Shannon Beador Says David’s Mother Was not Telling The Truth


Shannon Beador is reacting to this week’s episode of the RHOC where her mother-in-law Donna made some shocking claims about her and her marriage to David. In her blog, Shannon writes that Donna was not telling the truth when she said that Shannon keeps her away from her children. Beador also reacts to her mother-in-law’s claims that Shannon pushed her husband to have an affair, and admits that when she heard Donna tell Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd this, “she lost it.”

“I really have no words for this episode. So much is going on. I have to be out of our house in less than a week and I haven’t packed a thing. The girls’ band, LOCK – Ladies of Rock, is going to perform an original song. I haven’t had more than a few hours of sleep each night. I am under a lot of stress. And to top it off, my mother-in-law punches me in the gut with her words.

It may sound like packing isn’t that difficult when the buyer keeps the furniture, but the furniture is the big, easy stuff! I have a 13,500 square foot home with closets and drawers in each room that are stuffed to the brim! It is very overwhelming and my goal is to purge as much as I can before we move so I don’t have to double up and pack things we will be getting rid of.

The ladies offered to come to help me pack and I thought that may be a fun way to start the process. They clearly had opinions about what I should get rid of! I have held onto a lot of clothes because I have the space. But in our new home, there are much smaller closets so I am up for some purging!

I asked Kelly over because life is too short to hold onto grudges. Who knows how long it would have continued had I not invited her. Let’s just move on.

My daughters have been in a band for the last three years. They have named themselves LOCK, Ladies of Rock. Stella says that she might want to be a drummer in her future, but Sophie and Adeline are just having fun playing together. The girls’ music teacher Sterling wrote an original song for the girls and I am so excited for them to perform it! David and I heard the song for the first time at the studio and we were so impressed and proud! We were both teasing the girls that they had to “rock it out” and have attitude on stage when they performed. Just giving encouragement out of love!

On the day of the performance, the girls had their hair and make-up done for the first time. We were all so excited! I loved the scene of the girls outside before they came on stage! They were pumping themselves up and it was so cute to watch! I can’t tell you how proud I am of my daughters! It is nerve wracking to get up in front of a crowd like that and perform! The girls have been practicing every day since then and sound incredible today! The show definitely motivated them! They are going to record their song “Dreamcatcher” soon and put it on iTunes which I think it pretty darling!!!

I had no idea my mother-in-law was coming to the performance. My children do not have a close relationship with their grandmother. A year and a half ago, my mother-in-law told my daughters that I wasn’t a good mother among other things. They were very upset because no child wants to hear negative things about their mother.

I still have a hard time processing the fact that David’s mother said I pushed him to an affair. It is unbelievable to me that such a statement would be made on a night that was all about my children and was also two weeks after a vow renewal that my husband planned all on his own. David’s mother knew that. To me, making the comment not only disrespected me, but it also disrespected David and my children. It is so mind boggling that David’s mother chose my daughters’ big night to bring up such a subject and to bring it up to strangers. She had never met Kelly and Tamra before.

The bottom line is that David’s mother was not telling the truth. I do not keep her from my children. She never calls to try and make plans. We saved a seat for her and one of David’s sisters for Sophie’s 8th grade play, and they didn’t show up. She spent Easter with my daughters two weeks earlier when we were on our “second honeymoon.” At least once a month I would bring up the fact that David and the kids hadn’t seen his mother since Christmas. I didn’t want her to ever say that I was keeping the children from her. I guess it didn’t matter because she said it anyway.

When I first heard that my mother-in-law was bad mouthing me to Kelly, I was calm. I didn’t want to make an issue of it and didn’t even give it life with David. But when I later heard she also blamed me for the affair, I lost it. I am glad that Tamra told me what happened with my mother-in-law. She is one of my best friends and I would expect her to tell me right away. I am not proud of myself that I got so upset, but I am human. I want to be clear that I was not yelling at David, I was yelling at the situation. I said “Are you f***ing kidding me?” and “I’m f***ing done”, but I never directed any of my statements to David.

It was very sweet of David to defend me because I have made huge efforts with his family in our 18 year relationship. I wanted him to tell the truth, not to say something just to appease me. Sometimes men just say things to make you happy, but it was very important to me that if he said anything to the group that it came from the heart and was true.

When the night was over, the kids told us in the limo that my mother-in-law went up to each of them individually to say that no matter what happened that night, she still loved them. David and I certainly did not bring up the conversation. This showed us that David’s mother had a premeditated plan and it wasn’t a nice one. I am just upset that my fuse was short with no sleep and that she got some satisfaction — at least for one night. And it truly is a real shame because her two or three sentences have completely ripped a family apart.

The one positive thing that came out of Monday’s episode was that my children had a ball and LOCK is practicing and improving every day. They are writing new songs and it is exciting as a mother to see them passionate about a new and fun project!”

