Shannon Beador: Vicki Is Just Plain Cruel


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to respond to comments Vicki Gunvalson made about her husband David during this week’s episode of the RHOC. Beador says Vicki has no idea whether or not David was happier with his mistress and Shannon describes Gunvalson’s behavior as just plain cruel.

“There is a lot going on this episode. I have basically slept no more than three hours a night for the last two weeks! I am in a whirlwind that doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down!

We have found an amazing home to rent and we are so grateful for the opportunity! The home sits on over one acre of bay front property — incredible land, incredible view, and incredible space! And it’s for sale for $24.7 million!

It was very emotional to watch our last minutes in our home! We spent five years building it and five years living in it, it’s the longest we have ever stayed in a house. My feelings are conflicted. I was sad to leave, yet excited to move on. It’s interesting. I cried non-stop as we drove away from the house and thought I was going to have a difficult time. The next day I had to bring back some things we forgot to leave for the new owner. I walked through the home and felt nothing. It gave me a sense of closure. It’s just a house. Who lives in the house is what makes it a home.

It was so overwhelming to arrive at our new house when I hadn’t even unpacked one box! In the end, we were just throwing things in random containers to be out on time! Seeing all of the boxes when I walk into our new home for the first time was over the top! And by the way, many of those boxes still haven’t been unpacked! I love that Sophie was quoting the effects of alcohol as we tried to find ingredients to make a drink. We just needed to decompress for a minute. But how about that view??? That’s enough to make anyone take a deep breath and relax! We are blessed!

I can’t tell you how shocked I was to hear the women’s conversation at the spa. Honestly, Vicki is just plain cruel. She is taking this opportunity to embellish the truth to hurt me. Vicki has no idea if David was happier in his affair. My husband chose to renew our vows on his own and we are incredibly happy today. I have not had any in depth conversations with Vicki in a year and a half. She knows nothing about my personal life. And for Vicki to say that OC is a small town, I just have to point out that Vicki lives nowhere near me — she’s about 45 minutes away. She doesn’t know anyone in my circle of friends or Heather’s for that matter. We didn’t shove anything under a rug. It’s been two and a half years and we have definitely worked through a lot of hard times. Nice try though, Vicki. Sorry it didn’t work out the same for you.

I have to say that the scene with Meghan and Jim made me incredibly emotional. I know that they are so blessed to have a healthy baby girl on the way, but being the mother of twins, I can understand the devastation of losing one of the embryos. I loved seeing Jim comfort Meghan. They are an amazing couple!

It was nice to get away from all the boxes and go on a date night with David. I haven’t had a home cooked meal for a while, hence the massive weight gain!!! And I ordered a tequila drink for once. When we were in Cabo San Lucas for our second honeymoon, I tried many different tequilas and I have to say it’s a nice change!

I feel incredibly loved when David defends me with his mother. At the same time, I don’t envy David’s position and do not want to be held responsible for destroying his relationship with his mother. It’s just a mess. I’m not happy that I yelled at our children’s LOCK concert and I would like to make it clear again that I was never yelling at David, I was yelling at the situation. He had nothing to do with it. Today, the most hurtful thing anyone could say to me is that I am responsible for my husband’s affair. I know I am not, but it still feels like a knife in the gut to hear such a statement. The fact that David’s mother made her comment two weeks after a vow renewal that David planned on his own is devastating to me. I hoped that maybe she would start to accept me once she understood the choices that David made.”

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56 Replies to “Shannon Beador: Vicki Is Just Plain Cruel”

  1. Team Shannon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ll say it again, Shannon needs to leave this show and this goat rodeo and move to RHOBH . The BH ladies could use a little Dr Moon crazy 🙂 she’d be a great fit. I see her hitting it off with Kyle and Erika . LVP will find her amusing and Rinna will probably try and stab her with an ax

    1. Lol. About Rinna! I am just stunned about this situation and what an evil bitch her MIL is. Not too impressed with David if he took the floozy to his mothers either. I would love for Shannon to move to BH. Get away from the bitches! Xoxoxxoxo

      1. ❤️❤️❤️Suze !! I ranted about the MIL in another post. She’s playing pimp to her son which is beyond low

        1. I know! I am disgusted with hem both! Shannon should kick him out just keep the girls. No wonder she lost it with him, I would have pulverized him! Xoxox

    2. I’m with you Rain – Team Shannon! Vicki has always been cruel, she’s just directing it towards Shannon now. Then Vicki wonders why no one went to visit her? Didn’t Vicki cheat on Don? Such a hypocritical liar!

    3. Me 2 Team Shannon all the way
      They keep Vicki cause she is a drama queen , I see her as a Cruel Liar who makes up stories and Shannon will not kneel at Vicki’s feet
      I find it funny Shannon took a dig at Vicki and Tamara they do not live anywhere near each other Shannon and Heather are rich rich
      So Vicki Blahahahahahaha

  2. That house is called “The Irvine House” to us locals because it is owned by the Irvine Family who basically (used to until recently bought by Don Bren) own all of Orange County rental properties. The house has been on the market forever, but was kept in the family by a great-great granddaughter. Its actually a tear-down but has been kept preserved by the family. It sits up on a bluff in Corona del Mar (“CdM” to the locals.) Not on the harbor but has great views. Actually, it’s a much better place that they had in Newport Coast. You can walk to grocery stores, restaurants, etc. It’s a “village” that was annexed from Newport Beach. It used to be a very quiet little area, but the last 10 years has seen it explode into a huge mess of lower-grade stores, tattoo places, psychics and all kinds of sketchy people from the IE coming down and stealing mail and UPS packages and breaking into cars. It’s changed A LOT! Plus, the little Bayside Drive, that used to be a quiet street is now a speedway for morons who a) don’t respect the bicyclists; b) don’t slow down and c) think that those of us who live on Bayside Drive don’t have a right to pull out of our driveways without getting the finger, honked at or screamed at. Basically, the riff-raff have arrived and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    All in all, I think they made a smart move getting out of that horrible Newport Coast and getting closer to the water.

    1. Interesting. I loved Shannon’s old house, though. Maybe the location wasn’t that great, but I loved the traditional interior. So classy.

  3. Vicki is one mean nasty person. She has no personal knowledge of this, yet throws stuff out there. While Shannon can hold her own, there are children involved and with social media and school and friends, I’m sure they hear about that. It has to be hard on them and for that Vicki should be ashamed of herself. But since she wasn’t ashamed of herself for all her lies with Brooks and cancer, I’m sure she could care less, since everything is only about her.

    1. Great post vanonna. No , Vicky does not care about anyone’s children . Remember when she chose Brooks over Brianna? That should tell you a lot

      1. I agree Southern Plaid, but my point is that to continue to hear things isn’t helping these children. When children are involved, one’s words and actions will still be hurtful. If Shannon and David have moved on and the children can feel secure again, why throw that out there? You know?

            1. That evil grandmother would say those things wether Shannon is on the show or not so the kids probably hear what their witch grandma says anyways . Plaid’s criticism and dislike of Shannon is as biased as my defense of her, so you have to really ignore both of us 🙂

  4. Shannon, you are such a hypocrite you say that you are a good Christian and you are able to forgive people but you can’t forgive Vicky why don’t you leave the show you don’t bring anything to it you and your husband are nothing but jerks whenever you’re on I muted or I fast-forward it
    And laughing when you heard about the women being in an accident on the dunes very funny Shannon and Vicky being by herself at the hospital very funny Shannon I hope you seen yourself laughing over that I guess the only thing I can do is pray for you and your husband

    1. I’ve said this before but you forgive someone so you don’t have the “ick” feeling in you anymore. It has nothing to do with resuming the friendship. Vicki doesn’t seem to realize the line she crossed and I doubt she ever will since in her head, it’s all about her. As for laughing over the accident? It’s called nervous laughter, you know… the way Vicki laughs off the cancer lie.

  5. My DH is the only son of a needy mother. He was a bachelor for a long time and always a devoted son. His parents never really cared for me or were happy for our marriage, especially his mother. (We have now been married for multiple decades.) HOWEVER, I have no doubt, had my husband brought a mistress to meet his parents, his father would have cut off his balls. Right then and there. Even in their dislike for me, they have a strong respect for marriage vows.

    David’s mother and sister’s behavior is despicable.

  6. I despise when the woman is blamed when her man cheats! Hate it! David cheated. Shannon tho was so mean, condescending and so unloving to David for so long! Did you watch the first season? She was such a harping control freak! David shouldve divorced Shannon and moved on. Instead…. He had an affair so he could keep his $ and his kids. Shannon says they are so good!! But a comment from his Mom and she’s back to crazy … Kiss my ass David or else… Crazy ass Shannon! At her daughters big night!!! I’m trying to watch the rest of the season… But it’s so boring! Same for New Jersey. Look for another paycheck boring ass housewives! My life is more fun than yours and I make only $65000 a year!

  7. Yes, Vicki is vile and your mother-in-law is nasty but stop your whining. Rather than gather 5 oranges in a bowl, clear out your clutter. It’s bad Feng shui and so is not taking responsibility for your role in the demise of your relationship with David or his mother. My dear, you are not perfect and yes it’s a small town. You’re a celebrity so people know stuff and David never hid his mistress in public. Just stop blaming others. BTW, David looks miserable.

  8. I actually can never condone what David’s mother said & to strangers at that. I can also see clearly that because of David’s infidelity that Shannon has the upper hand now & she is fully aware of it & making full use of her power with him. I definitely feel sorry for him, he looks caged. She over dramatizes & is still a painful complainer, I also note that she’s a big time hypochondriac.
    Why is it okay for her to pass inconsiderate & insensitive comments about Vicki who she wants nothing to do with. Yet, if Vicki passes an inconsiderate & insensitive comment about Shannon, a noose is around Vicki’s neck. What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander as well.
    Poor David.

    1. I wish she would actually BE “fuc***g DONE” with just one thing. I haven’t been a fan, but she didn’t deserve being cheated on. Then I recall the way she teaches her kids to be aware of any germ or feeling and have a pill at the ready. That is a super unhealthy way to bring up kids. I tried hard to like her, but I haven’t seen an episode this season. Just the clips here, and that’s enough for sure.

    1. Rain. I Have never been into this team thingy but now I am for Shannon! She should kick the B…..d out and just enjoy her life with her girls. Then move to BH! Lisa and Kyle and a few of the others would look after her. Not Rinna!

  9. Sick of Shannon Beador…She should have her own show..”You’ve got to be kidding me right now!” Count how many times you actually say that Shannon..Your annoying and your daughters are spoilt brats. That would be the day my daughter talked to me about the way I should drink…Mind your place little one. You don’t pay the bills!!! Kelly and Meagan are pathetic….Surely you can find better women than this for the show.. Vicki has her faults but at least she is a strong woman..had her weak moments with Brooks. Lets get some women on there with brains.

    1. I think after so many years, they need to get new housewives because it does get boring. Then the meanness starts and it just becomes no fun to watch. It also begins to seem more scripted. The only one that hasn’t done that for me is RHOBH. I still enjoy that one.

      1. Me too Vanonna apart form Eileen and Rinna, just glad Yolanda has gone. It will be interesting to see what story lines come up this season.

  10. Shannon could be better off if she could just calm down, enjoy her family and take in her new view. She reacts so extreme to just about everything, including her restaurant meals. She has such a great background growing up in RSF, but her girls are more together and poised than her. Love Shannon, but can see she would be a challange.
    And yes, Vicki from season one and on has always created lies about castmates and tries to bring others down, mostly out of jealousy. Coto is as far from the beach as one can be and really has no relation to life in Orange County. My guess is Vicki and Tamra did not know where the beach was before being on this show. Always thought Tamra was trailer trash and the story of growing up 4 wheeling in the desert confirms it. Marriage number three is not her last.

  11. Good morning ladies,
    Hope all is well.

    Boo! hoo hoo! Poor Shannon. Shannon is the Perpetual Victim.

    What I don’t understand is why she is blaming only Vicki? Heather added more than her 2 cents to the conversation, & Confirmed everything that Vicki was stating! But Vicki is cruel. Such Horse shit!

    Shannon is insufferable. She forgets she is on a TV show,& the world knows about her. I cannot stomach her constant whining, bitching about everything. If she is so concerned about her family, then this heiffer should have gotten off the show. SHE is the one that made/ makes the affair her SL. Its all that we hear about.

    What about these ” Charities,” she founded,?
    Never heard another word about them? Usually, if one has started a Charity, or truly believes in one, it would be part of their life. Charities are an annual thing. Crickets?

    She is such a walking- talking contradiction. Last year, Shannon almost had a meltdown over David’ s restaurant choice for her birthday, stating it was an inappropriate place for children, but this year, it was fine that ” Lock,” played in a bar. Don’t they serve alcohol in a bar?

    Shannon is her own worst enemy. The things she dislikes in others, is the very thing she does.

    Oh by the way, let’s start a new drinking game, Every time Shannon mentions ” Vow renewal, ” or ” David did it all on his own!” Everyone take a shot of their favorite liquor treat.

    Anyway, Happy Wednesday.

    1. We can’t play drinking games because your girl Kelly would win and then cuss us out. I’ll take perpetual victim over perpetual drunk and cancer liar ANY DAY!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      back to real life, how’s your boo? Hope all is well with him and you .❤️❤️❤️

    1. Glad things are looking better for Hubs. Hope the house is coming on now. Is it finished yet? Look after yourself Southern. I may not always agree with you especially about Shannon but you are always respectful. I wouldn’t be any good for your drinking games as they wont let me drink anymore. I really miss my glass of wine and the occasional cocktail. Never mind I guess in my 65 years I have drunk more than enough! Xoxoxoxox

      1. Suze. Thank you. Means a lot. Try to respect everyone’s POV. I will never make it personal, cause I really don’t know the HW intimately, or you all , for that fact.
        U sound like my Mother, she cannot drink ( like she used too) anymore after her heart operation. She misses her lovely Cocktails,& Baileys. ( When she upsets me, I’ llmake one,& drink it in front of her.)
        The house is SLOWLY coming along.

        Happy Thursday.
        Xoxo 🙂

        1. That’s really wicked of you! If my son did that to me I would tip it on his head lol. Your mother is obviously much nicer than I am! Glad the house is coming on! Xxxooo

  12. I didn’t have a very high opinion of the Beadors to begin with although I liked Shannon for a while in the beginning before I tired of all the bowel cleansing and nasal draining talk. Kind of a buzz kill if you ask me. BUT finding out that David brought his mistress around his family while cheating on Shannon takes my dislike of the Beadors to a whole new level, especially David!! David & Shannon are batsh*t crazy and their kids pay for it. But I agree with everything Shannon said during her daughter’s rehearsal. They sang like robots with no passion and their magician-looking “music diector” was utterly clueless but I am sure the equally clueless Beadors paid him plenty. Such fools.

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