Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge Are DONE With Vicki Gunvalson Forever


This season of the Real Housewives of Orange County has become just as controversial as others, and Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are maintaining that they are completely done with their friendships with Vicki Gunvalson.

Tamra says Vicki questioning her husband’s sexuality is the last straw for her. “Vicki has been spreading rumors about me and Eddie for about four years. She didn’t know that I knew. And so I said basically if she did one more thing to me this season, I’m done. I’ve forgiven her for lying about cancer and brought her back into the group when a lot of people didn’t want to be around her,” Tamra shared. “Sure enough at the end of the day, she stabbed me in the back again.”

Tamra says that she’s currently “not speaking” to Vicki, adding, “I will never trust her. No, there’s just no way. I didn’t trust her going into it. I knew that she talks behind people’s backs, and I just wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, I forgave her and I wanted to move forward.”

Shannon is also done with Vicki, who made allegations about her marriage to David. “That’s it. Ties are severed — forever,” Shannon told E! News.

“With Vicki, I don’t think that the friendships ever were truly sincere. I mean you’ve had a long history with her, I have too,” Shannon said. “I don’t think that was a true friendship. Tamra and I, we have a true friendship. We are friends when we’re filming, we’re friends when we’re not filming.”

The finale of RHOC airs October 31st at 9/8c.

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90 Replies to “Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge Are DONE With Vicki Gunvalson Forever”

  1. Not surprised but hope they stick to it. Not too sure about Shannon being friends with Tamra but time will tell. Long past time for Vicki to go.

    1. I believe Tamra and Shannon are true friends. Tamra has had a long road of being an unhappy person who, as she admitted, turned her hurt onto others. She is always admitting when she blurts out stuff, and I would much rather have a friend who is straight forward and admits their wrong doing, than constantly saying they do nothing wrong, like Viki did. I almost spit out my coffee when I watched her say that. I believe she is evil. I do not believe that of Tamra. I have always liked Tamra, I don’t like everything she says and does, but then, I don’t like everything I say and do. Those who have the deepest and longest pain in life, have the longest road to redemption. Being that we see everything they do in this arena, they are constantly required to explain themselves. I don’t care that they do this for money, I never have cared about that. What I dislike is when someone wants to be a housewife, housewives being a small, exclusive group of women, and they cause trouble simply to be filmed, like Kim D., from NJ, and the other Kim, I forget her last name. Their entire purpose is to be filmed. They will do ANYTHING to get in front of the camera, as Nene Leeks first said it in this context ( I think it was her who 1st used the 7UP slogan that way ) “The thirst is real.”
      I hope Tamra stays away from Viki, it is OK, IMO, to forgive without allowing the person you are always finding yourself in need of forgiving to hurt you. She might be surprised how much easier her life is W/O Viki in there in everyone’s ear all the time, therefore without these nasty little tidbits coming back on her after she has forgotten when and where it could have possibly happened. We can forgive the snake for biting us without going where they live and stepping on them all the time. She is always having to defend things she did not say or do, when it is enough to keep herself in good standing with what she actually does do and say, because Viki is a sneaky, evil, deceitful, cruel foul mouthed bitch, with a really subtle way of getting nasty rumors out there, making sure it looks as though it was somehow Tamra who did ………. whatever it was, and covering her tracks really well. Exactly like a poisonous snake.

      1. As a teacher, im constantly having to remind my kids that just because a character does something bad, doesnt mean they’re evil. You HAVE to take into account their situation, surroundings, and beliefs. Tamra was at her unhappiest when she was at her least likable point. That all correlates. Vicki has been unlikable and malicious when she was at her highest points and her lowest. She is scum. As someone who has always tried to keep in mind someones situation, ive really determined Vicki is absolutely evil. I totally agree with you 3d’s. Shes vile. I wish that andy would axe her already (sometimes literally) because Ive had enough of watching her get a sympathetic edit to just ruin it all again with her mouth. Trash trash trash, thats all vicki is.

    2. Vicki makes the show in my opinion and I know you disagree lol. I’ve always found Tamra boring and untrustworthy and frankly, dumb. I used to like Shannon but she really is a mean, old whack job who spends a lot of money on silly Dr. Moon stuff like cupping, a practice generally considered to be nonsense. I don’t know how anyone could live with such a neurotic, shrill woman!

      And oh yeah, Shannon & Tamra were definitely trying to get Kelly drunk hoping she could further humiliate herself. Gosh, what wonderful “ladies.”

  2. Funny, how most of the women look like clones of each other, same hair colour, same hairstyle, same botox …etc

  3. Don’t we hear this verbiage from silly girls all over reality tv, when they break up with their on again, off again boyfriends? lol..I’m DONE, I’m this time I really mean it..I’m DONE..haha. I actually believe Shannon but Tamera will do whatever works best for her and the ratings.

    1. Agreed with that last sentence. On one hand, Tamra would appear dumb because she’s not the most well-heeled, cultured woman we’ve seen…but she has definitely figured out how to play her hand on this show for longevity

  4. This makes me laugh. How many times has Tamra talked behind peoples back and stirred up stuff??? Shannon too. Everyone one of them has fought with each other over it. And who cares if some people think Eddie is gay or bi? Who cares if something happened between David and Shannon over 10 years ago in their marriage they have worked through? Tamra and Shannon are stirring this pot up more than anyone. I will keep watching because this is so amusing. I am pro Vicki. But for such a smart business woman she has no common sense. She is so needy,

    1. Joyce Black, you have said exactly what I wanted to, but was too devoid of any more energy to waste on these black sheep. All Total HYPOCRITES.

    2. I so agree with you Joyce. How rich is it that the three meanest, disingenuous shit-stirrers have ganged up on Vicki?Yes, witches kick Vic while she is down with the death of her mother, the end of a relationship and having to constantly deal with her condescending, passive aggressive, entitled daughter and to a lesser extent, the son. She has done so much for them, yet they are so cruel and disloyal especially the way Briana and Tamra cackle together and put Vicki down behind her back and in their talking heads. V is better off without those, nutty, bitchy snipers any way. No wonder Shannon is always needing a colonic or enema. She is full of it and should share her supplies with the other “ladies,” a term I use lightly in this case!

  5. True Freedomgirl: I believe Shannon will stick to her resolve but Tamra will go back as soon as Icky crooks her little finger to Tamra.

    1. As Shannons number 1 fan, I hope she gets fired. Andy will always pick Icky so I hope Shannon gets off this horrible show! Good morning btw ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Good morning beauties♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

          Do you really think Shannon would get fired? She’s got so much charisma and interesting story lines it seems but then you never know what randy Andy wool do! I think these girls should stick to their word and never look back. Vicki may be fun in the moment, but that’s all. She’s not worth the betrayals let’s hope.

          1. Madainn Mhath! My dominant 50% is Scottish today! (Just saying good morning!) xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Maybe if EVERYONE minus Kelly ( I can hardly stand to type her name ) refuses to film with Viki??? Like a boycott. If they would all stick to it, tell whoever the powers that be they no longer have the ability to film with someone who has an open door into where Satan lives, and they fear for their souls…….

                    1. I expect she will be back. I have managed not to watch this season at all only clips and I’m quite happy with that!

  6. Well, isn’t it the old adage that the first break-up never takes? They even did a Seinfeld on it. Nevertheless.. (what the HECK does that word really mean anyway…. I have to google it).. I’m not sure if these two will ever learn their lesson with that lying old hag POS. She is an embarrassing, loud-mouthed, attention-seeking, desperate, money-hungry, classless idiot. And that’s just when she has one foot on the ground after being awake for a minute or two. I could go on since you know how much I hate ANYONE lying ABOUT CANCER and then having the audacity to try to make money off of CANCER with that stupid fake charity scheme she had running. Honestly? She’s starting to remind me of HRC. She can do whatever – no repercussions, lie to whomever – no repercussions, sweep all her shit under the rug – no repercussions, LIE ABOUT CANCER – no repercussions. Act like a horny hillbilly – no repercussions… anything else? I try as hard as I can to not knock people’s appearances even if they inject themselves full of silicone (not), but she is plastic and fake and a big mouth and she honestly makes my skin crawl.

