Shannon Beador: Tamra Is Not Telling The Truth


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her fight with Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow at Lizzie’s dinner party. Shannon explains the backstory to what Terry supposedly said and says she can’t believe Tamra and Heather are lying.

Shannon writes, “Lots to talk about. Let’s just start…

There is nothing “kooky” about why I went to Heather’s house. I asked Tamra whether she relayed any of our confidential conversation to Heather and she denied it. How many times could I ask her? The only other person who could confirm what I already knew was Heather. Terry was not present at Heather’s lunch when my marriage was a topic of conversation, so I continue to be perplexed at his “involvement” in an issue that has nothing to do with him. I never said that Heather “told the world.” She discussed my marriage with a table of women which was inappropriate and that is what I told Vicki.

Heather knew that I was coming to her house and any suggestion to the contrary is just another way to “spin” things. I apologized to her for raising my voice to her at my Christmas party. I even apologized for yelling, which I actually didn’t do. She talks to Vicki about it, and she brings it up at Lizzie’s party. Clearly she has not let it go. It is so interesting to hear Heather and Terry describe the incident and they always say, “When Shannon left our house. . .” I was kicked out.

David and I are home from Mexico and are In a good place. We are committed to each other and our family. David is chaperoning Sophie on her class trip to Italy. Both David and I had limited interaction with our fathers, so it is so nice to see his efforts to change the patterns we grew up with. He is an amazing father!

It is nice to see Vicki have compassion for me. What is disturbing is Tamra not taking responsibility for starting all of this nonsense between Heather and I.

En route to Lizzie’s party, David and I discuss that I am not at excited about seeing the Dubrows. First of all, the last I heard from Heather was a text minutes after I left her house. There was no way I was going to respond to her text after being kicked out of her home. She never apologized in the text for telling me to leave her home and I wasn’t going to set myself up.

It is interesting to hear Heather’s commentary on her way to the party saying that I yell at her every time I see her — “my house, her house, my parties, her parties.” The first time you ever see me yell at her is in this episode because I have had enough. I didn’t yell at her at Javier’s, never ever raised my voice at the hoedown, and apologized for my raised voice at my Christmas party. I don’t like to be accused of doing things I didn’t do.

David and I have been bothered by something that Tamra has said to both of us on numerous occasions. She has told us that Terry Dubrow said he wanted to “Take the Beadors down.” We didn’t think she was serious at first, but once she mentioned it a couple times, we started to wonder whether it was true. We weren’t going to discuss it with the Dubrows without getting confirmation from Tamra one more time that Terry had said it. She denied ever saying the statement to me that Terry wanted to “take the Beadors down.” I was absolutely frustrated. I was just coming off of a devastating betrayal from Tamra, so I couldn’t believe that she was going to lie once again. Two things could have happened — Tamra made it up in the first place (which would make it a lie) or she lied to me and Terry really did make the statement to her. Either way, Tamra is not telling the truth. . .again. Mind boggling to me. I am not making it up and would have no reason to.

And then lo and behold Tamra decides to bring up this non-existent statement at the dinner table of all places. It makes no sense. And further, I cannot believe that Terry had the audacity to confront David and I at the dinner table with 12 people. I love that David defended me — so chivalrous and loving.

You see Tamra in her commentary adamantly denying than she ever said Terry wanted to “take the Beadors down.” Then you see Vicki confirm that Tamra also told her about the “take the Beadors down” comment as well. Tamra has not been honest. You cannot discern when she is telling the truth or not.

You see me apologize AGAIN to Heather for raising my voice to her at my Christmas party. Clearly Heather can’t let it go because after the apology at the table, I am attacked for “yelling” once again.

I could not believe that Tamra asked David to go outside. I have known my husband for over 16 years and I have never known him to have a confrontation with another female. I am blown away that Tamra thought she could somehow convince my husband that betraying my confidence and telling Heather was somehow in my best interest. And then she calls Heather and Terry into the discussion. At this point, I am done. This is not how I communicate or deal with people. Once again Heather brings up my “yelling” at her and that is the last straw for me. I am human. I mean it when I say “you will all see the truth.” You do see the truth.

On a lighter note, I am on the thin side, but I have never exercised in my life. You can hear me in this episode saying that back in my day, you just had to be thin — not toned or defined. I have been in Hawaii with David for the last nine days and yesterday, we thought it would be fun to try paddle boarding. David was insistent that I wear a bikini, despite my reservations about my flabbiness and I did. A photographer was outside our hotel and took some incredibly hideous photos of me which are now on the internet. When I return home from Hawaii, I am going to post those photos on my website and others as my “before” photos and I am growing to do my best to tone up this 50 year old body once and for all! You can go to my website starting next week at to see my progress.”

