Shannon Beador Shows Off Major Weight-Loss

RHOC star Shannon Beador has been very open about her struggle with her weight this season. After announcing that she plans to divorce her husband of 17-years, Shannon is also sharing photos of her incredible weight-loss.

Shannon shared photos of the season twelve reunion taping and she’s looking great. “Reunion Season 12,” she captioned a photo with her makeup and hair team posted to Instagram. “Big hugs to @erickabrannon and @prive_shay for continual touch ups on a very emotional day. And a huge thank you to my cast mates and fans who are lifting me up with their love and support!”

Always fun seeing my fellow Trojan ✌️ and pal @heathermcdonald at a USC game! ❤️ #fighton

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Congrats, Shannon! You look great.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • UnrealHousewife57

    She lost 180 lbs. B’uh Bye, David. It’s about time they stuck a fork in their toxic relationship.

  • watching in ohio

    It doesn’t matter how much weight “Kra-Kra” loses.. she’s an alcoholic! She’s hiding her REAL issue and everyone is enabling her. Even David and the children are not “outing” her!

    • Rain

      Wow , you’re going to drag the kids into this ? Smh

    • Jack

      cause her children are responsible for confronting their mother’s possible alcoholism? they’re all 16 and under, not their job.

    • cat62

      Do you have proof she is an alcoholic? Millions of people are alcoholics. I pray for them and their families.

    • DorindasFireplace

      Ok, so maybe she drinks. Maybe too much, who knows. And your point is?
      The article is about her weight loss.

  • Starr

    As much as Shannon is certainly not a favorite of mine, I’m really happy for her.

  • wickertable

    I think she’s always had a attractive face, esp. now she seems to be losing a bit of bloat.

  • Pierre

    She looks amazing already :-DDD Good for her!!

  • Nancy

    Did she get her hormone replacement & psychiatric inervention? There R many women in the USA that R overweight & aren’t toxic! Shannon’s problem was not her weight but her way of deflecting how miserable a person she is. She has this air of grandiosity & heaven forbid U disagree with her! Her outbursts R so out there! Never cared 4her. She’s lasted on that show bc they use Vicki as their storyline! Not on any team, too old 4 that. However call them as I see it. Wish her well especially bc there R children involved. But sick of seeing her crap all over social media!
    Just go away, David is not going2 come running back bc it’s Ur behavior that’s the problem. Sounds cold but realistic! She’s insufferable!! I’m out. Peace!

  • DindiSue

    Hey Rain- Oh lord-

  • Heather

    You look great Shannon!! I am so happy for you!!

  • DindiSue

    Hey Rain- Did you have a nice weekend ??? Almost can call this day over yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Daisy

    Way to go Shannon . You look beautiful and more importantly happy

  • Heather

    Hey sweet girl xoxo ♥

  • Belinda Daisey

    So much BS so little time, Shannon is not an Alcoholic, if being married to an ice cold husband does’t make you want to self medicate I don’t know what would, yes there are the perfect people out there that will say she could have done this or that but you were not living her nightmare, one years earlier he makes her believe he’s back in love with her, not loves her but is in love with her then as he begins to pull away she begins to eat as she may have thought he was cheating again, she used Vicki as her excuse as it was easier than admitting her marriage was failing but to me she’s the most real of the Real Housewives, she doesn’t pretend not to care when her feeling are hurt are someone pisses her off she reacts not always in a good way but it’s not peggy who acts like a cold fish, lydia who’s in Unicorn land and so on. I admire her for letting millions of people see her struggles with her weight which almost all of us have but she had the guts to let us see her and her pain at how she had done it to herself, she had a pity party then got started in taking her life back, she’s the one in Control now and she’s an amazing mom and I hope one day she’ll find the right guy, yes she’ll get a little crazy at times, if I lived in that glass bubble I would be a screaming demon dealing with those women, so cut her some slack for what she had accomplished instead of tearing her down, David did enough of that.