camera to capture glimpses of our second honeymoon to Cabo. It was a bit difficult because we could only really film each other with one person operating the camera. We forgot to pack so many things on the trip! In fact, we forgot our passports and when we got to the airport, David had to race home to get them! And thanks to the very kind staff at Southwest Airlines, we were able to make our flight!

I am happy that you got to see some of the silliness on our trip! David dared me to run towards him like Bo Derek in the movie 10 (if I only looked like her!) and he decided to go into our private pool naked! We laughed the entire time and that’s what life is about! David and I had a fantastic trip and it was so nice to get away and relax! Because literally on the flight home, lots of things started spinning in motion and we came home to a complete whirlwind! Stay tuned for that!”

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45 Replies to “Shannon Beador: Vicki Needs to Worry About Her Own Issues”

      1. I agree with you, Rain. Shannon had me watching, but she cannot be an entire show. This latest Kelly addition was the last straw. This is my last season, unless there is a drastic change.

          1. The Shannon Show? The Wild and Wacky Beador World? Surely Shannon?
            The Real Housewife of OC? Maybe it would work? If Manzos could get a show, maybe Shannon should do the same! as long as they do not have a show with Shannon and Yolanda…ShaYo show would not be fun for me to watch. It would be too much colonic talk and cleanses… LOL. 😉

            1. So funny lol!! But yes, just Shannon ,no Yolanda! Then her friends Jeff and Jenni can drop by occasionally ! That would be awesome 🙂
              Shannon’s girls are so cute and well behaved ❤️❤️❤️

              1. Jeff and Jenny are a blast. I even love Zoila. Jeff better not fire her ever. I do not care if she is too old to do all the manual labor, she adds a lot. 🙂 They can all visit Shannon. Yes!

                    1. I meant Hear with an r at the end. I am the typo queen, especially on an iPad when I am not using my Bluetooth now. 🙁

                    2. I wish the BD seasons were longer. They seem too short. It would be nice to talk about them too. I agree

                    3. Hi! I cannot WAIT for Below Deck! I don’t think Nikki minds if we discuss Below Deck here, do you?? Should we ask her?

    1. Hi Suze. I broke down and watched last night. I see I didn’t miss much. I’m just going to go back and read the blogs instead. The ONLY time I didn’t get that “ick” feeling was with the Shannon and David stuff. You aren’t missing anything, believe me.

      1. ITA GIGICAT. Shannon’s portion was fun and almost seemed like it was another show. A better show. Now that Shannon’s life has turned around , she should EXIT this train wreck and go live her life. The GOOD news that this is a very short season and there’s apparently only 4 or 5 episodes left.
        Yes let’s ask if we can have a Below Deck thread. Maybe if we all send emails , she will consider it

        1. I would be happy to comment on Below Deck too, if we had a thread or two for them. It would be nice for a change to not talk about RH, though I love to comment with the great people here, of course. 😀

      2. Hi Gigicat, I’m not missing it at all and the clip was Shannon so that was fine. I am so impressed that I haven’t given in yet but it’s easier for me as I would have to get it on YouTube. Xoxoxox

  1. Wow I actually agree with u all . Shannon is too nice for oc. I don’t buy that everything is perfect in paradise . It was totally gross to see David naked . But I do like Shannon

  2. Guess I’m one of the few who can’t stand Shannon. The only reason for the vow renewal is because David cheated and Shannon reminds him of it from what I can see, constantly. I found their honeymoon scenes boring and personally have zero interest in this storyline being played out for another season

  3. I can’t stand Shannon this year she has joined the mean girls. In fact I think she is making a run for the lead position.

  4. I like Shannon, then I can’t stand her…I waffle. However, I think this whole storyline is as fake as Brooks cancer. No way did David plan this whole thing. No way he found the brains to think of it let alone the ability to pull it off. And the oh we had a video camera and we never thought they’d use it, then how did they get it to air it? Shannon trying to appear shocked and surprised and so over the moon was the worst acting I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. Well, as much as the video of Shannon and David seemed sort of forced, it was a heck of a lot better than watching Icky act like a teenager and bemoaning the fact that “Shannon doesn’t like me anymore” like some sort of brainless twit. There isn’t anything Icky can do to make up for last season. They need a recast of OC.

  6. Shannon is a good woman, I think. She needs to teach the kids to not throw candy wrappers on the floor for someone else, probably some poor maid, to pick up after. Don’t let them become privileged brats!

    1. Ya know what DebBrenn? I forgot about that with the kids leaving wrappers on the floor like pigs. I’m glad you brought this up. I don’t know about any of you but I wasn’t raised like this. We had hand-me-down clothes, shoes from thrift shops, my dad used duct tape to fix his cars and he NEVER used a credit card. EVER. We worked around the house, had chores taped to the refrigerator, weeded the garden in the heat of those midwest Chicago summers attacked by mosquitoes. Shoveled snow in the winter and McDonalds was a HUGE TREAT and only IF we were good at the Dr. Nothing was given to us. We wanted a car? Get a job and work for it. At 14, I was riding my bike miles every summer working at Kohler’s Far (it closed, not it’s a garden center) and I actually picked tomatoes in the field with the Mexican workers or I’d be doing dishes in the kitchen. Now, I’m 60 years old (yes, I know we are all 89, but still…..) and when I stay in a hotel (which is rare since they freak me out), I CLEAN UP before we leave the room. I pile the dirty towels in the tub. Wipe down the mirror, pick up everything, throw out trash and it’s just second nature to me to straighten up. I wouldn’t even think about leaving garbage ON THE FLOOR. But, those were the days when parents raised their kids to be respectful of EVERYONE. Nobody was below us. What a sad comment about her kids. Doesn’t say much about her parenting skills, does it? I guess they must have a daily maid at their house that walks behind them picking up after them.

      1. Gigicat, I had a similar background to you. We didn’t have any money but had a very happy childhood. Plenty of chores which we hated! It was a treat to have a friend for Tea and we would have Jam sandwiches but only when we had enough money! My kids always had their friends in for tea after school or in the holidays and it wasn’t jam sandwiches! Funny how times have changed!
        As far as rubbish we brought our kids up to pick up rubbish in the street when they see it and I’m pleased to say, as adults, they both still do. We always have a spare dog poo bag in a pocket so they get used for that. I hate to see it, my biggest bugbear!

      2. I was raised exactly the same way you were GC. When I had a housekeeper I straightened out my home before she arrived. Although it wasn’t shown, I’d like to think Shannon told her girls to put their empty wrappers in the trash can before they left the hotel.

        1. I think Shanmon said she found the candy wrappers under the bed. I think those girls didn’t want their mother to know they had eaten it. I would hope Mom would make them clean it up.

          1. Regarding Tamra. I never could stand her. I wanted her off the show with Vicki – BUT I see a definite improvement for the better. I think she is truly trying to be a better person. Unless there is a bolt of lighting or a Miracle from heaven I don’t think a person can change overnight. I think it will take time and she will learn from her mistakes. Even her saying to give Kelly a chance because she is damaged was a sign of the new Tamra. I will watch and see how it goes and I hope she doesn’t let me down.

  7. hi Gigicat. You and I had similar childhoods. My grandmother made most of our clothes but since we were her oldest granddaughters we handed those beautifully made clothes down to our younger cousins. The only thing different is we always got new shoes twice a year: just before school started and at Easter. God how I hated that garden and those mosquitos but the veggies were out of this world. My only comment about the Beador girls is I think they hid those candy wrappers under the bed because their health conscious mother wouldn’t want them to eat it. They were hiding the evidence. Speaking of hand me downs I was 15 years older than my younger cousins. One year my grandmaster made matching blue nightgowns and robes for her 10 granddaughters. I am now 71 and still wear the robe – yes it has lasted 55 years and is still in good shape. Thank you grandma.

    1. Aunt bee what a lovely story that you’re still wearing the bathrobe your grandma made you! So sweet xoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. OMG, that must be miracle fabric in that robe, like the kind from the planet Krypton, where Superman’s cape fabric came from. 🙂 They don’t make fabric like that any more, for sure.
      I am sure it is so very sentimental too. That is unbelievable and so much love went into making that robe. Great story, Bee. Thank you for sharing. How sweet. 😉 ❤️

      1. It feels like cotton but must be polyester because it doesn’t need ironing. It is a light blue fabric with braided write trim on the collar. I remember grandma getting on the bus every Wednesday to go downtown to our two department stores. Wednesday was remnant day and oh the clothes she made for us from those remnants. Her father was a tailor and she and my Aunt inherited his talent. Thanks for reminding me of my happy childhood memories.

          1. I am sure it is lovely. It sounds beautiful. Your grandmother was very talented. She really knew how to pick out fabric too.
            Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about your family too. They all are so amazing like you ❤️

    3. Bee what an amazing story! My mother made all my clothes, even my Guide uniform as I was such a pip squeak they didn’t make them small enough! I don’t have a robe but I still have an Arran jumper (not the Arran I go to but the Irish one) my mum has been dead 32 years! Your robe must be amazing! Xxxooo

  8. Lots of frosting on Shannon’s birthday/renewal/2nd honeymoon cake. Oh dear, life is perfect in Shannon land.
    Whether David (he had the major help of Heather, don’t forget folks) planned the whole bash single handedly & Vicki planned hers, what difference does that make? For her to be upset with the comparison shows just how shallow & silly she is.
    Furthermore, Vicki did not voice being left out of the party of the century, her daughter Brianna did. We get it Shannon, you don’t like Vicki. Enough with your bitter heart. Time for a visit to Dr. Moon.
    Why should Vicki concern herself with her issues & not yours? after all, did you not concern yourself with Vicki’s issues last season? Seems to me that Shannon is carrying Vicki on her back like a poor, dead, heavy elephant–not the other way around.
    I really used to like Shannon, feel sorry for her. No more. She is definitely not what she tries so very hard to portray.

  9. Vicki and Kelly discussed the fact they weren’t invited to Shannon’s birthday/vow renewal before Briana brought it up. Shannon has spoken about the fact she isn’t interested in a friendship with Vicki. Hardly makes her bitter. Most of the posters here continue to express their disgust/dislike of Vicki myself included. Does that make us bitter?

    1. JOJO, Maybe that was in response to my post, maybe not. All the same, us bloggers are not bitter for expressing our thoughts. But these women of OC are unrelenting & unforgiving & knifers with each other. They act that way, they are the reality show, we are not & we each have the right to our opinions without being attacked like they attack. Thank God, on this site, we all respect each other’s opinions & we genuinely care for each other. There is no under currents here. You say tomato, I say tamato.

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