Shannon Beador Shares Her Side Of The Spousal Abuse Allegations


Part three of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired Monday night at the drama was at an all time high as the ladies discussed the trip to Ireland and Vicki Gunvalson’s allegations about David and Shannon Beador.

Vicki admitted that Shannon had “hurt” her and she wanted to hurt her back and that was why she repeated the allegation to Kelly Dodd at the beginning of the season. Shannon insisted that the rumor was false and explained the incident.

Beador explained she and David had gotten into an argument after she learned about David’s affair, two-and-a-half years ago. He locked himself in a one of their daughter’s room while their kids were away, trying to get to him, Shannon had attempted to barge through the door. In the process, she bruised her right shoulder and her right hip.

Earlier that evening, Shannon said she had also gone out to dinner with David and “either had too much to drink or was slipped something.” She blacked out, and David found her blocks from the bar, with rips on her knees and blood on her pants. She told Vicki this story and claimed Vicki elaborated the story.

“That was the darkest place for me,” Shannon said, showing host Andy Cohen pictures of the bruising. “I charged a door down in one of my darkest moments when I found out my husband had an affair … We went to Hawaii two days later, and I have huge bruises. [But] my husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”

Shannon also explained a 2003 argument where she called the police on David. “It was nothing physical,” Shannon said. “We had a verbal argument… I wanted the argument to end.”

After hearing Shannon’s side of the story, Kelly Dodd looked horrified when Vicki still refused to back down. Eventually even Kelly agreed that Shannon’s story made sense, but Vicki still maintained that she had “proof” that David beat Shannon.

“That’s a typical classic abusive situation, you deny,” Gunvalson said, telling Shannon “I hope to God you’re not abused. When you called me screaming for your life? I hope it was not true.”

“I will never ever condone a man touching a woman,” Vicki added. “Just saw the way your husband speaks to woman. And I know he yells at you and I know it’s physical … I will always look on the right side and the right side is a man will never touch a woman.”

This made Shannon irate.

“You are horrible. You need to stop right now.” Shannon said. “I would never stay in a marriage if I were beat up. I would never teach that to my children.”

“Most people are going to believe me because I haven’t hid anything about my relationship with David,” she continued. “But what you have done? Now it’s on the show and it’s in the universe, there will be people that will go up to my children and say, ‘Your father beats your mother.’ …That is so damaging.”

Heather Dubrow jumped in to defend Shannon as she had to take a moment and walked off stage with Tamra Judge.

“It’s like you’ve been waiting to use this,” she told Vicki. “Shannon confided in you in a dark moment. And it really speaks to your character that you would recklessly repeat that… I am highly disgusted and disappointed that you would repeat such a disgusting and dark thing. If you didn’t want to bring it out, you never would have mentioned it.”

Dubrow continued, “You should be kissing Shannon’s ass and begging her for forgiveness. You did lie. Maybe you can think about how what you said affects one other. Take a moment and realize what you have done to Shannon.”

“[Shannon] should beg me for forgiveness,” Vicki yelled back. “She put me through the ringer. She made me out like a con woman and a liar and I didn’t lie. I didn’t go on a cancer scam. And I’m tired of it!”

When Shannon and Tamra returned, the conversation turned to the rumors Vicki repeated about Tamra’s husband Eddie being gay.

“It’s a rumor!” Gunvalson said. “I never said it was true… How would I know if it’s true or not? We’ve never talked about it.”

“Then you don’t spread it!” Tamra said. “Stop spreading rumors about people! And then you wouldn’t be in this sh*t.”

By the end of the reunion, Vicki apologized for repeating the rumors to Kelly, but not for what she repeated. “I made a mistake,” she said. “I told her how hurt I was by [them]. Of course I was wrong.”

But for Shannon, the damage had already been done. “My family is hurt from this,” she said. “It’s a problem. Spousal abuse is a very serious allegation.”

“You have made an allegation that is a lie — something that someone goes to jail for,” she told Vicki. “You are despicable. I will never, ever speak to you again.”