    If ANY of the women (besides that buck-toothed Kelly.. who is only an inch away from being hated as much, if not more than, the old lying POS hag Vicki) have anything to do with Vicki again, I won’t be surprised since a) they are ALL about $ and b) they need this job to continue paying for all the surgery. Except Heather who I, ( get ready to attack me here all you people who don’t understand that this is JUST my opinion and all the crap you write about me liking her or how horrible she is is not going to change my opinion) don’t mind and doesn’t need to pay for surgery anyway.

    that’s it. more later. I’m excited to go to Kohls today!!

    1. Well that’s ridiculous why shouldn’t you like Heather? We can’t all like the same if we did it would be a boring old world!
      What is Kohls? Xxxooo

    2. GIGICAT you can like or dislike whoever you like 🙂 I think we all like some HWs for reasons even we can’t understand ❤️❤️❤️

        1. It’s a great place to buy women’s close. It’s similar to prices at Target (do you have Target’s?) but the clothes are cuter 😀 Gigicat, that was pretty funny. What the heck did someone say to you about liking Heather? I’m afraid you have PTSD from Never sweat a troll, you can like who you like.

          1. We don’t have Target either! Most of our stores are Frasers, John Lewis, Harvey Nicks that’s about it for department stores, oh Debenhams but I don’t shop there. Xoxoxox

    3. Is Kohl’s a nice store? We have one here, since you say you are looking forward to it it must be a nice place, so I will try it, I haven’t been in there yet. Heather bugs me a little at times, but hey, I get tired of MYSELF sometimes….Viki is getting too big for her britches, and maybe, just maybe, Bravo or whatever group it is that makes the final decision will see what the public really thinks of her. It’s no longer that she brings some “woo-hoo” and drama. She is a negative force that, if possible, brings the show into a place I honestly didn’t FEEL it being in before the cancer lie. That is an ENTIRELY different thing than anything that has ever happened on housewives. If Marcheeseballs and his wife would have stayed on NJ that would be in the same category, but, alas, that didn’t happen. Her being part of the cast casts a pall on watching even what should be the most beautiful, fun things, like seeing parts of Ireland. A whole, not so much new, as different, kind of message is being sent by allowing her to remain.

      1. I have shopped there since before there was a store here…since we had one where I used to live, and I especially liked buying the kids clothes there, so I drove an hour to shop there. If you have their credit card, you get coupons and such, and they give you Kohl’s cash if you spend money there to ise at a later date. They have some name brands like Levi’s, for example, that the coupons do not work on, but a lot of the clothing is made for Kohl’s. They also have shoes. It is not like a Target, since it is more clothing than anything else. The best part is the prices…reasonable and very reasonable with sales. They have some housewares and some Kohl’s are larger than others, so you may have more luck. I do buy lots at Kohl’s and even online.

      2. Well there you are 3D♥️♥️♥️ I’ve missed you! Have you been out in your garden head over teakettle or what?! xoxoxoxo

        1. I was planning and then celebrating my S-Daughter’s BD. Also, my internet was down for a whole day, and a day to fix it because a neighbor tried to splice in illegally! But the Charter people are much, much better than AT&T which I had for 30 years. With AT&T my internet, and therefore my land line phone went out almost every effing day. Finally we switched, and no problems at all until this crook tried to splice in and shut everyone’s online connection on that line, down. Charter runs an entirely new cable, and it doesn’t have all the problems AT&T does. I am so happy with them. It is so nice to be missed!!!!❤️

      3. Hi 3D’s… Kohls is at least worth a go look-see. I find great stuff there. Good quality, better than target or walmart and the selection is huge and the prices are great. Good bargains, good sales and they have a huge selection of jeans. Good housewares department too. And… they have great deals on skechers. God, I love those relaxed fit, memory foams. Meanwhile, it’s worth it!!

        1. Kohls is also great for Christmas shopping. I always do a lot of shopping there around this time of year. Plus they give you kohls cash so it’s win win

        2. I bought my first Skechers memory foam this year, I love them they are bright pink spotty inside and are like wearing slippers! Xoxox

              1. I’ve not heard bobs but I’m sure they are the same. All of the nurses in the hospital wear them, they love them as well, xoxoxoxxoxoxox

              2. I find them much more cushiony than bobs. They are like walking in foam slippers all day. It’s all I wear now. Except to church, then I have Skechers wedge sandals! Ha ha ha… in black and a pair in nude for when I’m really fancy! Ha ha ha!!!

                1. I haven’t seen the sandals but it’s a bit cold here now for this year. My toes would drop off! I thought I was stylish with mine until I went to the hospital and every single nurse had them on. They were doing an experiment with them and had to monitor footsteps as well. Apart from my slippers I have never found anything as comfy and lightweight. It is like walking on air! I bought my husband a pair to wear as slippers as he doesn’t like traditional slippers. He loves them!

            1. I love Skechers GoWalk slippers. I bought them in three colors since they are the absolute most comfortable slippers ever and true to size..
              As for shoes…not pretty but the most comfortable for dog walking, Merrell Jungle moc waterproof suede. They have them for men too. They run a half size smaller, but ate the most comfotable shoes…not pretty…tire tread soles.
              Sorry, but I am choosy when it comes to my feet.

              1. I have Merrells for the wet and the winter for walking but Sketchers are lighter so better for summer and obviously dry weather.

                1. My Skechers GoWalk slippers are light as a feather and the best…so comfy. I don’t have their shoes. The Merrells (Jungle Mocs) I have are more Fall Winter…not real light but incredibly supportive and comfortable as well as waterproof and a great height for walking…not totally flat.

        3. Thanks, Gigi. I used to shop at Target for all of my non-food items. But, they moved the store, and now it’s out of my way and in a place with a bunch of those stupid round-a-bouts. I hate those things, what the hell is wrong with 4 way stops? They’ve been working for all these years. Anyway, I will give it a try for this Christmas. Gosh, I can NOT believe it’s here again already, or almost. 🙂

    1. I mostly agree with your post. I woud add Heather to your list.

      But, for more me the only RHs worse than Tamra are Tamra and Vicki combined (when being pseudo friends). Hellacious!

    1. From your to God’s ! Then Shannon will have more time for Dr. Moon, enemas and nasal irrigation….and straight up vodka with lots of lemons.

      1. It seems that way. I notice that the fillers/Botox look is becoming so common with those on TV, especially, that the look is obvious. Everyone who is young and does it still looks older to me. Those who do it too much get that chipmunk face..big cheekbones….too high…too big…and the eyes look like slits as a result..just weird looking if overdone with fillers. The smile produces a line on each side of the nose that is not normal too.
        Everyone is blonde in CA? 😉

    1. Yes.

      It looks like they ripped the hair out of thousands upon thousands of Barbies and made wigs.

      Although it pains me to say this, Vicki’s hair has been looking a lot better lately.

  7. Karma’s a bi_ch just like Tamra& Shannon. I loved it when a caller asked some pretty good questions to these 2 morons then called them TRASH! Andy was stunned! After he got his breath back the others started stuttering. It was awesome on the after show of WWHL. It was a beautiful thing to watch. They sat there repeating the same crap as this op-ed. They had it coming, there is No excuse to treat any 1 in the manner that they treated Kelly! Heather is another 1! Who does that? Vicious like mad dogs! They got bi_ch slapped with Kelly’s relevations! I cud care less but don’t sit there & deny the truth! I’m out. Peace!

    1. Do you here want you are say about this woman that you don’t know you are know better do you think God ain’t looking at want you putting out on social media you are turning people a against this and that’s not good for you in God eyes baby watch what put out there because you are the one is looking bad in your God eyes

        1. Don’t try. I can’t figure it out either. As a teacher (not mine but a old friend’s) once said, “I gots my edumacation and you gots yours to get.” It must be the same school…an alumnus, maybe?

    2. I disagree with everything you said but I laughed reading your post 🙂 you have an odd sense of humor that i like for some reason lol xoxo uou remind me of someone who used to post here and stopped . I’m guessing it’s the same person

  8. I have not watched OC from the beginning. When I think of OC, I think of V Icky. Yes, she is the worst and has only gotten unwatchable now. She used to make the show by being so crazy…in the past, anyway.
    After the Brooks debacle I cannot stand watching her, and I want to turn her off. I was not sure I could stomach watching OC this season at all, since no one who lies about cancer for his or herself or for anyone else is easily or ever forgiven, and should go hide in a cave and leave society really. It is just not right and hurts everyone who has struggled with the disease and anyone who has known anyone who has had this terrible illness. It makes light of the battle that these people endure, and I feel Vicki should never have been asked back, no matter how much she may have been the star in past seasons.

