Shannon Beador Talks RHOC Reunion Part 1


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she is frustrated after watching part one of the RHOC reunion. Shannon says Heather’s apologies always have an excuse and she believes Terry can’t take responsibility for his actions. Shannon also talks about Tamra’s pot-stirring and more.

Shannon writes, “I am a bit frustrated after viewing Part 1 of the reunion. Let’s begin. . .

Heather apologized to me numerous times in this episode, which might give for hope for a future relationship with her. The problem I have is that the apologies came with a “but” or some sort of excuse attached to it. Heather said that she felt “picked on” by Vicki and Tamra to explain some of her behavior towards me. If she felt “isolated from everyone,” why didn’t she take the advice that she has repeated multiple times this season and “go to the source”? I never heard the theory of being “ridiculous, sensitive, and prickly” when I had a sit down meeting with Heather to clear the air.

Heather wrote in a blog that I had an “outburst” at Javier’s that was “scary.” As I tried to clarify what she meant, Heather said that “in her mind” things were “bigger than they were”, so apparently that made everything acceptable when she apologized.

I believe that Heather had some sort of agenda with me in different parts of the season. On multiple occasions, she constantly repeated the same term to “describe” my character –“scary angry” and “yelling” at the forefront. And now, six months after Heather’s repeated belief that I “yelled” at her at my Christmas party, she confirms that I did NOT yell and that it was a “misfortunate choice of words” (a “misfortunate choice of words” that was used over and over again. . .). It is bizarre to me that Heather believes she can deliver what I consider to be a qualified apology and expect instantaneous forgiveness. I just wanted a moment to process and understand it all. I wish it had been that easy for me when I apologized to her continuously throughout the season. Double standard.

Tamra was absolutely a “pot stirrer” this season. She went back and forth between Heather and I at many different points. It doesn’t matter what excuse Tamra gives for going to Heather with information about David’s email, I do not believe that she betrayed my trust because she was looking out for my best interest. It was never in my best interest for Heather to know anything about the short argument I had with my husband or the email that he sent me. I am tired of Tamra insinuating that I am a “liar”, “crazy,” and have a “drinking problem.” I don’t use alcohol as an excuse for forgetting things this season — but Tamra has on more than one occasion. Tamra insinuates that I am “crazy” because I had one outburst at Lizzie’s party, yet Tamra can scream over and over again. And what is truly troublesome to me is that she swears on her children that she never said Terry wanted to “take the Beadors down” when Vicki confirmed that she actually did say it.

One of my buttons this season has been Heather attempting to downgrade that she “kicked me out of her house” by saying that she “asked me to leave.” She herself said at Lizzie’s party that she “kicked me out” of her house. Enough.

Terry’s comments in the Reunion completely threw me for a loop. He heard minutes earlier that David and I resolved our “email” issue less than 24 hours after I received it, yet he chose to make the insensitive comment that it was “odd” that I would show up at his house when I should be at home discussing my marriage with my husband. David and I were in a good place and had resolved everything when I went to their house. I came to speak to Heather for one reason — to confirm that Tamra had betrayed me because the “source” denied that she had.

But the biggest surprise to me in the entire episode was Terry’s inability to take responsibility for his inappropriate statements and behavior at Vicki’s party. He called my husband stupid, demeaned his profession, and coined him a “penis.” Terry attempted to explain it all away, but his excuses make no sense and it didn’t work. In fact, he said that he doesn’t really apologize for what happened because of “his incorrect mindset.” And to somehow give Eddie a pass for his comment about Heather “riding Terry” is beyond ridiculous. Once again, if the Dubrows had practiced what they preach and contacted David about his “spread the legs” comment, Terry would have instantly received an apology from my husband and not have “lost two months of sleep.”

I was very happy that David was with me for a portion of the reunion. Neither of us could have ever anticipated the amount of drama or intimate details of our lives that were seen on the show. We both have no regrets and I am appreciative that we were able to support each other in this episode. All is good in the Beador family and that is what is most important to me!

I adore my amazing friend Vicki and know that she is quite capable of making her own decisions in her life. I have personally seen how happy she is when she is with Brooks. As long as I see this light in her eyes, I will always continue to support my friend and her relationship. I am so sad that her family is divided because I know how much it is hurting Vicki. I wish nothing but the best for her!”

