Shannon Beador Says She Has Successfully Moved Forward In Her Marriage With David


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to reveal to viewers that she and David are healing their marriage. Shannon explains that they have taken a look and their mistakes and are successfully moving forward in their marriage.

Shannon writes, “Aloha from Hawaii! I am so happy that you finally get to see what is the beginning of a turning point in my marriage! What starts out to be a tough episode ends with hope for healing in my marriage and I am truly grateful for that!

I probably had one of the most emotional weeks of my life after David sent me the infamous email. Typically I am a pretty strong and secure person, but you can see that I have become insecure, especially about my marriage. Brooks had some great advice at dinner by saying to forget the past because I have to focus on my future and my marriage.

Going dancing at Andeles was exactly the right prescription for David and I. As much as I love for David to be “fun David,” David also loves it when I am fun. I can be quite crazy and have danced on my fair share of stages and tables when I have been out with David or friends. I’m glad you get to see that. What I am not so proud of, however, are my not-so-pretty dance moves. Yikes!

I grew up with horses and rode all of time so I couldn’t believe that I was a little nervous to get on a horse again! David and I were surprised that Vicki had set a special lunch for us because we had a late one the night before and wanted to take a little nap! It was incredibly thoughtful that she set everything up and as you see, we opened up quite a bit and had a very honest and raw conversation about our relationship and our future. It is not fun to watch my marriage played back when we were in a rough spot. But if we can learn from it (and we both have), then the good outweighs the bad!

I don’t like that I have been complaining to my husband about spending time with me. I feel as though we are roommates and I want so much more. David tells me that he is tired of hearing that I want more time with him. If I didn’t point it out, nothing changed, so I thought if I kept reminding him, he would finally respond. As you heard, my complaining only made him withdraw more.

It was hard to hear that David was not happy. We both want the same things — to feel loved by our spouse — yet somehow we have not been achieving that goal at all. David is right, that with forgiveness, we can heal our marriage and we are doing it better and better each day. We need to communicate differently and today we are doing it in a more open and honest manner.

I am grateful for Vicki’s friendship and time we spent together in Puerto Vallarta. I was able to see how happy she is when she spends time with Brooks and I will continue to be supportive of my friend’s relationship and her choices.

It made me sad to hear that Vicki has had her own trust issues with Tamra. David was quite disappointed with Tamra’s betrayal because he was becoming very close to Tamra and Eddie as well. It was frustrating to see Tamra again try to explain away what she did. The bottom line is that there is no valid excuse for betraying my trust, especially to Heather.

I am excited that you will be able to get a glimpse into David and I working on and improving our relationship in the coming episodes. We are in Hawaii now for nine days BY OURSELVES so we have been off to a good start! Aloha! XO”

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  • Twinkle

    This poor woman is crazy, nuts, mentally unstable. Since the initial episode, she has yelled, shrieked, b*tched & moaned her way through each & every episode. I can barely stand to watch this shrew. Her poor hubby is nagged and hagged the entire time he is around her. Her marriage is in shambles yet she blames Heather = what a moron! When I see this fish wife on the screen… I turn the channel.

    • cindy

      Boy, you are so right! That’s exactly how I feel .I think Shannon is jealous of Terry and Heather’s relationship, its a good one and you can tell Terry loves Heather. David does not feel the same way about his wife , you can tell. I think his wife drinks to much, is too thin, picks at him and treats him like her child, not someone you love. I too think she is a little crazy, with that comment she made at the dinner table ” is it a face he created” I think she always says things about someone else but does not come clean that she does that. She needs help and if I was not married for the last 35 years and younger I would go after David he’s a sweetheart! Good luck David I hope you get your dream and become happy in your years to come , its really nice to be happy I know I have been for years!!

