Shannon Beador Shares Weight Loss Update

Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador had previously shown us that she has gained weight from the stress of many different things of the course of the last year.

Now, Shannon is talking about how she has recently lost weight and is starting to feel better about herself.

“I wasn’t excited about [documenting my weight loss journey], and I sure wasn’t excited to start filming,” Shannon admits. “It’s, like, ‘Oh, crap!’ Now I gotta be in front of a camera, which doesn’t make you look skinnier! But I knew I was going to start working on the weight loss, so at least now when I watch it, I know I’m down a little. I’m down about half, down about half of the weight.”

Shannon revealed that she has dropped 20 lbs and shared that she still plans to lose 20 lbs more.

“I’m not gonna go back down to where I was, like, in season nine, when I started [the show], because as you age, you know, you look gaunt,” Shannon told ET. “I want to look healthy.”

Shannon also says that she isn’t interested in Botox or any other fillers.

“This is life,” Shannon says. “You know, when you’re 53, all of a sudden you can pack it on and I am evidence of that.”

As for Shannon’s marriage to her husband David Beador, she says things are getting better.

“We’re good,” Shannon shares. “We’re working on ourselves, doing the best that we can with our kids, for our kids. We’re working on it … You’ll see improvement.”

Check out photos of Shannon below:

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  • Minx

    I am Happy that Shannon has finally taken her Health and Weight loss seriously.
    20 lbs is quite an accomplishment!
    My, take was that she was ” Eating Her Feelings”, which becomes an Addiction.
    I am sure her weight gain, didn’t help her Marriage, either.
    Gaining 40 lbs? Shannon, Ate a “Massive Amount of Feelings” This, may have Attributed to her “Over The Top Negativity”.
    (Or, Not!)
    Blaming her Weight Gain on Vicki? Come on!

    Her comment about being 53 and feeling as if she could “Pack on Weight”?
    I Disagree.
    53, is not the End of the World, for many it is the Beginning,
    Taking Care of Your Appearance and your Health, does not end at any age. I also, disagree with her comment,
    As you age you look “Gaunt”?
    This depends upon her Gene Pool. She has lovely Skin.
    I hope her Weight Loss continues and she is Happier and less Volitile next Season..

  • JerseyGirl

    Looking great Shannon!!

  • Starr

    I’m really glad for Shannon. It is a battle for sure.

  • Way to go Shannon! You look great xo

  • cat62

    Looking good. Hopefully it will give you an attitude adjustment too 🙂

  • Cin

    Good work!