Shannon Beador Shares Her Side Of The Spousal Abuse Allegations


Part three of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired Monday night at the drama was at an all time high as the ladies discussed the trip to Ireland and Vicki Gunvalson’s allegations about David and Shannon Beador.

Vicki admitted that Shannon had “hurt” her and she wanted to hurt her back and that was why she repeated the allegation to Kelly Dodd at the beginning of the season. Shannon insisted that the rumor was false and explained the incident.

Beador explained she and David had gotten into an argument after she learned about David’s affair, two-and-a-half years ago. He locked himself in a one of their daughter’s room while their kids were away, trying to get to him, Shannon had attempted to barge through the door. In the process, she bruised her right shoulder and her right hip.

Earlier that evening, Shannon said she had also gone out to dinner with David and “either had too much to drink or was slipped something.” She blacked out, and David found her blocks from the bar, with rips on her knees and blood on her pants. She told Vicki this story and claimed Vicki elaborated the story.

“That was the darkest place for me,” Shannon said, showing host Andy Cohen pictures of the bruising. “I charged a door down in one of my darkest moments when I found out my husband had an affair … We went to Hawaii two days later, and I have huge bruises. [But] my husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”

Shannon also explained a 2003 argument where she called the police on David. “It was nothing physical,” Shannon said. “We had a verbal argument… I wanted the argument to end.”

After hearing Shannon’s side of the story, Kelly Dodd looked horrified when Vicki still refused to back down. Eventually even Kelly agreed that Shannon’s story made sense, but Vicki still maintained that she had “proof” that David beat Shannon.

“That’s a typical classic abusive situation, you deny,” Gunvalson said, telling Shannon “I hope to God you’re not abused. When you called me screaming for your life? I hope it was not true.”

“I will never ever condone a man touching a woman,” Vicki added. “Just saw the way your husband speaks to woman. And I know he yells at you and I know it’s physical … I will always look on the right side and the right side is a man will never touch a woman.”

This made Shannon irate.

“You are horrible. You need to stop right now.” Shannon said. “I would never stay in a marriage if I were beat up. I would never teach that to my children.”

“Most people are going to believe me because I haven’t hid anything about my relationship with David,” she continued. “But what you have done? Now it’s on the show and it’s in the universe, there will be people that will go up to my children and say, ‘Your father beats your mother.’ …That is so damaging.”

Heather Dubrow jumped in to defend Shannon as she had to take a moment and walked off stage with Tamra Judge.

“It’s like you’ve been waiting to use this,” she told Vicki. “Shannon confided in you in a dark moment. And it really speaks to your character that you would recklessly repeat that… I am highly disgusted and disappointed that you would repeat such a disgusting and dark thing. If you didn’t want to bring it out, you never would have mentioned it.”

Dubrow continued, “You should be kissing Shannon’s ass and begging her for forgiveness. You did lie. Maybe you can think about how what you said affects one other. Take a moment and realize what you have done to Shannon.”

“[Shannon] should beg me for forgiveness,” Vicki yelled back. “She put me through the ringer. She made me out like a con woman and a liar and I didn’t lie. I didn’t go on a cancer scam. And I’m tired of it!”

When Shannon and Tamra returned, the conversation turned to the rumors Vicki repeated about Tamra’s husband Eddie being gay.

“It’s a rumor!” Gunvalson said. “I never said it was true… How would I know if it’s true or not? We’ve never talked about it.”

“Then you don’t spread it!” Tamra said. “Stop spreading rumors about people! And then you wouldn’t be in this sh*t.”

By the end of the reunion, Vicki apologized for repeating the rumors to Kelly, but not for what she repeated. “I made a mistake,” she said. “I told her how hurt I was by [them]. Of course I was wrong.”

But for Shannon, the damage had already been done. “My family is hurt from this,” she said. “It’s a problem. Spousal abuse is a very serious allegation.”

“You have made an allegation that is a lie — something that someone goes to jail for,” she told Vicki. “You are despicable. I will never, ever speak to you again.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo