Shannon Beador Trusts Her Husband David Loves Her


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog this week to discuss her relationship with her husband David. While the couple has had some bumps in the road, Shannon is confident that her husband loves her and says that she trusts him again after he admitted to having an affair.

“This is a very difficult episode to watch. I can’t imagine how incredibly hard it is for Vicki to relive. It is just a reminder to us all that life is precious and that we should be grateful for every moment we have on this earth with our family.

We shouldn’t focus on petty things—which brings to me to my phone call with Meghan in this episode. The party is over and I am done discussing an issue that Meghan wants to be much bigger than it is. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to “extend the olive branch” and show my willingness to move on by inviting Meghan to bunco. I was put off by the way Meghan was speaking to me, but I did my best to stay positive. When she told me to “prove myself” to her, it didn’t sit well with me. I am not going to beg anyone to come to a party I am hosting, certainly not Meghan. I was offended that she thought that my wine donation was a “wedge” or “dig” at her. There was no manipulation behind it. I had the wine earlier and wanted to donate it. Period.

I have the most fun group of bunco friends. I have been in the group for 15 years and the rest of the gals have been playing together for close to 25 years! I was excited to have the ladies meet some of them. As you can see, it is a fun game and even Meghan was cheering and laughing during the “game for old people in Mississippi”. And thanks for that not very flattering clip of me hooting and hollering, you can see I have a ball playing!

Prior to the bunco, one of my best friends came over to help me get ready. David had just come home moments earlier and started telling me how he ran into a girl. It didn’t make sense to me and I thought he was talking “in code” to let me know he had seen his affair. You can see the shock in my eyes. He did not run into her. When that day comes, I am sure it may bring up certain emotions, but that was the past. I trust in the bond I have forged with David in the last year and I know he is committed to me.

David and I have made a lot of positive progress up to this episode, but you hear me talk about a bump in that progress tonight. When infidelity happens over the course of months, it isn’t possible to know everything that happened during that time period. The end result, however, is what is most important. If I happen to realize a lie that was told to me during the affair, David affirms his love for me and I feel his remorse. That is communication. That is moving forward. That is love.”

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why can’t she give this affair a break and stop talking about it on camera! She needs to think about her girls for a change!

ITA, she’s only pushing him away by trying to pull him in.

Have your husband have an affair, leave you and see how that effects you. I think until you go through something like that you can’t really judge how someone acts about it.

I agree with you CassyJ. My mother always said don’t judge another until you walk a mile in their moccasins. I always try to put myself in their place to see how I would handle it. It is hard.

I say the same thing every week! She just needs to STOP!!!

You have obviously never known what it’s like to deal with an affair. You can’t give it a break because you’re total sense of trust and mentality has been screwed with. It’s hard to explain but it takes a long time and a committed relationship to work through those emotions. Usually a couple of years before the wound heals. I hope they are wary of resentment because that’s the next problem they’ll have to overcome on this road.

Shannon has an immense amount of class and manners, to even give that nasty, little gold-digging Meghan O’toole King Edmonds, the time of day.

Shannon also has an immense amount of insecurity. She plays at being spiritual, but really doesn’t understand that her behavior is counterintuitive to it. As for Meghan, how do you know that she’s a nasty little gold digger? And what do you call a rich guy who marries a beautiful woman — entitled? The fact is that most women are attracted to power & most men, being visual, are attracted to beauty. Boom.

Evan, I agree that Shannon is insecure, you may be right about physical attraction but there has to be an emotional attraction to keep “powerful rich men and beautiful young women” together, I just don’t see it. BOOM!


Boom Queenie! Not sure where you are getting the immense amount of class from. All Shannon has is a screenshot loose.

***All Shannon has is a screw loose.

Well, unless you’re watching a different show, all I’ve seen is Meghan bragging about her husband and possessions. As far as men who marry trash like that, they get what they deserve. This is his 3rd go at it. B O O M!!

Agree with you Queenie 100%

Meghan is a pain in the butt. Why did she have to make her little digs. Shannon was really trying and I would have hung up on the witch.

Meghan is a spoilt Dummy Barbie

I totally agree with you Aunt Bee. Meghan never thought about the charity either when she was not happy Shannon donated the expensive bottle of wine. She is quite immature to put it mildly.

Ditto, Aunt Bee. The charity was about kids with Diabetes, not young brides with social climbing syndrome.

Another thing- when you first walk into a new group of friends don’t most people hang back to get the lay of the land so to speak. I try not to express an opinion until I get the temperature of the group. Meghan came in looking for trouble and Shannon was the target. Maybe she had watched previous shows and saw that Shannon was fragile and assumed she would be a good target. I’ll bet Meghan was the leader of the mean girl click in HS, College and her Sorority. I sincerely hope this is her only season on RHOC.