What did you think of this season of RHOC? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m telling you right now that if Vicki and Kelly return to OC next year, I. Am. Finished. They are so mean, spiteful and hateful and they make it no fun to watch the show anymore. Vicki seems to think she’s the be-all and the end-all on the show. Let’s show her that she’s NOT!!

Well said! Xo I haven’t watched this season because of Liarface Vicki and won’t watch again unless both her and Trashy Kelly go! I will watch the clips and comment that’s enough for me. Xo

I haven’t watched this season at all because of all of them. Tamra being outraged that someone is lying????Seriously???…I don’t know but I guess I’m just bored with the whole housewives thing finally. i didn’t watch NJ or OC and will not be watching BH either. I might watch Atlanta…haven’t watched any of the episodes so far though. It’s always the same. Plastic surgery gone wild is one theme…going out to lunch, parties or trips where people are obnoxious and get into stupid fights…then they have to tell their version of what happened to all the others. I mean that’s… Read more »
omg… what a bunch of nasty mean women…. every one of them… except Meghan. Tamra was the worst in years past and now she acts holier than thou…. what a fake along with her motionless face. Heather is another plastic one…. geezz… Shannon needs to get a different job… this doesn’t suit her. Kelly … I’m willing to give her another year Bravo!!! As for Vicki – she is the original so that alone should keep her on the show – just too bad her daughter bad mouths her – not cool Brianna – that’s nasty. Meghan – the only… Read more »

Vicki and Kelly are atrocious beyond belief. Vicki has reached heights of evil and maliciousness that are not even human . She’s a disgusting vile reptile that even her own children don’t believe and can’t stand . what a dirty little piglet

Well said Rain, the only sentence I would disagree with is the last, what have Sweet little piglets ever done to be likened to Liarface Vicki? Now a dirty great big hog is more like it! These two are foul trash! Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello gorogeous Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Not GOOD thing is that this season is finally over so we can move on! Aweful aweful season ! And you’re right, she’s a HOG LOL

Good morning Sweetie Pie! Just after I commented I was reading about Wild Boar and how vicious they can be! That’s Vicki! Xoxoxoxox

True true true 🙂 wild boar she is xoxo


So season 1 of the Durrells ended and ah Sven’s secret is out. I liked the part that they stil had a party even though the wedding was called off. Great show Suze, glad you told me about it xoxoxo

So pleased you enjoyed it, I loved that it was so innocent! No date for the next series yet! I can’t wait! Xoxoxxoxo

I read a bit about Gerry Durrell. He was an amazing person. He was famous for his wildlife work (not in the U.S.) and even more so for his writing about his family’s adventures. His brother was an author too.
I love the actor who portrays little Gerry. He is so sweet. I enjoyed the show. I wish it was still on.
I am still watching Poldark while it lasts.

It makes such a change to have a show that isn’t violent or reality scripted but based on Gerry’s life. He is an amazing conservationist. He started Jersey zoo on one of the Channel islands. The first zoo to work in conservation. I’m glad you enjoyed it too. I loved the ending but can’t say much about it until Michelle has watched it. Xxx

Yes, I agree. I read about him a bit and the Isle of Jersey, etc. He was not popular here, though I wish I had gotten to see him even still. The stories of his family are wonderful. I loved Corfu. The shows really depicted the period. They talked about it a bit after each episode too. Thanks, Sue, for the recommendation. I know you don’t celebrate T Day, but have a nice one even so! Thanks for being you. I am thankful for you, Suze and all the lovely people here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 😉 XOXOXO ❤️

Sandy have a lovely Thanksgiving. This year an even bigger celebration for you and your family! Xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Thanks, Suze. Yes, it is. We are very thankful.
Have a great day/evening/night. ❤️ You’re the best, sweetness. 🙂

I love that show!! I haven’t watched the last show yet. It’s in my upcoming scheduled recordings……don’t tell me! don’t tell me!!……oh……… wedding?! Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!!