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43 Replies to “Shannon Beador Talks RHOC Reunion Part 1”

  1. The way both Shannon and David keep their composure while the Dubrows spin and spin and spin speaks volumes about who actually has “class.”

    1. well said they totally kept their cool both times

      I hate the Dubrow’s

      team Shannon and David and Bravo get rid of that trash Tamra

  2. I really enjoy Shannon. She’s quirky and genuine. She’s a breath of fresh air for this show. Hope she’s on next season and Tamra gets the overdue bravo boot.

  3. Love Shannon and David. The more the dubrows spin the worse they look. They are as vile as tamra. I haven’t ever known people as ugly acting as heather and housewife terry. Its still so weird that Vicky has become do reasonable this season and nice that she seems to have gotten past her anamosity towards Donn.

    1. Last season, in small doses, I found Terry to be likable. Yeah, he’s corny, but sometimes he rose above his wife’s nonsense. He knew how to give her sh*t when she was being unreasonable, to laugh about it even if just to torture her a little.
      This season? OMG. He’s in Peter’s “Where’s my Peach” category.

      And is it me? Every time Terry says “Penis” I look right at his nose.

  4. Love the Beadors and truly despise the DuBrows. But please Shannon be very careful of Vicki because she trained Tamra and I still can’t buy this NEW Vic.

    1. I agree with this bc even though I loved Vicki this season she shouldn’t be flirting with Shannon’s husband. That’s weird. ESP since they’ve been having problems & everyone knows that. I would feel hugely disrespected if my husband was flirting with my friend who participated AND we were having problems. Ugh! I may write someone off for that, but I’m not saying that’s the right answer. I would NOT be happy. Go find your own hot men. Don’t touch mine or talk to others about how he flirts with you. Ew!!!

  5. Shannon has shined the spotlight on the low-life Dubrows. There is a reason they are so close with Tamra. Like attracts like.

  6. Glad to see that Shannon & David came out on top after all the (insults, digs, jabs, and gossip) spread around by the mean girls (trampa, joker face/heather/ & terry)—-seriously, the viewer’s got to see how full of crap the lo-bros are (spin much)??
    BTW—-lose the bangs, they look horrible on you, and trampa—-the botox / fillers are no longer working—you look like a dwarf elderly twit….And the horrible names and diminishing that you do to the other women (speak volumes) about how truly hateful and stupid you are, you are not funny……Glad you’re son is moving AWAY from you, he deserves to be happy…….

  7. Heather and Terry looked so bad at the reunion, I wonder how they are going to respond to the viewers now? Funny, you would expect there to be ‘crickets’ (silence) coming from Heather’s camp after last night’s fiasco, but I don’t think Heather can let it rest–she has to try to justify every action, to make herself look good–like putting lipstick on a pig–still a pig.

    I liked Terry’s attitude at the beginning when they first came on, but he is so hen-pecked, he HAS to agree with Heather (obsessed with Marvel’s characters, Terry?)

  8. I just loved watching Shannon this season on OC. she is very bright,funny,and to the Dubrows ….I think they have shown their true colors….horrible horrible people inside and out.

  9. I was so proud of the Beadors! They behaved with a dignity that has been sorely lacking on any of the franchises. Heather looked like an ass. She is incapable of humility, so even in her apologies she casts herself as the heroine. Terri looked like an ass. It’s okay in front of grandma and the kids to make sexual innuendo about his wife as long as it includes him? Is that a rule of etiquette I somehow missed? The DuBrows did their best to tap dance over all their faux pas, but character (or lack thereof) always shows through. And Tamra was, as always, Tamra. She’s a better fit on Jerry Springer than a show that purports to be about upper middle class housewives.

  10. I still cannot believe how hateful Terry was to David last night. You could see it in his face. And still don’t understand why what Eddie said was ok but not what David said. I now truly believe that Dumbrows had it out for Beadors from the beginning. Someone ought to look into the malpractice suits against Terry. Bout time someone brought that pompous ass down.

    1. I’ve looked at some rating site that had comments about him. It sounds like he didn’t just not get good results, but in several reported cases he made situations worse. Also, there were a few that spoke of how rude and dismissive he was once he got their money. Is anyone surprised at that?