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36 Replies to “Shannon Beador Says David’s Mother Was not Telling The Truth”

  1. I think we covered all of this in the comments yesterday, but I will say that it is really irritating when kids have to be involved in adult drama. Regardless of who is telling the truth, these kids should be allowed to be innocent kids for a while longer. They will have the rest of their lives to be involved in family disputes..why not spare them this now at young ages. Obviously I’m a bit biased, but having witnessed first hand what this can do to a person later in life, it sucks.

    1. Anytime someone involves children in something as low as this, it really galls me. These are children for heaven’s sake. Do not visit your nastiness on these innocent people and put doubt into their minds. Shame, shame, shame on Donna for stooping to low and for trying to poison these kids minds with her vile thoughts. David is the only one who knows why he cheated and I am surprised that his mother chose this venue to bring it up. OMG, when in the name of all that is holy will people STOP involving innocent children in their own issues? I am sick to death of it. BTW, this includes Brad & Angelina’s situation too. How vile is she to now accuse Brad of child abuse???!!! What a bitch!

  2. It’s a little difficult for to me comment on what happened as I still don’t watch it. Thank goodness my MIL wasn’t possessive live David’s mother, I find it really creepy. I’m not like it with my son and I love my future DIL as much as I love my kids.
    She is an evil witch and I feel sorry for Shannon, yes I agree the kids should be left out of it but I understand why she lost it. Many of us would have!

      1. Yes fine, had my friend down from Edinburgh today so lots of tears but she brought Holly Dog with her so I had a lovely cuddle! Hope you are well? Were you working yesterday?

        1. Oh Suze , I’m sorry and sad that you’re going through this. We all love you and are praying and rooting for you. Doggie cuddles are the best, no?? Yes I’ve been working half days but sometimes I stay an hour or 2 longer at work if I can . I’m trying not to be on non work websites during the few hours I’m at work that’s why sometimes I disappear , but I’ll jump on when I can ❤️❤️❤️

  3. 1. Shannon does NOT need to explain anything. We are all adults and saw/read what happened so we know the truth. David’s meddling, old bat mother needs to be in an old-age home where she can stir up drama on a daily basis.
    2. ANYONE who says stuff like this to the kids would be BANNED forever. Period. That person would be dead to me.
    3. That’s too much packing. 13,000 square feet? They should thank God they sold that thing cuz RE in Newport isn’t moving.

    1. Yes Gigicat, it must be hell having to pack nothing but clothes, personal items and all her knick knacks. Whew, wish that was all I ever had to pack during my many moves. I have cleaned out, donated and gotten rid of many things over the years and somehow, the stuff seems to multiply all on its’ own. Anyone who can wait a week before they are to leave should consider themselves very lucky. The rest of us aren’t always able to leave the packing and nasty stuff to movers. Shannon should consider herself extremely lucky that she has the luxury of doing this. Wonder how well she is going to fare in her new abode where everything is NOT green and not un-used. That should be interesting if we get to see any of it! Her new digs that is. Makes one wonder how and if Heather & Terry have moved into Chateau Dubrow. All I can say is, I hope this house gives the 6 of them enough room. I wonder how I ever managed with a family of 4 in less than 1800 sq. ft. Guess I’ll never know, those days are gone forever and I now live in an 1100 sq. ft. apartment. I get claustrophobic with over 4 people in my home now. LOL

  4. I don’t watch the show any more, but I see the clips here and on WWHL. I get tired of Shannon yelling “I’m fucking DONE” over and over. MAKE it done. Tell the woman she isn’t welcome in your home or your life, or the lives of your children. I would, for sure. And do it either in private, or on camera with some class. But say it and make it stick. If David wants to see his Mom, he can do so elsewhere, and the kids aren’t going. Period. I was never really a fan of Shannon’s, but I used to respect her. Not so much now. Anyone who had had the guts to tell MY CHILDREN I wasn’t a good Mom, first of all my kids would have told them off. They would have cried, and tried to comfort me, such loyal kids they are. Then, they never would have seen my children again. I am a good Mom, and I was during their upbringing. I did my best at all times, and mine never saw me screaming “I’m fucking done” about anything. I made mistakes, naturally. It taught them that parents are human too, and it showed them what forgiveness is and how it works, especially when the mistake included them… proved to them that they too, were allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven. To be honest, and not to rile up any fans of hers, I never really liked the over importance she put on herbs and healing that way, crystals and “charms” hanging about just so to protect them from what? Evil or something. How stupid. I am all about natural healing and prevention when it is needed. She sent them away always with a big bags of vitamins and more stuff than an herbalist would need, and that bugged me. It seemed to me that it taught them to always be watching and worrying over any little tickle in their throat, or sneeze, and that they had to run immediately to the bag of herbs or whatever. I personally don’t believe that’s good for children. She would sit there for a long time schooling them on every illness that might be in the air, and that teaches fear. To always be afraid of the unknown, and never to venture anywhere for fear there might not be a charm to cure for what might happen. As if you can cure LIFE, and all of it’s sorrows and disappointments, instead of teaching them to look INWARDS, not into a bag of pills. That’s not a healthy way to live, IMO.

    1. I think that’s pretty well stated…I’ll admit a part of me has always been a little confused too, that Shannon has publicly identified as a Christian, but is into all the charms, and the crystals, and the superstitious arrangement and placement of objects…it’s a little weird for me to reconcile, but yeah…meh…

    1. I agree! She blames everyone but herself and I don’t buy it. Plus, she drags the kids into everything. David looks like he’s honing to run any minute,.

  5. As a child, I was put in the exact same situation her children are currently in with David’s mother and I grew to resent my grandmother for not allowing me to just be a child. And that bullshit about respecting your elders…newsflash! Respect is a two way street and no one earns it with age. If you don’t reach out to the child and bad mouth their mother, guess what? They’re not going to want you in their lives! So maybe putting the blame on Shannon for not seeing your grand kids is a little insane considering how much you’ve alienated them because kids are much smarter and MUCH more perceptive than you could ever imagine. Suck on it, you old hag.

  6. The only thing I can add to Grandma being TOTALLY wrong in this situation is that it was also disturbing to see the degree to which Shannon was ready to involve her children in a discussion over this conflict, particularly as it was directly concerning David’s affair. I squirmed a bit at Shan not having complete control in front of the children in the limo ride home as she started to needle David over who’s side to take, or whether or not his mother was justified in saying Shannon pushed him into an affair.

    While I understand Shannon has a close relationship with her girls, and initially they confronted this issue together as a family for buffering and healing purposes, there has to be a point when you realize that certain conversations should not be had in front of the children, around the children, or in close quarters with the children; certain things should be left for adult ears so they can focus on being children and not becoming enmeshed in adult relationship dynamics . David did a great job in explaining to the girls in age-appropriate terms what happened at the Blue Beet, but when Shannon started to pick and go deeper where it then becomes a conflict between the two parents…it was awkward and uncomfortable. These are the actions that create imprints on childrens’ hard drives – eventually influencing how they communicate with their significant others in future relationships as grown-ups.

  7. Shannon can definitely be annoying enough to drive her husband away but if David were unhappy with her he could have chosen to tell her they needed counseling or he could have chosen to file for a divorce instead of cheating behind her back. Shannon’s mother in law may have a point about Shannon but she has to take the blinders off about her son as well. The kids will never forget what their father did no matter how many marriage renewal vows they take or anything else they do. That experience has imprinted them far more than anything their grandmother said. They’ll never forget it.

  8. To me, the limo ride home was just so sad…those 3 girls should have been over the moon excited after that performance and laughing and talking about how well they did and what fun it was. Adult conversations are for adults.

  9. My dad’s mom didn’t like my mother or her family. My grandmother thought that they were “better” than her, whatever that meant. Yes, my mom’s family had more money and were educated, but how that makes you “better” is still a mystery.

    My grandmother would ignore me and my sister. At Easter, Christmas, all my cousins would have a basket or a stocking, but not us. Finally, my mom had enough of her kids being treated this way. She told my dad, see your mom whenever you want, me and the kids are done. I didn’t meet my grandmother again until I was 15. She was always a cold person. She favored two of her grandchildren and the rest of us, were just there. I did have a relationship with her up until she died when I was 39. I never asked her about the rift and I wish I did. My mother didn’t care at all that I had a relationship with her. My mom never said anything bad about her, just how she was treated by her, things said, and done.

    To this day, I don’t have much of a relationship with my dad’s side of the family. Too many people in/out of prison, on drugs, idiots, and have their hands out. My mom’s side of the family is completely opposite. Fun, loving, educated, and very close. Maybe that’s how they are “better”?

    I feel for Shannon and her kids with this situation. It’s not easy. Her kids see their grandmother and that’s a good thing. Let them make up their own minds when they are older, like I did with my grandmother. None of us can ever judge anyone’s marriage. Team Shannon!

      1. Good morning What The and Suze ❤️❤️❤️ Great post what The! It’s profoundly sad when grandparents take things out on the grandkids , it speaks to deep rooted meanness of spirit. Your mom made the right decision and at the end it’s your grandmothers loss. We didn’t grow up close to my dads family either , that’s why I tried to have my kids have a relationship with my husbands side, even though they’re in Wisconsin. We sent them there several summers when they were kids to spend time on the farm on gramma and papa and they loved it. And yes TEAM SHANNON ❤️❤️❤️

        1. I think Miss M said it was taking a lot longer than normal when they go into moderation. I guess it’s the new site. Xoxoxo

        2. I was just watching a property programme that is on every night at seven, then went into the bathroom when I came back in last season of OC was on. Shannon was standing in front of a trainer grabbing handfuls of her stomach! I did laugh, not many people would do that on camera. That is why I like her she is so real! Xoxoxxo

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