It’s one of the sweetest shows I have seen in a long time. Now as to what happened….are you ready…..oh! Ok I wont tell you! Xoxoxo

Isn’t it? I can’t believe I’m not going to watch them for awhile. I’ve fallen in love with each and everyone of them. I visited Corfu back in the late 70’s, so it’s nice memories even though I’m not sure if it’s even really filmed there or not. But lovely memories. I think I saw the recording coming up this week but with Thanksgiving and being away, I may not see it until later next week…….:(

I’m sorry I ruined it for you Michelle !!! I feel aweful

It is filmed in Corfu, when Keeley Hawes was interviewed about a second series she was saying how tough it was to spend a few months in Corfu! Lol. I read Gerald Durrells book, My family and other animals when I was around ten and have re read it several times. I forgot to say I hope your back is a bit better now? Xoxoxox

No no Rain. It’s all cool. Now I’m sad and excited to see the last show.

Suze, my back is getting better. Almost there. 🙂

Michelle, I am so pleased your back is getting better. Hopefully by today it will be a lot easier! Happy thanksgiving from across the pond! Xoxoxox

Over too soon. 🙁

Absolutely Rain! Vicky IS despicable on so many levels. My children are very close with me and honestly, they call me out too. I have more respect for Brianna that she does. It doesn’t mean she would not defend or even fight for her mother, it just means she’s real about her. My husband calls me out too. I’m mouthy and I have way too many opinions so it can be “intense” (my eldest said to me one day that even if I’m speaking about grocery shopping, I’m intense). Believe me, I step back and take a look at myself,… Read more »

Michelle , you’ve described my personality almost perfectly . I’ve been described as ‘intense’ ever since I was a teenage girl and never fully knew what it meant. And yes family has the right to call each other out , and it’s out of love and caring (most of the time lol)

Yes , the 2 reptiles have ruined the show for me too ! Sigh . Have a great day Michelle xoxox

I wasn’t called intense while younger (only rude, obnoxious and ignorant…… my parents no less) but Lordy…….am I called out often now!! LOL. Someone said to me the other day that I was one of a kind. I also told him I would take that as a compliment.

Hi Michelle, how are you? Xoxoxoxoxoxx

Hello Suze…….Last week was a stressful week and ended with a pulled back muscle. Why not?! Are you getting ready for Christmas? Do you start early?

Yup! Pleased to say almost finished, all online! Just waiting for the wrapping paper and then they will be put away until 24th. Xxxooo

Suze, sweet lady – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Sending big kisses of thanks for your friendship!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to one of the nicest ladies here! Have fun I hope you aren’t working! Xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nope, I’m in line behind you!!! I will be working, something like a 60 hour week. I am hoping to have Christmas off. Although, we may escape to the beach again.

What a thought, going to the beach, if we did that here we would need thermals and hot water bottles! I know I have said it before but I really admire the work you do! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Suze, put on that string bikini and hit the WARM sand! XOXO Awww….you’re very kind, I really love what I do – other than being a wife to a hot-hot-hot husband and mom it’s why I was put on this earth!

Me!!!!!!!! In a bikini I don’t think so, just because you can do a Lady Godiva on a motorbike with your hot hubbie!

Yes!!!! All of us in bikinis doing a calendar ‘for charity’ LOLOL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze – ok – a plaid bikini? XOXOXOX

Suze can be plaid. I’ll be itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka for bikini! MUHAHAHAHAHA
You kt darling, will channel Raquel Welch and will have an furry animal skin bikini 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How about I do the photographs instead of posing! Other than that I will be Miss month 13!

Ok ok I’m giving in but only if I can wear a Burkini! Xoxoxo

No excuses Suze ! Your hottie Scottie self will pose ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just to add, I think Kelly is far far worse than Brandi! Xoxoxo

Interesting…!!! She must be some piece of work!