      1. DebBrenn I am not surprised at all. I think Bravo came up with that name BOTCHED because of him. I just wish Bravo would stop glorifying these charletons and adding money to their bank accounts. I am now interested in the Eddy stories in the comments above. It is all so insane.

          1. The remarks and comments I’ve read that he is gay, that he was arrested for impersonating a lawyer in his stepdads firm, that he was adopted by some man when he was an adult. Where do these things come from. These are the “Eddy stories” I am referring to Annonymous.

      2. I read their Yelp reviews first season. Terry’s were pretty bad. I though it was hilarious how pretentious they were with all those bad reviews right there. I never liked them & always find Terry’s saving grace to be his brother who was in Quiet Riot. Sounds silly but out of respect to his deceased brother I try to limit my nasty talk about him. Anyway, on a side note I’m hoping ppl finally see through Lisa vanderpump’s bullshit like they’re seeing through heather’s. It’s the only way I’ll watch.

        1. DeeDee

          You are spot on about Terry about trying to save grace due to his brother, but am I wrong and did he told someone that his brothers outsold Thriller. It sounds like he was trying to just get the spotlight on him. I have also observed that the Dubrows were jealous of the Beadors house especially when Terry saw the basketball court and Heather constantly telling Shannon they are not neighbors. I am also glad Lisa got called out by the other ladies. I loved how she said she may not be back yeah right how else is she going to advertise her resturants

  11. I could not stop looking at the hate on Tamra’s face her and her mother really do look like twins now…I can’t help but feel that Heather and Terry are not sorry for anything they have said or done the apologies where just so painful for them to do that’s why there is always a but in it and the butt is starting to look like it is on Heathers face STOP with the fillers she is starting to look like she has got two boobs on her face!!

  12. Did you notice Terry’s haircut? I mean heather looked terrible. Those expensive nice shows and the cheeks,bangs. Nothing can help them. They have lots of secrets in their home. Has anyone noticed when they had Vicki’s daughter and grandchildren on that heather talked though it? Just as when David was asked a question , heather answered it. David let her talk then he answered Andy’, but heather did that last season too. Now who ask her. Trashy tamra was flirting with David to hurt Shannon. Shannon in my eyes is pretty, classy, very smart. David does have class also. I do not think heather can make it without champs. Trashy tamra drinks, they all do . Trashy tamra played Shannon and didn’t get by with it. Shannon I bet you don’t drink anymore than the others. It’s time Eddie and trashy tamra are tiring of each other so I hope Shannon and David watch out. Shannon is a nice pretty classy lady David and stands up for herself and what’s rite. Don’t let these women hurt you and Shannon. All these womens cheeks. Lol. Trashy tamra. Lol. Couldn’t work any tears out. Just those smirky looks at David. Trying to hurt Shannon. Watch out trashy tamra you have no looks or love. No one wants you…and I know your sons embarrassed. I always knew what Simon meant with you and ppl knew you.i also wondered what happened to those women heather was gonna have a restraurant with. Know now.your as trashy as trashy tamra.trashy tamra made you and terry look good. Lol. Now we all know. You all can act like you change next season but I won’t fall for it.dont know what heather, terry, Eddie, or trashy tamra without oc. Or reality shows.terry heather trashy tamra looked awful and it’s gonna always be there to see. Good luck Shannon and David.

  13. I forgot about the drinking comment from Tamra girlfriend you better leave that one alone!! I have always said Shannon drinks no more or less than the other girls so you will not discredit her with stupid over drinking comments…I do remember however watching Tamra chug down tequila shots like they are water on many many occasions example when Tamra was on a ferry with Eddie, Brooks and Vicki when she was so drunk she grabbed Brooks hand and put it on her boobs and why because once again poor old Tamra was jealous of Vicki and Eddie having fun…really stop throwing stones in the glass house!!!!

  14. I think Shannon is first new housewife in a long time to not be self promoting some book, clothing line, wine, whatever… She’s an actual housewife and its real. She’s darling, by far my fav new wife out of all the franchises in years!! In fact, I haven’t kept up with any of them, I watch first few episodes and it gets so gross so fast, but I watched and loved this whole season of OC. Felt like old times!!

  15. I was confused by this episode too, Shannon. I heard you say that if someone’s apologizes to you that you forgive them….yet you don’t. Sure, both Terry and Heather apologize WITH a justification of their behavior. It’s not a clean apology. But, you still don’t accept it so you have a justification too.

    You also fail to full responsibility for telling your marriage business to Tamra and spreading the gossip yourself. You were looking for sympathy and support for your side and instead, it backfired. You’re complaining that others gossiped about it, yet you do the same, again…to gain people on your side.

    After complaining that Heather speaks in a condescending voice, which she does, then YOU speak in a condescending voice. You don’t hear it? You didn’t yell at Heather at your party, but you did speak in a raised tone that sounded condescending and judgemental. What is the difference that Heather calls it “yelling” at your house and you call her “kicking you out of her house” instead of ” Please leave?” Perception says that you are both right so move on and accept your own part in it.

    I felt Heather and Terry were defensive, arrogant and self righteous at the reunion. They simply can’t apologize with justification for their behavior. I did feel David’s apology was genuine.

    After watching this season, I feel that you don’t seem to handle alcohol well no matter how much water you add to it, and David doesn’t seem to behave himself when he is downing tequila. You may not be crazy, but you certainly ACT crazy on a number of occasions so calling you scary crazy has been appropriate on occasion. We only see a little bit, but at Lizzy’s party I would have done the same as Heather and asked if someone should call an ambulance or at least a mental health professional. You appeared like you were going to snap. Could it be the alcohol? Just checking.

    I liked the Shannon that came home from Bali but you didn’t maintain it at this reunion. Be the better person. Own your own stuff and let it go if others don’t. David does this so well. He apologizes and then let’s it go. If others are still battering him, he doesn’t engage. That is the feng shui way, not 9 lemons in a bowl.

    1. Shirley, I think you are so wrong, and the reason you believe what you believe shows the real damage Tamra and Heather have caused Shannon. There’s a psychological truism called ‘perceptual set.’ It means that if you are expecting to see something you more likely will, even if it’s not really there. Heather admitted at the reunion that all her feelings about Shannon were based on misperceptions. That it was because SHE (Heather) was upset that she thought she was losing her friends (Vicki and Tamra) to the new girl. In other words, she was jealous. The problem was that Heather (and then Tamra jumping to join the lynching party) made these accusations so many times, you and others were primed to expect it.

      Heather said over and over Shannon was “scarey angry” and “yelling” at her. She admitted at the reunion that wasn’t true. Heather and Tamra said so many times that Shannon had a drinking problem, that you saw what wasn’t there. They still don’t like her, so you’d better believe that if they could say, “I saw you order shot after shot” or “you had [X number of] drinks” on some occasion you don’t think they’d say it? But all they’ve said is that she orders a straight shot, and when she says she divides it over 2-3 bottles of WATER they don’t dispute that, either. One glass of wine is equal to one shot of booze, and we know Heather and Tamra drink several glasses. We also know Tamra gets sloppy drunk and admits she loses hours of time, but has Heather EVER told her she has a drinking problem? No, because she wasn’t interested in making Tamra look bad.

      You’re also condemning Shannon (as does Heather) for sharing her personal story. Shannon thought she was telling one friend, looking for a sounding board, comfort, advice, whatever it is WE ALL do when we’re hurting. Tamra told EVERY Housewife, and Heather announced it to a bunch of woman, some of whom she doesn’t even know, who aren’t sympathetic friends to Shannon. She didn’t like Shannon, so it was done for the sake of gossip. She can’t say (as she did) that she didn’t think it was a big deal or private. She was really upset when her own husband brought up the “D word” to their friends. Are her things private but no one else deserves the same?

      And lastly, try to put yourself in Shannon’s shoes at Lizzie’s party, which is something neither Tamra or Heather are capable of (it’s called empathy). She had been accused of things almost since the get-go that weren’t true, she knew she was contractually obligated to hang out with women she knew did nothing but attack her character, and she thought she had one friend (Tamra) who had confided to her that the others were out to get her, and that woman turns on you by denying she’s repeatedly told you what you know she has. The thing that tells you Shannon’s poise in that is she just dropped it.. Tamra and then Terry opened the festering wound. Yes. Shannon lost it. Wouldn’t you in such a hostile environment, where it seemed nobody was on your side and all had drunk the Heather Kool Aid? To coin a phrase, “it ain’t paranoia if someone’s actually out to get you.”

