Shannon Beador Says David’s Affair Has All Been Worth It


Shannon Beador decided to stay with her husband David after she found out he had an affair with a woman that she knew.

“I think if I would have gone back and said if this happens, my immediate answer would be, I’m gone. I’m done,” Shannon told Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM show this week. “But when it happens and you have three kids, I just couldn’t see my life without him in it, so it was difficult. I’m not gonna say there weren’t days when I said, ‘I’m done. I want to go.'”

But Shannon is happy she decided to stay. “But we are in a happier place right now than we’ve ever been so it was all worth it,” she said.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Suze☕️

    I could say this headline strange as what woman would say her husbands affair was worth it? Then again I have a friend who would say same, personally I would have chopped them off! But I’m mean! The other woman in Shannon’s case was a nasty bitch!

    • Daisy

      Good day sweet Suze . I don’t think you’re mean as I would have done the same thing . As for the title of this article . .. it did make me dizzy trying to understand . Oh well who am I to judge

  • Cin

    David is a weenie….he’s not worth it.

    • Amy

      Hi Cin.. Not taking sides but do you do recall how unhealthy their relationship was the first season. She was a controlling freak and not in a good way. She was also playing sick all the time and did nothing but bitched at David and the kids while micromanaging every move they made. I’m happy to see them in a healthy loving relationship now and they actually fell back In love with eachother. Just my oponion.

  • Melodie

    She does not value herself at all. Poor self esteem and just plain sad. She says it was worth it? What a ridiculous thing to say. She has just allowed him to get away with it. Let’s visit this story when the girls are going away to college. They will have nothing in common and he will pull a Mario and run.

  • starr

    This has to be the biggest bunch of delusional lies I’ve heard in quite awhile. Who is Shannon trying to fool? I guess it must be herself. When the kids are off to college, I feel he’ll exit out the back door himself.

  • dumbest statement ever made

  • Amy

    I’m not taking sides.. However I do think it made them fall in love again. I can see it on the show. There is a difference of loving someone and being in love. I think what David did was wrong but I like Shannon and I think they actually have the healthiest relationships of ALL of the housewives franchises. If you all remember Shannon has changed in a big way also. Her first season she was a hypocontratic nut job control freak. Now she seems to be a pleasant and kind person. I know some may disagree but that’s just my opinion.

  • moriah

    I think they’re both together for financial reasons. She wants the lifestyle he gives her and he doesn’t want to lose half of his assets by divorcing her. It’s an arrangement whether Shannon wants to pretend differently or not. If her husband got caught cheating on her again she still wouldn’t leave, nor would he. Same reason as this time. I wouldn’t describe them as in love with each other. I’ll bet you anything he’s got an exit plan for once his daughters are off at college. In the meantime he’ll be siphoning cash off to private accounts offshore till he’s able to be free.

    • Amy

      Very true Moriah.

  • Amy

    he’s just going threw the motions I guess

  • Michelle

    I was perplexed when I read the headline too. I’m not sure I could do what she did but in the end it was the best thing for their young family and maybe they both genuinely learned a lot about themselves. I do hope so. I’m all for improving upon yourself. Too often people think that once they’ve reached a certain age, they no longer have anything else to learn. More’s the pity.

  • Nancy

    Sure Shannon! Are you freaking kidding me! It was worth it! Which woman wud think such a thing, to know that Ur husband slept with another woman God only knows if it was more than 1 woman. U believe he would even cop to it! What a crock.We will see the walls come down bc in the back of her mind when he comes home late a couple of times she’ll Bcome paranoid again. And all h_ll will break loose again. That’s Shannon’s way! But that’s just my opinion. However I do wish her & her family well.