Wow! You’re good lady! I’ve bought a couple little things but it will be a mad dash at the end as usual. I say every year…..never again….and every year I find myself at the same exact spot.

That’s me normally but this year I needed to get them out of the way early. Xoxoxoxoxo

Have to say based on their reactions what Vicki said about Shannon was true, their just mad she said it. I can’t stand Shannon or Tamra and hope they don’t return, to me Heather is such a snob it’s comical so can watch her just for the entertainment value. I like Kelly because she stands up to them and Vicki is crazy but she is just s standard on the show at this point although I do miss her whooping it up days

Yeah, her story seemed really far fetched to me. Vicki is an ass for repeating it for the reason she did. It seemed like she lied and took all the blame and had a story for every bruise and scrape when it wasn’t necessary. It sad that these shows have boiled down to this.

Have to agree – it probably happened. Not nice for Vicki to spill the beans – but these ladies really ganged up on Vicki last year and it was ugly…. seems like anything is fair game on the housewives….


when you LIE about cancer, you deserve all the ganging up you get. And she is still lying about her involvement, so the reactions to her lies are well deserved.

Viki -“On the right side is the right man never hitting a woman…????” WTF. Her own daughter saw Cooks hurt her more than once. She lies so much she has to shriek to seem like this one might be the one that’s true. It’s unbelievable that anyone can sit with a straight face, especially Andy after hearing and recording the hundreds of different tales. If I gave a damn or had the time I would make a list using the vids I own of the episodes with the contradictory stories one after the other. Just cancer gate has about 20… Read more »
Shannon is the one that should go she plays the victim to long . Tamara is just a bitch lies all the time then blames other people. She should start acting like a mom not a hoochie mamma no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her. She worries about her body not her kids. Kelly was on to them Vicki takes the heat all the time and puts her family first . Heather is a snob she looks down on people because she thinks she’s better than everyone. If I was Vicki I would sue Tamara for being recklessness flipping… Read more »

ITA! I think Heather, Tamra, & Shannon need to go.

Shannon is a real piece of work. She is insufferably self-righteous, never at fault, and äaways has the noblest intentions. She practically glows in the dark.

Vicki is evil and it is all coming out. I dont know how she will remain in the show as I doubt anyone but crazy Kelly will film with her. I love Shannon and wish her family well. They have worked hard to save their marriage and I am so happy for them. They will move past this and nasty Vicki.

Yes Lisa !! ITA ❤️❤️❤️

Spot on Lisa xoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yeah I like Shannon too and unlike other people here, I thought the whole story with the black and blues sounded plausible to me. And actually made sense. That Kelly chick even said that it made better sense to her. It’s a typical move on Vicki’s part to exaggerate. And even worse to have said something to Kelly…….she really is navel lint, pond scum………….

It did to me as well. It’s the only clip I have managed to see! Xoxo

Meghan is still a cold heartless bi_ch. She wud not visit any1 in the hospital unless they’re her pals. U can’t get any colder than that. I have never liked her. Her pregnancy does not change my opinion. Thank goodness we won’t see her again! Good riddance U idiot. Heather just sits there & proceeded to be self-righteous& santimonious!! It was comical! She is an a_s clown. When Shannon&Tamra came back frm that bullsh_t exit she said,”I took care of it”! What a crock. Shannon is so full of sh_t! David did beat her a_s. She probably got so drunk… Read more »

my opinion is the ladies passed the buck onto Meghan and Shannon…. they could have easily gone to the hospital themselves – their excuses for why they didn’t were lame.

