Shannon Beador Reveals If She Will Forgive Vicki Gunvalson

RHOC star Shannon Beador is speaking out about her tumultuous friendship with her co-star Vicki Gunvalson.

Many fans want to know if there’s a possibility of Shannon forgiving Vicki. “When you cross the line and make the allegations that she did about my husband, that does nothing but hurt my family, and my job as a mother is to protect my family. And I will cut anybody out of my life that is as hurtful as that,” Shannon told The Daily Dish, adding that she doesn’t think an apology from Vicki to her face would fix anything. “So for better or worse, I wish her well, be happy with your new man, I forgive you. I don’t want you in my life.”

Shannon revealed on WWHL this week that even if Vicki had not made those allegations about her husband, she still wouldn’t want a friendship. “I’m human, but if I put myself back into the ring, then I’m the only one who’s responsible for getting hurt again. I was already hurt by her before,” Shannon explained. “So I just live my life. I cut you out when it gets to a certain point.”

Beador also defended her friend Tamra Judge, saying that Tamra has nothing to do with her disdain for Vicki. “For Vicki to allege that if I weren’t in the picture she would have this friendship with Tamra, I don’t influence Tamra. I don’t tell her who to be friends with and who not to be friends with. In fact, if you see this season, Lydia [McLaughlin] isn’t being so nice to me, but yet Tamra is still friends with her. I’m not saying, ‘Tamra if you’re my friend, don’t be friends with her.’ I don’t do that,” Shannon said. “I’ve made my decision for myself and what’s healthiest for me. And she’s capable of making her own decisions.”

And Shannon believes Vicki and Tamra’s friendship is over for good too. “You’ve seen Tamra, I think, over the 10 years say, ‘I’m done with you, let’s be friends again,’ and it’s been this pattern,” Shannon shared. “But I think that she’s made realizations, and I think that the allegations and the accusations kind of reached a new high. They crossed a line. And I think at that point, that’s when you say, ‘It’s too much. Not gonna do it again.'”

Are you surprised by this?

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  • sassy chickah

    If Vicky is so intelligent, mentally she’s really immature. It’s time where she really needs to take a close look @ why all her friendships fail. Stop pointing your finger & blaming everyone else. Think, “How did this start? How could I have responded appropriately? What can I do to change the situation?” STOP listening to gossip & believing others before talking to your friend & then exaggerating or making things more dramatic. You will have a heart attack because you are thriving on negativity. Hanging out with others who are not positive heightens your blood pressure & then spreading the gossip makes you boil over the top. It’s time to start looking at yourself & stop worrying about things that haven’t happened. IT IS YOU, not everybody else.

    • Aunt Bee

      Agree with you 100% Sassy

  • Bon Vivant

    What would Jesus do?

    • missrox

      forgiving doesn’t mean being BFF’s

  • MM in OC

    What Vicki said about the Bedors is public record. If Shannon didn’t want it to come out she should get off reality TV. There is no hiding. Even the smallest transgression is blown dramatically out of proportion in reality TV. And the Eddie rumors have been around since he first appeared on camera. There was no revelation here. I get why people don’t like Vicki She can be obnoxious. I think she played up the cancer thing for her storyline, but I also think she really thought he was sick (again, after so many years you know you can’t pull one over on these producers). But Tamra is the absolute worst housewife out of all of them in terms of underhanded scheming dagger throwing among housewives. And the fact that she continue to make her daughter a story line after her daughter’s repeated requests to stop talking about her on TV makes her incredibly selfish. Glass houses ladies.

    • timhun

      I agree. All you have to do is Google “David Beador arrested” and you’ll find where he was arrested in 2003 and charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and battery against a cohabitant. Shannon said “There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police the fight would end. We’ve moved on and it’s over and done.” So, did he really hit her and she’s lying about it now or did she lie to the police in 2003? She’s one to call Vicki a liar.

  • Watching in Ohio

    I think SB is batshit crazy and watching her on this season just confirmed to me that she has “serious” mental health issues! You can see it on her husbands face.. he just looks “numb” from it all.. he doesn’t DARE confront her or say anything to upset Her Craziness! Her kids..they KNOW their mother’s “fruit loops” but love her and don’t want to see their family torn apart! She needs to go get some help and medication! (Throwing glass plates in a public restaurant and breaking them while cursing/screaming like a sailor is a total loss of self control! She is just in the edge of a breakdown..it’s not unforgiveness..it’s pride! Makes me wonder what “Cra-Cra”does in private! Scared and abusive! Maybe Tamra should be a REAL friend and suggest she get the professional help she needs!

    • missrox

      Mario left when Avery moved out will not be surprised if David does same thing

  • starr

    Good gravy, Shannon is beyond hateful. She said she forgave Vicki, but does not want her in her life. I get the last part, the first part is a hypocritical lie.
    She thrives on not forgiving & not forgetting ever.
    Vicki did not lie, David did hit her–common knowledge. Who’s she trying to kid? She professes she never lies, but she is a big fat liar. She loves to thrive on hate, bitterness & resent, not just outside of her home, but within it as well. No wonder David is frustrated & very weary spirited. My sympathy is with him. Just recall how horrible she was to him the first season. I think that continues.
    As for Tamara, she’s another bad seed & we all know that Eddie’s been termed gay. Shannon & Tamara deserves one another.
    Vicki is now getting even with them with the hurt they both inflicted on her relentlessly & as much as I personally do not do a tit for tat, I quite understand where she’s coming from.

    • Aunt Bee

      I would say I could (maybe) forgive Vicki but as a cancer survivor who has also lost parents and a brother to that disease, I could never forget Cancergate and all the crap she pulled for that man. Don’t forget, she was also involved in false cancer based schemes for profit. Sorry Starr but Vicki is the lowest of the low in these franchises and is the only reason I no longer watch.