      1. Bravo bravo bravo DebBrenn. I was so angry after reading Shirley’s comment but couldn’t put it into words. You have said it all and so very well. Thank you

        1. Thanks, Aunt Bee. It’s frustrating to me anytime I see someone on here buy into what they’re told rather than what is right before their eyes. It happens too often in politics, where it really matters, and I take out my frustration when it happens on these dumb shows.

          1. I agree with everything you said about Tamra and Heather. Yet you don’t let Shannon own her own part in everything that has happened. If you don’t want the business of your marriage to be spread to others, then why tell any of these gals. Whether Shannon owns 5% of the outcome or 100% of the outcome! it is taking responsibility for your roll in it. I’m not sticking up for Heather or certainly not Tamra and I didn’t indicate so. If you feel that Shannon is 100% the victim and owns nothing in each and every situation! that is ok. I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. I was only responding to what Shannon has professed, and I don’t see it as black and white. Namaste

            1. Shirley, For me it’s all about intention. So Shannon is supposed to own what? The results of confiding in what she thought was a friend? And that ownership resulted in hurting who? Herself. I think that lesson was paid for and learned, which clears the slate. Heather and Tamra’s intentions? To come out on top by beating others down. If either had admitted their wrongdoing with a heartfelt apology and resolve to stop I’d say their slates were clean, too. They didn’t. If person ‘A’ gets smashed in the face by person ‘B’ you don’t focus on the fact that if Person ‘A’ had just been out doing good deeds and not been standing there it wouldn’t have happened. And that was the thrust of your first comment.

        2. Ok, so aren’t you doing the same thing you accuse me of by believing that Shannon is 100% the victim, believing all her PR hype, and that every other housewife is 100% wrong? Nothing is all one way or the other. If you want to believe Shannon is an angel, then go for it. I’m just saying that everyone should own their role in the incident, whether it be 1% or 100%. I’m not on anyone’s team. It’s a reality show, not world peace.

          1. I think Shannon made a big mistake talking to Tamra with the camera going. I think Shannon was fairly new at the time and forgot the camera was on. But I can understand her frustration with how quickly Tamra spread it around. Some of my anger was not so much at you as it was at my inability to express what I thought and DebBrenn did a great job with that.

          2. Shirley, I replied in the wrong place, but I’m sure you got what I said. In thinking about your use of the word ‘namaste’ and bringing up world peace, I would respond about Shannon: It wasn’t her fault, it was her Karma.

          3. That was hilarious not world peace haha!!! I have to say everyone has got a different perspective and it is cool to agree to disagree as well!!

            1. Thanks Lia!! I stand by the comment, if you don’t want your business spread any further, you don’t tell someone you barely know, in front of a TV camera, your business. Call Shannon new, naive, trusting, whatever. She has to own some responsibility. You don’t habpve to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are going to bald your personal business on TV, the entire world is going to know, not just Heather or Orange County. While I don’t think Heather was kind by repeating Shannon’s business, Heather made a point that she felt it wasn’t telling a big secret or story about the status of Shannon’s marriage since it was already out there…yeah, to millions of TV viewers!!!

              I have to say I most admire David. He owns everything he says or does that isn’t stellar, apologizes without justifying the reason he did it, and then doesn’t engage any further. Shannon could take a lesson from her husband. And if you don’t think Shannon has an condescending tone just as Heather does, then I challenge you to listen more closely. Shannon is so condescending to David, to the point where he was willing to leave her in order to be able to be happy as he grows older. It was perhaps her wake up call.

  16. the reason heather apologised every 10minutes at the reunion is probably because of the backlash she’d gotten from former fans on social media. it’s so phony. she and tamra annoy me, but i understand that we need the “bad guys” to make the show entertaining. shannon woulda been a bit boring had tamra not created the drama for her, right?

    very proud of how shannon and david handled themselves. they were calm yet they put the others in their place. it made me happy for gretchen and alexis, like, in some sense shannon had stood up for them, too lol.

  17. shannon has a good read on the girls 🙂 i hope the best for her and her honey they are too cute together 🙂 and he is a cutie pie i agree with vicki

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