Me too, Aunt Bee. When Shannon called her to invite her, she got that surprised kind of joyful “I am getting some attention” look. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. I also don’t think it is because she is “young” I bet you agree and had manners already at 30. Jeez, like CassyJ said, my parents taught us how to speak to others and by the time I was 16 and working outside of the home, I had learned. I mean, I obviously had rough edges and I see where the saying “youth is wasted on the… Read more »

Amen to that 3D

ITA 3D’s. Love the way you worded your last sentence, “young brides with social climbing syndrome.” You hit the nail on the head! 😉

Deems like Shannon is over-proclaiming her trust and love for David….however, looks like she can’t really forgive/forget…

As for Meghan, Shannon should just ignore and move on.

Give her time my God. This is all fresh as this is happening. Unless you’ve been through this in a marriage you cant imagine the pain.

But Shannon shouldn’t keep talking about it on national television if she is trying to heal. That should be something that is handled privately and with their family so EVERYONE can heal. Her children shouldn’t be subjected to their mother talking about the affair every single week on TV. If she cared about her family she would have declined this season and took the time to make sure everyone heals properly from it. She’s not the only one who is hurting. I’m sure her children are hurting and I’m sure David is as well. Not excusing what he did, but… Read more »


Shannon is doing her best to save her marriage. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes (again) I am very happily remarried but I was very young and had no children. Her pain is unimaginable and I admire her for sharing this and making it real. That’s what she signed up for so she is doing her job…..Again showed her grace when she invited that selfish little snot Meghan into her home. I do hope they can patch it up as Shannon has enough to deal with at home….Vicky’s learning of her precious mom’s death was so incredibly painful… Read more »

Yes give Shannon a friggin break .

One thing that I didn’t understand is why Shannon repeatedly made reference to not proving something to a 30 year old? I don’t care enough about either of them to take a side but I didn’t get why that age seemed to be such an issue when there seems to be something underlying going on between these two.

I agree- Shannon gets her digs in too. 🙂

I think it’s too new and too raw for Shannon to let go of her feelings about the affair, and it gets the best of her. It’s just unfortunate thatt it’s playing out on TV, and all that is laid bare for her kids (or their friends) to see- and really it shouldn’t. However, I think Shannon is a emotionally fragile person anyway, and this affair has done nothing but magnify her issues.

Give Shannon a break for goodness sake! The guy cheated on her and some of you are piling on the victim. Wouldn’t you be insecure if your husband cheated on you?? She’s brave enough to deal with this in front of our eyes! Yes she’s not perfect and the whole thing is messy , but step down from your soap box people !!!

I don’t see this discussion as piling on. Nobody has said anything cruel. She does seem insecure, in more things than her marriage. She really doesn’t seem to have any true faith, just things she would like to have faith in. Usually those who believe in the power of Feng Shui and crystals in their lives and homes are at peace with it. From the first time she was on the show, the last thing I would have said to describe her would have been “at peace” She certainly doesn’t seem grounded or comfortable with herself. She seems frenetic and… Read more »

I respect your opinion and appreciate your input 3D

Of course she isn’t at peace on the show….the last two seasons her marriage has been terrible. When your job is to keep your family in order and your marriage is falling apart you’re not at peace. I just think the comments about her not getting over the affair are very judgmental. Last season she found out something was going on, but tried to keep it quiet and this she is healing from it. I actually think she is doing a pretty dang good job at it. It’s not like you find out and get over that in a few… Read more »
Oh, I didn’t say she doesn’t have a reason to not be at peace. I was mainly referring to the use of Feng Shui, crystals and the like. A lot of times it has a peaceful effect on those who believe, which I am absolutely not judging. I have known those who find strength in those beliefs to the point it helps them handle bad life happenings like this. I also am not judging her way of dealing with the affair David had. I personally don’t enjoy watching the pain she is in, or the time at the counseling spa.… Read more »

I’m going to ask mine too haha. I disagree as to it not being what the show is about. It’s called Real HW’s, it follows their lives so this is what the show is about. If it were just parties and houses we could watch HGTV or travel channel shows about millionaires. I truly would much rather see them trying to work to keep a positive marriage than watch the vileness that was BH this past season. I felt drained every time I watched BH.

Thank You, Rain.

It’s almost comical to me how everyone keeps saying “Shannon can’t get over the affair”. At the point of filming it had been 6 months or less. It also wasn’t just an affair, he left her for this other woman. Give the girl a break and allow her to heal on her time table not yours.

Exactly Cassy!!! Seriously the naive way people think a woman can get over an affair is beyond me. A marriage is collapsing, so yes she’s insecure and whiny and HURT!

I don’t think she is ever going to get over the affair. She was shaking when she saw gmail on his computer screen. She’s going to be a detective indefinitely, so saying that she had forgiven him is a joke. She is SO insecure and loves playing the victim. In my opinion, this marriage will not last.

Maybe she won’t get over it , but that’s her path. Lucky for you , you’re a woman who will kick your husband out. She’s not like that and she needs to figure it our for herself. She has a lot to lose .

I think there are a lot of judgements being made about Shannon and the way she should handle things by people who have no clue what they are talking about. We walked through this with 3 different very close couple friends at different times and it takes time to heal. No 2 months not 6 months but min a year. And from what I have witnessed on the show she is actually doing a great job.

How true.

Shannon is not fooling anyone that she is offering an Olive Branch. She knows she is not on the A team and doesn’t want to be left out of invites. Her “invite” to bunco is manipulative, especially with the “oh, and here’s wine for your event that I wasn’t invited to” side shade. I feel sorry her husband had an affair that threatened their marriage, but I’m not surprised. She nagged him constantly. And any reference to Meghan being a gold digger by either Shannon or Vicki is laughable. Shannon doesn’t work, and Vicki supports Brooks, so how is Meghan… Read more »

You don’t know the facts my friend! Shannon comes from money, actually it was HER money that started David’s business , and no one ever said Brooks was a trophy : this still doesn’t exclude the fact that Meghan is an entitled dumb gold digger Desperately searching for a story line

Meghan will be the ex wife # 3 in less than a year

Shannon comes from money…my point exactly. She doesn’t work, never has. Inheriting money or marrying money is all fine. No judgements. Well, except Shannon likes to judge…constantly. Meghan is rough, but she is young. Hasn’t learned the art of being polite and not saying everything you think. Shannon hasn’t learned that either, and she’s older. Hmmmm.

30 isn’t young! But hey, if that’s your defense, I rest my case

I’m glad she has a supporter in you because very few do, including other HW forums and I suspect even Jim

David’s business, Beador Construction was started by his father. It is a general contracting highway and street construction company and David is the president of the company.

Did Shannon really say “here is wine for the event I wasn’t invited to”????? I didn’t hear that. I just heard here is the wine for the charity – or thats what I thought she said.

No, she didn’t actually say that, but it’s her tone and kind of manipulative way to point out she is the bigger person. It’s “subtle shade”. Others would do an internal eye roll, but Meghan calls her out on that. Otherwise, Shannon could have just donated the wine directly to the Charity. No need to give it to Meghan.

Maybe I am naive then because I thought it was a nice gesture on Shannon’s part. If it was meant the way you say it ’twas meant, then I don’t blame Shannon because the little snot sure threw shade at her with her Mississippi quote. I really don’t like Meghan.

Aunt Bee, Little snot is what she is for sure. That was perfect. If she wants to ride with the crowd in her world now, she better take a look in the rearview mirror and see who she is leaving behind, and then read Emily Post.

I totally agree with you.

Aunt Bee, it’s only been a few episodes and its already obvious that Meghan is an entitled dummy Barbie! She needed a story line and she thought Shannon was the easiest prey or something. I don’t think her atrocious manners can be justified because she’s not a smart or logical woman. Yet there will be those that defend her just like there are those that defend other clown housewives

Every charity event has it’s own repository where the donations are handled. Shannon would have to go to some trouble to find out who to give it to. The whole point of having a charity event, (well, for most people) is to consolidate the monies to go directly to the needed facility. Megan was there already, why should Shannon go driving all over LA (gasp) when Megan was right there and likely still finishing up with the charity administrators. She had purchased two expensive bottles specifically for that purpose, and it was the little snot’s (thanks Aunt Bee for her… Read more »
I agree with you, Shirley, on several points. Shannon is manipulative, difficult, and always the victim. We haven’t made it through one social event in 2 seasons without her finding away to draw all attention away from the host and toward her. Meghan may be a gold digger, and probably she is, but it looks to me like she isn’t very good at it. She is the one being used. She takes care of Jim’s kids, his houses, his stuff, and maybe his Mom, too….and as payment, he treats her like a stupid and silly “female”. I am also sure… Read more »

Very well stated, Apple ITA!

Thanks, Beth.

I am not calling Shannon a saint, however, if she is insecure, maybe she has good reason. If you do a search, you will see that police were called to their home years ago and more than once, and the person who was arrested was Shannon’s husband. She stays with him and seems to have put up with a lot from him, and maybe that makes her edgy. I am not saying she is perfect, but clearly it takes two to tango, and he is not innocent. How can she feel secure when he has not made her feel that… Read more »

I think they are both being ridiculous in this Ep and need to have respect for each other no matter what the age!

On another note did anyone else apart from me feel the scene were David talks about running into the woman and Shannon starts going on about the speaking in code and then David was a bit smirky and found running into the woman strange! I found the whole scene completely weird!

shannon has no need to prove herself to anyone. and should not feel the need to explain her relationship to anyone ! the people who care about her and david are always going to be there to stand by them and support them 🙂 and unless someone has been in her shoes with the affair they will never understand her need to discuss it and her insecurities it will take her a few years to get over 🙁 it is so difficult overcoming a nightmare everyday :/ i am still trying to figure out why david did what he did… Read more »


complete trust will never be restored. Once trust is broken it is impossible to rebuild it. I hear the fat lady singing in the wings. Its all over except they don’t know it yet.