Shannon Beador Reveals Her Guilty Pleasures


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is dishing her guilty pleasures in a fun new interview with Bravo’s The Dish. From her favorite movies, music and food, get to know more about Shannon Beador.

Favorite Movies: Meet The Parents and Mrs. Doubtfire
I have a few favorite movies and I like to have my kids watch these older movies with me—anything that makes me laugh. I would say Meet The Parents is one of them and we all love Mrs. Doubtfire. I think my kids have seen that at least ten times.

Favorite Music: Rock’n’Roll
My favorite music is anything Rock’n’Roll. I’m a rocker. Def Leppard, [the] twins were conceived after that concert. That’s high on the list. Motley Crue. We love Tommy Lee. [We] just took Stella to the Motley Crue concert last week, their farewell tour. We were there, sixth row.

Favorite Way To Relax: Acupuncture
I think I would probably have to say laying on the acupuncture table with Dr. Moon and his healing hands. That relaxes me.

Favorite Must-Have Item: Brookstone Noise Machine
I don’t know if I would call it a beauty item, but in order to maintain any sort of beauty you need sleep. So we have a Brookstone noise machine in our bedroom because we need to drown out David’s snoring. So, that allows me to have my beauty sleep.

Favorite Designers: Valentino, Gucci
I would have to say Valentino because my sister-in-law is manager of one of their boutiques. And Gucci. When I was 16, my father bought me a Gucci Cadillac Seville, with the big GG’s on it. So, yeah, I was driving around town in that. Everyone knew who I was.

Favorite Food: Denny’s Moon Over My Hammy
I’m a coffee shop kind of gal—anything from Denny’s and Coco’s. There’s been many a night where I’ve eaten Moon Over My Hammy at Denny’s. It’s a good one.

Favorite Channel: Bravo
And I’ll have to say my favorite thing on TV is anything and everything on Bravo. Also, my favorite website, hello,!

Photo Credit: Bravo


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