  • Shirley

    Hi Shannon, it was refreshing to see you take some ownership and responsibility on camera. Now if you can suspend your critical voice and tone and learn how to hear and repeat word for word conversations, you will get everything you want. I’m still perplexed how you go cray cray on Heather, and are completely unable to have a normal conversation with her. You accuse her of saying phrases she never said. Aren’t you watching the episodes? And you are still on a rant at her when you should be having this rant, first with yourself, then Tamra. You are the source of the gossip. You are ordering Vodka every chance you get and somehow reducing its effect by deluting it. Tamra told Heather your entire story and lied to you about it. Save your crazy YELLING episodes for Tamra. Own it!

    • Jay

      And heather has NEVER twisted or repeated a story while changing a couple of words and making it more dramatic, right? And when has Shannon ONCE blamed heather for this email? name ONE TIME. Shannon has repeatedly said she was upset with Tamra for spreading the new about the email and that she, Shannon, blames HERSELF for what has happened. The only thing that I can find Shannon being angry with Heather about is that she wouldn’t confirm what Tamra said and kicked her out of her house. Get a grip. Last time I checked every conversation between Heather and Shannon has been blown out of proportion from Heather turning the problem around on Shannon, making Shannon angry. And cut the crap with the drinking problem. She drinks just as much as anyone else would when they go out, if not less. One shot of grey goose and club soda.. Wow what a drinker. Soooo terrible. Get a life.

    • janet

      I hope you can and do lighten up with your ragging on David and his reactions to you. I hope it is just a phase in your marriage that you can work out. For a few years I would say my husband and I were a lesser version of the tension and strain that you and David have in your marriage. It was close to calling it quits time, however we DID sit down and decide to BOTH try and work things out. We are 45 years married with kids/grandkids/etc………and stable. You CAN make this work if you both try. GOOD LUCK.

  • CK

    I really liked you at the start of the season; you brought a touch of class, but were not as anal as Heather. After seeing you nag at your poor husband, and over-dramatize your marital problems, I realize you have a few issues of your own.

    David has helped you raise beautiful children, and he is working hard to make sure you and the kids are taken care, financial wise. That doesn’t excuse him from “showering you with attention”, but be realistic. Look at the bigger picture. You spend 3 to 4 hours with him a day; some people don’t see their husbands at all. Rather than nitpicking for those 3 to 4 hours, try enjoying the time you have together. You want him to WANT to spend time with you, not avoid you! David is not perfect, but neither are you.

    Second, stop airing your dirty laundry about your marriage on the show. I know it gives you a story line and keeps your audience interested, but do you prefer the spotlight over your marriage? Don’t openly berate David; it’s emasculating and your marriage will not last much longer. You were so upset in the last episode because you felt as though everyone was criticizing your marriage. You openly criticize your marriage, so what’s wrong if everyone else does? Keep that in consideration. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if you lost your spot on the show; your family and marriage should be worth much more than that to you.

    Finally, you barely know the women you have been filming it. Do not be so quick to judge and open up to them. Good friendships are built over time and last forever.

    Ultimately, I think you don’t realize that everyone has different personalities, and rather than trying to change them, you need to accept people for who they are. Embrace the good, ignore the bad. The more you try to force others to change, the more resistance you will face, and the more unhappy you will be. I’m not saying you are the only one on this show that has this problem, BUT, because you are new, and I think you brought a great vibe to the group, I think you can set a great example by staying above the drama, and focusing on the important things in life.

  • Bye Felicia

    She’ll be divorced within 2 years. No one can or should put up with that kind of neurosis.

  • Jenny

    Does anyone get that Vicki wanted to be in the house alone with brooks!!!! That’s why she have them something to do foulr hours 🙂

  • Karen

    Shannon has little insight or self awareness and she exaggerates and stretches the truth when giving the (many) versions of events. She has an almost maniacal hatred of Heather- and while Heather certainly does her share of mistakes- Shannon is so unreasonable and so laser focused on attacking Heather only, she loses her point and becomes a nut case. And she has really got to stop the constant complaining and whining. It gets old. Really.Old.Zzzzzzzzz.

  • Melodie

    who cares!!!!