Seriously? I wouldn’t drive to see someone I was not good friends with . You can’t be ugly to people, say you’re sorry & then all is forgiven . Vicki lied & lied & lied some more . Vicki admitted it on camera & now back tracks. I remember Shannon having vicki’s back more than once & trying to let her know nicely what’s going on . Both times Vicki lost her mind screaming at Shannon . Vicki is toxic & self centered. For such a successful business woman she sure is needy. As for her plastic surgery she should… Read more »

ITA! You are spot on!

okay, another wonderful season full of sunshine and love comes to a close…. 1. Vicki is starting to look like Angela Merkel with that sour face and evil eyes. Andy isn’t going to fire her cuz he said she is his favorite so she’s staying. And after what I saw on these reunions? I AM DONE. And this time I mean it. I get such an disgusted feeling even looking at her I need a shower. 2. Kelly is the worst person ever on the Housewives franchise. I can’t stomach her. 3. Shannon needs to admit something – otherwise David… Read more »

Angela Merkel LOL !! You’re right! lol omg

Spot on GIGICAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hello Miss M. Happy TG in advance to you and GIGICAT

Rain…my friend!! Hope all is well..
GIGICAT…the one who never fails to make me LOL…
I do have a question – I don’t watch OC, I seen the videos and comments here….in your opinion is Kelly worse than BG?

Happy TG kt ❤️❤️❤️ You are so lovely and we miss you . Oh yes, Kelly is thr WORST IMO. Stay safe out there xoxxo

Happy Turkey Day to you too!!!!!
Kelly must be one piece of work?! Majority do not like BG and I’ve seen several say Kelly is worse.
I am…I promise…hope things calm down when BH starts!!

I think they might be THE SAME PERSON!!!

well slap me silly. If people I was not friendly with had an accident I would not go to the ER to see them

Rain!!! ❤️❤️❤️Happy a Thanksgiving sistah! and to Gigi and everyone:)

What a trio of hypocrites–add Meghan to that, she’s cut from the same bolt of cloth. Last season she was Nancy Drew with her investigations on Brooks & equally as unforgiving as the other 3 witches. This year, she does not like unkindness etc, etc, etc. Rubbish talk!!!! Heather’s twisted mouth & her verbal garbage, always knowing all things, irritates me. Bet she tells her doctor husband how to perform his surgeries as her way is better than his & after all, she’s more the doctor than he could ever be. She has the WRONG right answer for every situation.… Read more »

ITA! I like Kelly. She cracks me up when she blasts Heather, Tamra, & Shannon right back. I’d much rather have Vicki, Kelly, Jeanna, & Lizzie than the 3 stooges.

Oh, Brianna, must mention her. The way she puts her mom down in public is to me, Horrible & unacceptable. I speak the truth to my children as they do to me, always with kindness & love, gentle correction. But Brianna makes sure to belittle & embarrass her mother, not giving thought to how caring, loving & always doing for her, as well as worrying about her,Vicki is. She has opened a bad door by saying too much to deceitful Tamara who is friend to no one. If anyone dares to say wrong things about my family & vice-versa, they… Read more »

Brianna needs to drop Tamra. Tamra is only using her to hurt Vicki. I hope Tamra’s daughter starts talking to Vicki. Now that would be a real kicker.

patricia, you’re so right. Karma will return to Tamara, she’d better be careful.

Sometimes I think Brianna is getting her mom back for the many many embarrassing things she did to her as a teen. I know she shouldn’t be against Viki, but I’m recalling all the times Viki went to their parties, shrieking, acting like she was invited, Michael’s parties too. I see why Shannon and Tamra think Viki bribed Brianna to come home. She bribed her with a car Brianna didn’t even get to pick out. She bullied her way into every single part of Brianna’s life, which is no doubt why she eloped without telling Viki. I have no relationship… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Scotland! Xoxoxoxo

Happy Thanksgiving to all my HW blogger friends.

Glad this horrible show is done as I’ve been done with it. I’m looking forward to BHills and blogging with all of you then.

Peace and Love

Happy TG What The ❤️❤️❤️ Yes glad this goat rodeo is done xoxxo

Oh! You remembered “Goat Rodeo” from the one season of DC.

Yes, horrible is the word for this franchise. Nothing could save it now minus starting over from scratch, which is unlikely.

Deal….just don’t call PETA on me!!! You ladies are TOO much fun!!!

You will look hot! Just think what your hubby would say! It would be his lucky day! Xoxoxxo

Honey, he got lucky last night – and this morning…wink…wink!!! (I’ll stop now) Gotta take advantage of my time with y’all!!!

You lucky girl!!!!!!!!

hehehe….I gotta run, ladies!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Good day all my lovely ladies. Did I miss something…. Did someone call peta on kt?

Rain decided she was wearing a fur bikini for our calendar! I’m wearing a burkini what about you? Xoxoxoxox

Daisy, I kept looking for the post about your husband and M-I-L. Can’t find it to save my life, so here I will say I am so sorry about the health problems going around your loved ones. I saw the most interesting documentary on High Blood Pressure. It was a family of black people who learned how to eat right. They had been dealing with young death, impotency, lots of medicines, until they started eating this certain way. I will look for the name of it, although I am sure you already do all you can with diet and all… Read more »

Lol thank goodness. I was about to go off on who ever did that. As for the calendar how about a Brown paper bag over my head. I don’t want to break the camera lol

Since this will never, EVER happen I will wear palm leaves………..

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo surrounded by pink Flamingos!!

Oooh! You sexy thing! Xoxoxox

Like, Yahhhhh!!! Thanks for visiting Michelle’s World, Suze.


I’ll just carry a tiki torch! ; ) : o

You can wear brown paper bags but not on your head, you certainly don’t need them! Xoxoxoxox

Suze you’re too kind. Trust me it gets worse and worse every day

I don’t believe it! Wait until you get to my age!!! That’s when everything goes south! Xxxxxx

Bullshit Suze , you’re gorgeous

Hahaha in my dreams xoxoxoxoxo

Kelly is scary. She makes the most horrendous faces and her eyes are full of spite when she is in one of her rants. When she thinks she’s scored a hit on one of the other women she gets that horrible smug look on her face . Her choice of swear words is the worst anyone could use.When she goes too far she goes into the crying act trying to garner sympathy, and frankly I think she’s a nut job. She needs to peddle her brand of tacky trash somewhere else.


Well then dear lady our opinions differ on this subject . Still love ya though


I believe Shannon’s husband beat her.

Good day lovely ladies . Happy Thanksgiving to everyone Suze sweetie happy Thursday . I’m thankful for all of you . As for me long story but I just found out last night that I have to cook (what horror ) I don’t even have a turkey

Hey Daisy Doo❤️And a happy turkey day to you too! Don’t worry about turkey you can cook anything and call it thanksgiving. Remember, the pilgrims celebrated with what they had, and turkey, venison, and shellfish were abundant. And if you do t want to cook just order in Chinese 🙂

Good morning love . My m n l is extremely hard to cook for . She doesn’t eat a lot of things . I’m thinking maybe ham

Yes, I made steak and deep fried steak fries for my S-Daughter and Hubby. Just the 3 of us this year, then April made two pumpkin pies, one with pecans, one without, and whipped cream of course. When you get tired of lifting those heavy turkeys, go to Game Hens. They can be stuffed, look beautiful, are much more tender and juicy than turkey, and don’t take all day and all the available strength to cook. They make a LOT of drippings, too, so more gravy. I have lifted my last 20 pounder out of the oven, and cleaned the… Read more »

Oh Daisy! Talk about short notice, go and buy it all cooked or frozen! Either that or a takeaway like our lovely Miss M suggests!

Good day sweet Suze . I wish I had Miss M and her wonderful cooking skills with me right now . Maybe I’ll just go to drive thru

Best idea! Xoxoxxo

Oh you’re too kind but I’ve made my good share of dud meals honey so no worries, it’s the thought that counts and my vote is Boston Market or the local deli in your grocery store and YES to a precooked warm in the oven slow ham sweet potatoes cooked in their jackets eaten like a reg spud, I have an EASY pineapple stuffing recipe I got off the internet goes perfect with ham, and some green beans applesauce on the side is good with it too. Let me know seriously Daisy if you need a hand ❤️ Susie? What… Read more »

Hi Sweetie, Boxing Day is the 26th December. It’s traditionally when servants and tradesmen were giving a bonus known as a Christmas Box. Hence Boxing Day. Xoxoxoxxo

Hi Daisy. Could you not find a fresh turkey at the stores? I bought a fresh one, so no thawing needed. You are supposed to thaw a turkey in the fridge for several days. They don’t recommend that you leave a turkey out to thaw. Otherwise maybe you can make some turkey breasts. You would have an easier time thawing breasts…maybe in the sink in a large container covered with lots of ice water then back in the fridge. I always make a turkey. I sometimes also make a ham. My young son asked last night if I could make… Read more »
Hi Sandy sweetie , sorry I thought I responded to you earlier . I was lucky enough to find a turkey that was set out in the fridge so hopefully it will be OK tomorrow . Fresh turkey sounds delicious . I’ve never seen them around here . Your thanksgiving dinner also sounds delicious . Can I come eat at your house please ? Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving
Hi Daisy! I thought fresh turkeys were available elsewhere. Sometimes you have to order them in advance, and I have done that, but the last few years they are easier to buy (near me) for some reason, and I did not have to order one. I needed one that was not humongous, and I found one that was just right. I will put it in the oven in the morning after I stuff it. Daisy, I wish you luck with your dinner. Hopefully it will thaw enough. You can run icy cold water on it. Try to get those giblets… Read more »
Hi Sandy , I will look into the fresh turkey for Christmas maybe I can find one at my local meat market . A 26 pound turkey will probably take a long long time on the grill . Thanks for the cooking bag tip. Sandy , have a great thanksgiving and enjoy your family and all your delicious food
Sure Daisy, come over! I answered and missed that. Sorry! Two years ago my oven died right before Thanksgiving, and I already had my turkey. That was interesting. I actually brought it back the day I bought it, since I realized the oven was not working that day. I went back to the store and got a smaller turkey and baked it in my convection oven that is also a microwave…smaller than my regular oven. A woman at the store wanted a fresh turkey the size I was returning and the butcher said he had none. I said, No, you… Read more »

I’m on my way . I’ll bring pies. How horrible for your oven to go out . I’m glad it worked out

Where are you? Yes, it was horrible (no main oven) and got even worse. They sent 4 different repairman over months from two compaines. Someone replaced a a couple of parts and said the oven was fine…but it wasn’t. Then other man replaced more parts…Expensive ones too, like the circuit board. Luckily I have a service plan. Then again another man came…and still not fixed. I demanded a GEMonogram specialist. He came. I saved the last “new part” ((luckily) that was taken out and replaced and showed the repairman, and the man said that the part was manufactured defective with… Read more »

Sorry doll got held up at the in laws. Now I’m very upset. My m n l is having a lot of health problems now. Worried about my hubby’s health because they are very close. He has been having problem with his blood pressure and I don’t want this stress to add to them. I don’t know what to do
She told me some things that he needs to know but don’t want all of this to push him over the edge

I am so sorry, Daisy. Please try to take some deep breaths and relax. You have a lot on your shoulders. I hope your MIL gets well. In the meantime, try to relax. She shoild be the ome to talk with him. You just be strong for him and for yourself too, my friend.
Take care. I send lots of love your way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sandy love you are such an amazing women. Im truly thankful for you. You have such a kind loving soul

I am thankful for you too, Daisy. ❤️ I am only human, like you, and I feel for you, sweetie. Try not to worry too much. You can only do so much, Daisy.
Try not to put the weight of the world on your own shoulders. You and your husband will get through this together. XOXO

Thanks Sandy. I’m about to fall into a food coma and binge watch z nation. I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving

Daisy, I am so sorry you are having to go through all of this! Let me know if there is anything I can do. Love you Sweetie xxxxxxxx

Thank you dear sweet Suze. You help so much by just being you. Love you sweetie


Good day lovely . I will try to get a email out to you later on when I have time to collect my thoughts . Hope you’re having a great day

Daisy, how are you today? I had a bit of a food coma last evening. Sorry. I am recovered now, thankfully. I had a very nice Thanksgiving. The boys watched lots of football after dinner, and I spent the day cooking and cleaning up for a long time, and then I just plopped into my recliner and could not move for a while. (I could not reply to your last comment to me…no reply button, and I did not get the All Things email for it.)
I hope you have a nice day today, sweetie. ❤️

No worries Sandy love. I went to bed early myself. Now just waiting for hubby to get home. He had to go in to work for a few hours. Then off to do a little shopping. Hopefully all the crazy black Friday shoppers will be home in bed by then

Hi Daisy! The hub here has to work all day today, but he did get out a bit early on Wednesday. Both of my sons are off today. One is still in bed…late riser. They have been known to wait on Black Friday lines, but they were not into doing that this year. I never go out on Black Friday. I do order some things online at times. I do a lot of online shopping in general.
Have a nice Friday, Daisy. XOXO

Ugh black Friday lines. That’s the thing nightmares are made of. I need to pick up some new bedding. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on things like that because our dog who has seizures sleeps with us and the cat also. I took the lap top into the bedroom last night and Bear was freaking out because he thought I was shopping. Too funny. Have a great day

Pineapple stuffing recipe sooooooo easy and quick and yummy

Love you Miss M. That’s the exact same recipe that I use . Thanks

Oh my gosh LOL great minds ❤️

Yummy I love pineapple stuffing . I make it every time I make ham but , I’m the only one who makes it. I think boxing day is a day to give gifts . …Suze ? Oops should be I’m the only one who eats it. Too lazy to go back to change it

Wow you make it a lot? See what do I know! I just discovered this incredible dish about 4 months ago. It’s like the perfect dish for salty ham.

Scalloped taters too~

Daisy, a chicken/turkey casserole is quick and easy too. We call it chicken o Reilly here and I have a recipe for that or you can easily look it up. They must have just the turkey breasts in your store, cook and cut up for the casserole it’s yummy

you shouldn’t a brought up food 😉

Yummy I love casseroles . Even though icky Vicki attempted to spoil it for me lol

Lol oh that’s right heheheh

I lucked out and found everything I need for tomorrow . Fingers crossed the turkey will thaw in time

Oh well done! Have lots of fun xoxoxoxxo

Thanks ladies . I’m going to start the pies , yeast rolls , and the corn bread for the stuffing soon


Holy cow Daisy. Are you making everything from scratch it sounds like it. You don’t sound like you needed help maybe just a nudge that you can get it done, that’s all! Have a great day all! xoxoxo

Lol yes from scratch . That’s the only way I know how to but I use frozen pie crust and the stir and cook pudding so I do cheat a little bit

That’s not cheating just common sense! Xxxxxxxx

Thanks Suze sweetie that makes me feel better

Yippy Skippy Daisy Doo! Look at you go woman you did it. ♥️xoxo

On the topic of OC, Vicki et al., I would like to say start anew and ditch all of them. I used to think honest Shannon was the one redeeming feature of this show, but after Ireland, I just cannot stomach any of them at all. I am sorry Shannon, but even though I never could stand Kelly, though I tried, you were part of a mean girl gang in Ireland. I am not watching this for another season and wasting my time. It is the worst. Vicki is a lost cause, and nothing she does now can take back… Read more »
I used to like Vicki but ever since she was exposed as a liar, and making things up about people just to hurt them, I lost all repect for as a strong, independent woman. Additionally, Vicki thinks it’s her show? Think again. I believe that’s up to the viewers. ,Kelly’s Dodd needs psychiatric help and coupled with Vicki, add alcohol, and they’re getting arrested. Ha ha! The rest of the ladies are quite genuine. Heather’s behavior on the bus in Ireland was unusually immature and unbecoming. She normally doesn’t stoop so low. Heather’s was also a bit dramatic past season.… Read more »