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26 Replies to “Shannon Beador: Tamra Is Not Telling The Truth”

  1. I like Shannon but I feel like being on the show is getting to her. She was really losing her mind tonight and I genuinely feel like she could benefit from therapy.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Shannon should be using her energy to fix her marriage? Tamra lied but you are on a reality show, what did you think was going to happen?

  3. I think Tamra is orchestrating this whole mess. Seriously! Go back and watch all of the fights between Shannon and Heather. She’s either creating drama by twisting and sharing comments she shouldn’t, or flat out lying to pit the two against each other. I feel horrible for Shannon. I wish Shannon and Heather would open their eyes and see how much they’re both being played.

    1. I agree! She did the same with Gretchen. She pretended to be her friend and then turned on her and started all sorts of drama. Tamra is a two-faced liar! She loved to start drama and is ALWAYS involved in it.

      1. Truly, Tamra has her own issues. I think that she has extreme trust issues and the need to be loved and needed. This is why she keeps on betraying people in her close company. She does not mean to do it. She cannot control herself. We should feel very, very bad for her. I want to believe that Eddy will help her find peace. She needs it!

        1. Zina, You can feel badly for Tamra that she WAS a victim in the past, but when she becomes the perpetrator it’s time to stop. How we act and react is always a choice.

  4. I have a hard time understanding why everyone thinks Shannon is so real and they like her. All I see is a woman who is desperate and always picking a fight with Heather. And yes, I do think she yells at Heather every time they get together. I’m not sure why she thinks Heather should give her the time of day or be nice to her when Shannon went out of her way to attack Heather at a party where Shannon was the host. Shannon is crazy. She’s demonstrated this time after time. When’s everyone going to wake up and realize Shannon being real = crazy woman?

    1. Tippy, Wouldn’t any normal, decent human being thrown in with that den of vipers also be out of their element and not know how to react? I’m assuming we’re all grown adults here with a modicum of manners and decency. How would we react if someone told us to leave their house because we asked them what was said about us? How would we react if we were chastised like a child every time we bumped into Heather, who has no room to talk about manners, etiquette, and decency? How would we react if our supposed friend (Tamra) told us someone said they would “take us down,” then denied it when confronted by both sides, even though it was confirmed by a third party? These woman are childish and VICIOUS! And I include Terry, the girlie man with the appropriately ambiguous name. Shannon’s problem is that she’s not used to these horrible excuses for women, and doesn’t know how to give tit for tat. Good for her!

      1. AMEN to youDebBrenn…. i think were the only mature women here!!! love your comment I think anyone who thinks Tamara Barney is great they need to watch and listen a little closer…..I like Tamara but not the way she been behaving….what a lier and trouble maker Wow!!!! and Heather oh poor heather who is being so bullied and mistreated aw!!! (that just makes me sick!!) the only person who is being mistreated is Shannon….I can tell you this I truly wouldn’t want these women as my friends……with friends like this who needs enemies ….. real friends don’t treat you like this!!!

    2. I don’t think she is always picking a fight. Heather is just a witch. She talks down to people pointing her finger like they are children, she is very condescending, rude, and thinks her crap doesn’t stink! She keeps saying that Shannon yells at her but that is not the truth! I think she just has a hard time accepting that someone is standing up to her. Look at the way she speaks to Tamra and Vicky. She shuts them down anytime they have an issue. Heather is always right in her mind. She doesn’t even know how to humble herself! I don’t think Shannon is crazy, I just think she can’t control her emotions and is going through a lot in her life. I don’t think reality tv was best for her during this specific time in her life, she is going through too much.

    3. Heather needs to reevaluate her behavior. She has treated Shannon very poorly, and she is so insulting. I personally would not want to be in her company. Who would like to be a friend with someone who can never accept that is wrong and always is victimized. She claimed that she is a scapegoat, but I am sorry the only thing I can see is an effort for her to be portrayed as a victim. Very poor behavior from someone that I thought brought class and had brains!

  5. Shannon do urself and ur family a big favor..RUN!! Anyone having anything to do with tamra judge is harmed..look at her children, her son, her mother…damaged..all of them!!
    You have a beautiful family..this show isnot for you. This monster is full of toxicity and will drain you.
    She’s just evil to the core.
    Hope u see it and put ur family first!!

  6. This women is vapid, insecure, and dumb. The last thing she needs is to be filming with strong personalities. I don’t know how her husband deals with her on a daily basis.

  7. What I don’t understand is this: how can Shannon remain friends with Vickie. Vickie states to The Gigolo at the table that Tamra told HER that Terry was out to get the Beadors. Why didn’t witch Vickie stand up for Shannon. No wonder why Shannon freaked out. Yes, she is too high strung for this show but with friends like Tamra and Vickie who wouldn’t be?ik

  8. And further more, totally disgusted by the Gigolo in his stupid and vulgar response to the question “what is your favorite body part of Vickie’s.). This despicable man and Avivas father should hook up.
    Y U C K

  9. CAW
    I really think Heather is a bully. Just because she has money
    She gets away with it. Shame on Heather!

  10. Tamra and Heather have been caught in so many lies. Clearly this season has been to focus their venom on Shannon. Shannon won’t back down to these over-botoxed women so Tamra and Heather must lie to make themselves look better. It is annoying for Heather to bring up in EVERY episode that Shannon yelled at her… How many times do we have to hear the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN…. It is ridiculous and boring. I suspect there is some truth that the Dubrows said they wanted to take down the Beadors. When Heather said it was the best time for them to get the puppies because they were renting a house, it shows a lack of respect for the owners of the rental property. Think this speaks volumes of the Dubrows’ character.

    I believe Eddie Judge is probably embarrassed by Tamra – he is more reserved and tends to stay out of the non-stop drama. He doesn’t smile as much as he used to. Am sure he is wondering just what kind of a mess he has gotten himself into marrying her. He could do so much better.

    1. Mamaj, GREAT points not yet covered! I’d forgotten about those two things, and you are so right. Heather is so amazingly self involved and entitled! She sees nothing wrong, in fact thinks it’s a good idea to get puppies specifically now so they can ruin another person’s floors instead of her own. She can’t say it was a joke, because she did it.

      And Eddie Judge does look like he’s hanging on by a thread. He’s tried a couple of times to defuse Tamra’s ugly responses, but she’s incapable of getting the hint.

  11. Shannon is the ONLY authentic lady on RHOC. Heather obviously thinks money=class. She’s a first class joke. And if her husband wasn’t such a fantastic plastic surgeon he’d probably be stripping at a gay club. What about Heather telling the bull ride guy to turn up the ride when Tamara got on? What a horrific thing to do to anyone. Tamara is so afraid of her own shadow, that she will say anything to fit in. I give her and Eddie less than a year. He’s far too real for all the bs associated with his drama-filled wife. If I were Shannon I’d cash my end of season check and ride off into the sunset with my beautiful children and wonderful husband. They are in a league of their own.

  12. Shannon is awesome. I think she is getting railroaded on the show. Tamra is notorious for making up things on the show. There are several seasons of her doing this to people. I wish Vicky would have stood up for Shannon at the dinner party. Vicky was told by Tamra that the Dubrows were going to take down Shannon and her husband. I feel bad that Shannon has to put up with Tamra that gets off on making up lies and destroying peoples lives.

  13. Looks like Tamra is the one losing it tonight. Vicki is such a bad friend to Shannon and poor Brianna so hard trying to please that bitch her whole life.

    I am so sick of this show and no matter how hard I try to like the Gigolo still gives me the creeps so I can only imagine how poor Brianna feels.

  14. Wow. Shannon did not start it either time. At her Christmas party Lizzie brought it up. At this one, it was a combination of Tamra telling Terry, and Terry blurting it out. And BOTH times it had to do with some nasty comment Tamra said Heather made about Shannon. So how is it Shannon’s fault? I’m torn whether I think the Dubrows actually said something or Tamra made it up. On the one hand, if the Dubrows weren’t guilty why aren’t they pissed at Tamra for making it up? On the other hand, Tamra was backpeddling like crazy with “I didn’t say it” to Heather, to “I don’t remember saying it. Did I?”

  15. No, I DON’T think Shannon is over reacting, as she needs to hang there and expose Tamra Barney Judge for even more of her lies that seem to be forgotten by BRAO. This woman is the one who needs to be checked for who she really is and has tried to display her story lines into lies, deceitful subjects and with NO TALENT. Maybe whoever or what people can see her for who she really is and only on the show to make money for BRAVO. to what be herself. NO TALENT WHATSOEVER

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