Shannon Beador Reveals More Problems in Her Marriage, Admits She’s Lonely

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador had a breakthrough about her rocky marriage to her husband David. Beador told her best friend Tamra Judge that she wasn’t going to let her problems with David affect how she feels about herself anymore.

Viewers know all about Shannon’s marital issues, because she has revealed that David has become distant since her weight-gain, which started reminding her of the last time he pulled away from her and had an affair.

“I can’t have a relationship be the focus of my happiness,” Shannon told Tamra during a major talk. “I kind of have lost track of myself though this. Either the relationship is going to improve, or the relationship isn’t. I cannot let it affect my happiness.”

“I’ve been having some issues with David and I’m not looking for pity, I’m not trying to throw a pity party for myself and I’m not trying to play the victim. I’m just sad,” Shannon Tamra. “Things are so detached right now, it makes me think about the affair more. I just feel sad and lonely.”

“A lot of the time I get sad,” Beador continued. “I’m just devastated of the state that we’re in right now. I just thought we were in a place that we could never go back. And now, we’re just roommates.”

Shannon explained how her weight-gain has put a strain on her marriage.

“With all the weight gain, I don’t know how it happened,” Shannon said. “I feel so… I mean, I don’t want to cry, but I just feel so sh*tty about myself. When I look in the mirror, I don’t even recognize myself, and I know that David is just disgusted with the whole thing. I don’t like what I see, at least I can justify in my head. ‘This is why David is growing apart from you, because look at you.’ ”

Tamra showed support and concern for her friend.

“It just breaks my heart to see you like this,” she told Shannon. “I know you’re going through a lot of sh*t. But Sometimes you got to go though the sh*t to get to the other side. And when you get through this sh*t, it’s going to be golden, I promise you.”

Judge also said that when she was married to her ex-husband, Simon Barney, she would lash out at others because she was unhappy. She said she sees the same pattern happening with Shannon.

“It’s coming out in other ways. And I’m seriously concerned. I’m worried about you,’” Tamra told her friend. “When I was unhappy in my marriage, I lashed out. I was miserable and I wanted everybody to know.”

The ladies are getting ready to go on a trip to Iceland (it’s going to be crazy) and this seemed to improve Shannon’s outlook on things.

“I talk to you every single day, and I swear you cry once a day. Maybe you need a little time away from David right now,” Tamra added.

Shannon agreed.

“I have to say, times like that when I do go away I think [David] realizes how I keep the family together. So I hope he realizes,” Shannon said. “And if he doesn’t, well there’s nothing I can do.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo