Shannon Beador Shares Why She Was Embarrassed to Tell Her Husband David About Her Weight Gain

Shannon Beador has really opened up about her weight struggle on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Beador revealed that she had gained forty pounds since last season, including forty percent body fat.

She confessed that she was embarrassed to tell her husband David about her weight. “I’m not even gonna tell David because I’m afraid if I tell him, he’s just gonna be done.”

In a new interview, Shannon is clarifying what she meant by this statement. “When I said in the show, ‘I don’t want to tell David,’ clearly he saw the weight that I’d gained. I didn’t want to tell him the 40 percent body fat. But I knew that by the time the show aired, you know, if he came to me and said, ‘Are you 40 percent body fat?’ I could say, ‘No, I’m 29.’ So that’s what I didn’t want to tell David,” she explained, adding that David isn’t keeping up with the show as much this season. “But I haven’t felt good about myself, so that is gonna take an effect on the relationship, it is.”

Since then, Shannon has lost 15 pounds and now has 29 percent body fat, she previously shared with The Daily Dish. Shannon said her marriage is in a better place, too. “Things are, things are good. You know, we’re good,” Shannon shared. “Every marriage has the high high and sometimes you go low. And let’s be honest, I ended last season on the highest high I think I’ve ever had in our marriage because we renewed our vows and everything was so amazing. So you go through dips and valleys.”

Check out Shannon’s interview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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So David lives with her in the same house, they sleep in the same bed and probably knock boots regularly and he never noticed she had put on weight ?

I detect a whiff of BS

They do not sleep together nor they share sexy times…otherwise her hubby would have noticed her bum is getting bigger and bigger

In total agreement. I literally CANT with Shannon. Her level of delusion is staggering. So hubby didn’t notice that tire around your waist before you told him? Girl bye.

Unless David is deaf, dumb, and blind I think he can figure it out.

Shannon was not afraid to mention her weight gain to David as that was a given, too noticeable to miss. She was afraid to tell him that her body fat was so high.
As much as she’s my least favorite person, that is what she shared in her blog. I wish her the best.

exactly…. it was the 40% body fat she didn’t want to share….

Well if it is so scary don’t tell him. I’m sure David can live without knowing her exact body fat percentage. Hit a gym and save the drama.

My sentiments exactly Kelly. If David and Shannon live in the same house then he is fully aware of her weight gain. What I can’t understand is that this is a storyline for her. Why? She gained some weight, her marriage is falling apart, she is eating to help with her depression. Last time she was drinking vodka, she stopped over drinking and replaced that addiction with food. All addicts just replace one addiction with another in order to deal with their problems. Shannon needs a good therapist to help her so she will learn to replace her addictions with… Read more »

Girl, your man is supposed to know everything about you. Did she think he couldn’t tell for himself what was going on?

Not really… Men don’t care about body fat percentages! If you have 40% body fat in the right places – they. don’t. care. Neither does David. He cares that there is a tire around her waist and a turkey on her neck. It’s that simple.

My husband sees when I gain and lose weight but that doesnt mean I tell him what I weigh CAUSE I DONT. That is all she is saying. Give her a break.

… you have to wonder if some really read what she said…

Interesting point, Cin. But didn’t just read what she said, I also saw the WWHL and RHOC episodes in entirety, so there is crucial information missing here that can’t spell out the backstory in this small clip. On previous episodes of RHOC, Shannon confessed outright that her marriage (at the time of filming) was under duress with David emotionally distancing himself from her, with strained interaction scenes between them to illustrate that point beyond all shadow of a doubt. After meeting with her trainer (where he inquired about their marriage and intimacy) Shannon stated point blank in the accompanying confessional… Read more »

I agree Heather !! Team shannon ❤️❤️❤️

I think the confusion is most viewers, like myself, don’t understand why she feels compelled to spell out her body fat percentage to David. I’m sure David would just like her to lose the fat and doesn’t care whether the percentage was 25% or 40%… you can look at her and tell it’s not good (from David’s perspective) so whatever the percentage is he wants her to make some changes.

I don’t know why RHOC is still on. We are up to episode 5 and they still have not been all together. If they dislike Vicki so much why is Shannon and Tamra still on?

I’ll take a FAT shannon over that DISGUSTING CANCER LIAR Vicki any day !!!