Shannon Beador Talks Tamra Judge’s Support During Weight Struggle

As time goes on we get to see how much closer RHOC stars Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge have become since the first time they met each other.

Shannon recently spoke with The Daily Dish about Tamra’s support during her recent trouble with her weight.

“I am so grateful for my friendship with Tamra. She is such a supporter of me, and she realizes that you have ups and downs. I would go through a period where I’d lose a bunch of weight and then we’d take a trip to Iceland and then there’d be drinking and you’re starving or whatever,” Shannon said. “So she’s been very supportive through my ups and downs, because she cares about me, and she definitely wants me to lose weight.”

Even when Shannon was having doubts about losing weight she knew Tamra is “an amazing positive influence” who’s “cheering me on.” “She’s very proud of me now, for where I am,” Shannon said. “But it’s been really nice to have that support because whether I gain it back or whether I don’t, she’s my friend no matter what.”

Always a fun dinner with @tamrajudge and @eddiejudge the love birds! ❤️ @watergrill Amazing restaurant! 🙌

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What do you think of Shannon and Tamra’s friendship?

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4 Replies to “Shannon Beador Talks Tamra Judge’s Support During Weight Struggle”

  1. I get a kick out of them together. I wish they all were friends. Glad Shannon has Tamra’s support. She is clearly an emotional eater as many are. I hope she finds a path to good health and contentment.

  2. You go girls, Tamra & Shannon! You seem to be getting ridiculed for being happy together & showing the other ladies. Talk about jealousy with Vicki. If they don’t know already Tamra & Shannon will see the wrath of Vicki w/sabotage queen. Vicki has been busy poisoning Peggy’s mind against them. Everyone on the cast has had years where they were not quite themselves because of something going on in their personal lives. I wish they all could learn to take a step back & talk to the source before thinking gossip to be true. Sometimes there’s so much time wasted on stupid gossip & believing the person who has ulterior hurtful & hateful motives that only serve themselves.

  3. Oh sure, glad for Shannon that she thinks Tamara is her greatest supporter. I guess that’s why Tamara commented behind her back, but on screen for the world to see, that she was drinking & eating the wrong food & drink at the Quiet Woman. Yeah, right. Sure could’ve fooled me. These two delusional wicked hearted women will turn on each other in the near future. Right now does not suit them as their black hearts are in union with their vendetta against Vicki. Well suited.

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