Why Did Shannon Beador Sell Her House?


As we previously reported, RHOC stars Shannon and David Beador finally sold their Newport Beach mansion after having it on the market for several years, however they took quite a hit on the asking price.

The 13,306 square foot mansion in the desirable Crystal Cover neighborhood of Newport Beach, California and features its own gym and basketball court. The couple originally listed their home in 2013 for $16 million and it just sold for $9.05 million on April 28th. So what caused the couple to take a $7 million hit on the price of their home? Let’s find out.

David infamously cheated on Shannon in 2015 with his mistress Nicole McMackin, and according to a source close to Shannon, “She really just wanted to get rid of the house after David’s cheating scandal because it carried a lot of bad memories.”

“Shannon knew that if she didn’t sell the house than she might not be asked to return next season,” the source told RadarOnline.

“Shannon and David are strapped for cash right now, which is why they took such a huge cut he house,” the insider noted.

Check out the photos of the Beador’s home below.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Trulia



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  • PJ

    “Shannon knew that if she didn’t sell the house than she might not be asked to return next season,” the source told RadarOnline.”

    That makes zero sense. What does selling her house have to do with whether or not she’s on the show?

    • Real Sandy⛱

      ITA. Is it the house they are hiring or Shannon? It makes no sense. They wanted to sell that house for years. They realized they could not sell it because it most likely was priced too high or is just unusual or something. Homes don’t sell for some reason or another, usually the price. Either way I wish them well now that they are out of that house with the bad memories. I hope they can move on and be closer than ever. They have a lovely family.

    • Aunt Bee

      I am with you PJ but a lot of things don’t make make sense on these stupid shows.

    • Mary

      There has been an issue with filming in that neighborhood. The Dubrows are building there right now. They cannot allow the film crews into the neighborhood so nothing can be show at their homes and we will never see the Dubrow mansion on the show.

      • Queenie

        I recall reading that somewhere. The HOA (and rightly, so), has banned filming, because of all of the vans and other vehicles parked all over the streets. Probably a lot of detours and stuff, I would imagine, also. I can see where that wouldn’t set well, in ANY neighborhood. Really.

    • Rain

      Yes zero sense! But it’s Radar after all lol

    • @ PJ. Thank u. WTH? Absurd and ridiculous.

    • Lisa

      I was just wondering the same thing. WTH?

  • Crowemate

    Isn’t this the neighborhood that Heather is building her new house? If so, Bravo can’t film in their houses, the HOA has banned filming.

    • PJ

      They’ve filmed in her house for the past 2 years. Why now?

      Can an HOA actually dictate what happens inside your house?

      • Mary

        The HOA can say they cannot have their vans and vehicles on the streets. Some HOAs can even say the vans cannot be visible from the street. The neighbors have complained because it makes some of the roads impassable when the crew is there shooting.

        • Lisa

          Oh wow that makes sense.

        • Jay kay

          Heathers new house can hide all the vans with her motor court

      • Aunt Bee

        The HOA dictates what happens outside the house and I guess the complaints from residents about the traffic and camera crew started to cause problems. I live with an HOA and they even dictate the speed limit to 14 MPH. I can live with that as we have a few small children in our area.

      • Michele

        They absolutely can!!


      NO, it’s not the same neighborhood. Those Beadors live in Crystal Cove. Dubrows live in Pelican Hill. Two different and distinct areas on the land side of PCH, south of Corona del Mar (CdM), north of Laguna Beach. Crystal Cove is the lower end, money-wise, of that area. Pelican Hill is the expensive area but within Pelican Hill there are different areas. Some are lower priced, some are higher priced areas. But comparing the 2 (Crystal Cove and Pelican Hill) is like comparing middle class to upper class areas. I”m sure the Beadors were/are jealous of the Dubrows anyway. You need gate codes to enter areas of Pelican whereas not in Crystal Cove. I will never like the Beadors because of what they put those kids through ON CAMERA about his AFFAIR. No dignity.

      • Steven

        You are incorrect. Heather just built the new house in Crystal Cove as well. She is down the street from Shannon’s old house. She moved from Pelican Crest to Crystal Cove.

      • Steven

        Pelican Hill the homes were built a little earlier for $10 million+. Crystal Cove The smaller homes start at $4 million but the newer homes and lots are certainly $15-20 up to $30 million. I wouldn’t say anyone is middle or upper middle class in either neighborhood.

  • Rain

    I’m going to venture a guess here, and it’s just a shot in the dark. Shannon is an eccentric lovely woman who believes in crystals and her Dr Moon. I think she may believe that a lot of negative things happened in that House ( the affair , etc) and that moving to a new space is warranted so they can have a fresh start , without the ghosts of the pasts . Could also be that skankrilla lives close by and Shannon wants away from her

    • Suze☕️

      You have taken my thoughts too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • Rain

        We can share ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Suze☕️

          Oh ok in that case I’ll just say I agree Rain! Xoxoxo

    • Starr.

      You read me Rain. I thought the same as well.

  • PJ

    Does anyone have any links to articles about the HOA banning filming in that community? I’m very interested. I wonder that someone hasn’t challenged it legally if that is the case.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Bravo or some other production company will be filming a special show featuring the Dubrow’s new house. I can see a one hour special, maybe even more. There is a ton of interest in the move and the new house. I, for one, can’t wait to see it.

  • Lady Mary Jane

    Let me guess….the water fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen were not gluten-free

    • Kat

      Good one!


      And since I’ve looked at homes all over that area (I love going to open houses), I can tell you that the craftmanship is so sub-par it’s disgusting. Corners don’t meet, slanted ceilings, door jambs crooked. Just horrible. Not good construction at all in Crystal Cove AND Pelican. That’s due to the people who do the building. Most are used to working on thatched huts south of the border. Plus, neither of those areas are on the water (the ocean or Newport Harbor) so they are nothing specia; however the people who live up there think they are special. All the old money people live on the water. New money people live up there, drive leased vehicles and pay for everything with credit. Typical new money facade.

      • Sharon Horizons

        “Thatched huts” – LMAO!!

      • Lisa

        WOW is that a shock to hear thinking of what they pay for those homes. YIKES

  • Goldie

    That new home doesn’t look like they are “strapped for cash”!

    • Lisa

      Where did you see the new home?

    • jessica davis

      oh, but they are. the new home is a step down. they don’t need all that space anymore. HA! who believes that but her delusional self.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    The above older article that I pasted the link for from this site, said they were selling so they could downsize.

    • jessica davis

      the new home is a step down. they don’t need all that space anymore. HA! who believes that but her delusional self. his business is hurting.

  • Lori

    I find Shannon and her family very boring

  • Mia

    Shannon has a lovely family. I give her credit for keeping her marriage together, it couldn’t have been easy. A new house will be a fresh start for them. Wishing them the best.

  • Anonymous

    Still makes no sense to take a 7 million dollar hit because the show wouldn’t film there .. She should have just quit .. She’s not gonna earn 7 million dollars anytime soon on that show so why take a loss to remain on the show

  • jessica davis

    they’re trying so hard to appear happy. it’s obvious. it’s over. stop faking it. divorce already. he’ll be cheating again in no time. LOL