Shannon Beador Surprised By Diko Sulahian’s Comments About Her

Shannon Beador is reacting to this week’s episode of RHOC in her blog. Shannon admits she was surprised when Peggy Sulahian closed Meghan King Edmonds’ lips. Beador also notes that it’s interesting to hear Diko’s opinions of her when they had never met.

“Tamra and I haven’t seen Meghan since she had her baby so it was nice to finally reconnect with her at lunch. I don’t think I have met a happier baby than Aspen, she is absolutely precious! Looks like we will finally be seeing Vicki for the first time in months at Meghan’s Sip and See. I don’t intend to interact with her because I have nothing to say to her.

It’s interesting to see Diko’s reactions and hear his opinions about me when we have never even met. Lots of judging by new people this year, that’s for sure. David and Eddie have made it clear that they do not want to attend any events where Vicki will be present, and I respect their decision. And for this reason, I respectfully declined Peggy’s invitation to her Lamborghini unveiling.

I usually don’t comment on parts of the show where I’m not present, but I do have to say it was quite surprising to see Peggy physically pinch Meghan’s lips together in an effort to stop her from talking. Peggy had never met Meghan prior to her event and I thought it was unkind. I wouldn’t have appreciated her doing that to me.”

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Yada yada yada! The moral Judge of the universe speaks! Everyone knows shannon has an alcohol problem, is a menopausal wreck and is emotionally unstable! Look at her throwing food breaking dishes, screaming like a fish wife in public, cursing obscenities and flashing middle fingers.. wow what a lady! Is that how the well educated and wealthy act? Makes you wonder if the rumors Vicky heard about David were correct and had more to do with him trying to calm her crazy ass down/or she might be the one who is physically abusive towards him)! She goes from zero to… Read more »
Wow, Shannon doesn’t deserve all of that!! As a matter of fact, most of the ‘women’ on RHOC love to drink! They get downright giddy at the mention of alcohol. Vicki, the Old Goat of the OC, Ms Rainbow Bright and Kelly are 3 of the alcohol loving, swearing like sailors on the show. They will get down and dirty with the best of them and Tamra is really no different. Peggy is going to drown one of these days when it rains hard because she keeps that nose stuck so far up in the air. These so called upper… Read more »

Shelia I am so glad you like Shannon. She does have some menopausal problems but I still think she is more ” real” than most of the women on these shows.

I tend to agree. Shannon and Meghan are very down to earth, humble, and open people. Shannon is certainly high strung but that’s something people are born with and battle all their lives. Its how she is wired. I think she has a very good heart. Thats what matters.

Ohio, I agree. My thoughts exactly.

Shannon needs therapy, and not from Dr. Moon.

timtun, you are so correct.

I find this new housewife (Peggy) to be very taken with herself. Lydia gets almost giddy when she’s around her. Peggy is very mean and apparently homophobic. How did she get on the show?

Love your post xoxo

Me too Rain.

Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️

Not surprising, I think this couple are very superficial and shallow. I would pay no attention to them Shannon. Smile and move on, give them no reason to talk about you. They are their own problem.

Yes , Team shannon ❤️