    This season has been difficult to watch. I have liked Shannon since she always seemed the most real and can be quite funny. She opened up her home life to us more than any other, has been more than a bit kooky and usually fun to watch, even if she is far from perfect. I do not adore her husband, yet I am happy to see them try to make the best of their marriage and family as much as they can, though leaving the show would be a better idea to help heal IMO.
    I was not happy to see Shannon (or any of the others really) in Ireland, especially when Kelly was given alcohol when she did not want it, even if she does like to drink and then loses her cool a lot as a result which makes for great TV..for some, but not me. It was just not right. Vicki was an embarrassment along with Kelly and Tamra too.
    This season has been the worst for me since the Brooks and Vicki years. I have had it. I am not in love with any of them, and really see this bunch as not friends at all other than maybe…a little bit for the cameras, and then not even that. They are all backstabbers or sneaky schemers of some sort or another. Maybe it makes good TV for some, but I am through after this season, and I will not watch any more. I am down to NY and BH…so far.
    I hope BH is good this year!

    1. I agree with you. I fast forwarded through a lot of this year or just read comments. There is still Below Deck and Million $ Listing LA. But how about some of those BBC shows on Netflix. I’m into Doctor Foster right now. SO GOOD!! I”m also addicted to 90 Day Fiance on TLC. Meanwhile, ANYTHING is better than watching a bunch of menopausal women scream and holler at each other.

      1. I don’t have Netflix. I have Amazon Prime, HBO and Starz. I love Outlander…reading the books now. I watch Poldark and the Durrells on PBS…British shows. I am watching Younger on TVLand…Rain tuened me on to it. I am in the second season, and the show just started the third season.
        I do watch MDLLA and BD too. I love BD. Housewives have lost their appeal.

        1. I just started “A Breath of Snow and Ashes.”! I love this series, I have to say it is one of the best books I have ever read. I very much like the way she writes. I have read a lot of books, different kinds of books, classics, romance, but this is the first one with a little sci-fi in it that I have liked a lot. I like long books, hahahahaha, so this is perfect for me.

          1. I am glad you are enjoying it. A Breath of Snow and Ashes was a favorite of mine, and I did not want to put it down. It is beyond excellent and quite long. I am reading the 7th book, An Echo in the Bone, and I am more than half way through…it is about half the number of pages as Snow and Ashes, so I don’t want it to end so soon. It is very good, but so far not as good as the last one…yet I am addicted. I hope Diana Gabaldon keeps writing more of these books too.

            1. There are the “companion books” now, too. I have no idea whether they follow at the end of the last book or not. I’ll see when I am done reading these. I have a few thousand pages yet to read first. They are so good, aren’t they? Really deep and real, even with the time travel. Love you, Sandy, take care of yourself, and I hope your husband is going to come back all the way from his illness, my friend. ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️

  9. Wow,
    Agree about all negative re Kelly, loser and mean girl! (Poor husband)

    Heather just all about status and $

    Shannon is about $ but is real.

    Vicki? Truly sick of her, who tells their grown kids how ready they are for sex in a group setting with other family and kids there?!?

  10. I just read this on Shannon’s blog:

    “It is insane to me that Vicki tried to come up with a half-assed explanation of why she told Kelly the lie about my husband. Her accusations about David are nothing but false. I absolutely confided in Vicki when we were friendly two years ago but I never, ever said that my husband “beat” me. I would no longer be in my marriage if such a thing were true.”


    Shannon is making my brain bleed.

    Maybe the rest of you can make sense of this because I can’t.

  11. Tamra, heather, & shannon are nothing but a bunch of bullies. They all talk about vicki behind her back & then act like vicki’s so horrible when she does. And shannon……news flash…..DAVID WAS ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SO VICKI’S NOT THE LIAR, YOU ARE! They all 3 owe vicki an apology for their better-than-thou behavior! Get over yourselves!

  12. Suuuuuure they are. Until it affects filming to a point where they no longer hold the upper hand as a unit and Production tells them to do otherwise. The casting call was already been sent out in search of new wives weeks ago, so those that return are going to have to work hard and fast to strengthen their boycott of Vicki to ice her out of the show.

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