Shannon Beador Responds to Negative Comments About Her Marriage


Giving Shannon Beador credit would be an understatement for what she has displayed in front of the cameras during this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. They say when on a reality show you show your reality and sharing the struggles in her marriage to husband David has been the mother of three’s storyline. As it has been, viewers have made a lot of negative comments towards Shannon about her choices in reconciling with her husband, and via social media she shut the haters down.

Shannon Tweeted,

She also shared a quote on her Instagram page, “Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life.”

We are wishing Shannon and David the best!

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89 Replies to “Shannon Beador Responds to Negative Comments About Her Marriage”

  1. Shut up Saggy shannon. THat dinner for your birthday and the way you acted you should be ashamed of yourself. Dinner with your family a special time and you have to act like a spoiled brat. You could have just shut up eaten the food laughed a little with your kids and gotten through it NOT SHANNON…. she has to pout the entire time,,,, she NEVER smiled once. THe only thing she said with a little grin on her face was….. where are our drinks!!!!! David tried and yes the guys don’t always make the right choices but he said he wanted to bring you somewhere different… no it wasn’t a 5 star restaurant but your kids and David were liking it and you complained about every detail….. These ribs have a lot of fat on them…. so what you ordered it. If you wanted grilled chicken you should have ordered it. Too loud… I got news for you Shannon you keep saying your FUN FUN FUN enjoy the atmosphere and shut up. The cake came and again you did not even smile. The kids were so happy. If you wanted to go somewhere else you should have asked David for your birthday you would like to go to….. blah blah blah. The only person who is responsible for the marital situation your in is you. Take responsibility and stop beating your family up. Your pathetic.

    1. So true…as I was typing my comments below, the word “pathetic” came to my mind in describing Shannon….and you had it in your comments too!

    2. It’s harsh, but absolutely true. The pity party has to end. Hopefully, it has. I like crazy zany wacky shannon, but holy hell we are watching her become completely devoured with this affair and self pity. I thought Ramona was a nutjob, but I give her kudos on how she’s handling her divorce and Marios infidelity. I can’t imagine the hot mess shannon would be if she was in her position.

        1. We could see your name Gigi 🙂 sometimes if you’re using an iPad vs phone or laptop, it may show as anonymous but it said Gigi on our side

    3. Something doesnt add up in Shannons take on things. She allways talks like shes willing to do whatever it takes to make her marriage last. But thats never what we see. All we see is Shannon being moody and her husband. She makes more of an effort with those bitchy ladies than with him. Hes in trouble if he has a drink, but she gets plowed with Vickie and Tamra and its all good. In other words all Shannon does is opine on having a good marriage ,while being the same old wicked witch riding her broom stick. That makes me lose respect for her and I had liked her before.

  2. As a viewer, whether 6 months, 6 days, or 6 years David comes off as a total douchebag. Shannon looks pathetic and constantly doing things that is a total turnoff.

  3. Oh Shannon…it wouldn’t have mattered where he took you for dinner…you would have found something you didn’t like….and all that passive aggressive nonsense about not eating the food YOU ordered for your birthday dinner because you are too fat….and that story about him leaving your bed and sneaking off to the other woman’s bed…geez… I am sure your kids had that repeated back to them before they even made it to school today. You are wearing his affair like a crown in the Victim Parade and setting a very poor example for your daughters.

    1. The victim crown comment was so right on. I honestly don’t know if this kind of garbage about marriage makes ratings. I just watched the BD dinner and she has her usual disapproving bitch face on. I had the beginning of a dinner with my kids once like that. It was Mothers Day, tho. It was really busy at the place they chose, they had saved their own money and they started crying when the wait staff tried to seat us separately. But I just bent down and suggested we go to another place. The food was pretty bad, but the company was the best. They never knew and they don’t read this. They’re all over 30 now. I don’t agree kids can “feel” what kind of tension it is between parents. They might feel something, but they don’t know what it is. I don’t believe in the psycho-babble tell the kids everything fad. The whole “my kids wouldn’t be happy unless I am truly happy” is a bunch of capitol BS. When kids know something is wrong we explain that conflict and disagreement are simply part of life. They don’t have to know the freaking details to become well rounded adults. That is a selfish way to make YOURSELF happy. Kids want their parents together. I am personally so sick of listening to Shannon’s interviews. I usually zip her entirely, but there was so much talk about the dinner I finally watched. Her usual whining bullsh. That is ALL she has done since she came on the show. First Tamra “treated her bad” Then Heather treated her bad, on the worst night of her life. God, how many years is she going to be able to recall all of the horrible tragedies she has had to endure. There are things in life that have dropped me to my knees, my first husband screwing another woman wasn’t one of them. I did feel kicked in the gut for a couple days, then I packed, got a job across state lines, hired the pilot of a 5 seater to take me and my kids there and the rest is history. And I didn’t have money. I am not going to be treated second class by anyone or chance STD’s for anyone, once a liar, ALWAYS A LIAR.
      Shannon didn’t change her personality the day she found out about the affair. That’s like saying mean drunks become sweet and sober when they walk into their front door and great their kids.

  4. I understand that shannon is going through a lot and expected to have this big bash for a birthday, but she behaved like a total brat!! She should have told him what she wanted instead of waiting to be impressed (or let down). No one’s relationship is perfect, but when you’re on tv expect to field some criticism and ugliness. It comes with the paycheck. Dave, josh, and Jim give me a total douche bag vibe with their disinterest in their wives. Shannon made the decision to stay with him, knew there was going to be hard times, but it still seems like she needs to make it harder for herself the whole process. I truly wish them the best and there were a few times last season when they were good, you could see that spark that was once there. It’s just very brutal how they’re punishing themselves and each other this whole process. Cringe worthy.

    1. We’ve all been in situations where no matter what they do it just won’t do. I can imagine if my husband cheated I would just end the marriage rather than trap my whole family in hell. However I would be a complete nightmare to be around.

      1. I was just watching season 9 where David and Shannon had the Christmas party. The discussion was about having kids and girls vs. boys and was with Lizzies husband, Christian. Lizzie and Christian have 2 sons and David and Shannon have 3 daughters, and David said “I heard that when you are happy, you produce boys, and when you are unhappy, you produce girls.” His DAUGHTER was standing right there! So, IMO, between Shannon taking the kids to “doctors” who hammer crystals on the pressure points of her children and his cruel, inappropriate comments, they started making those kids neurotic long before the show. It just continues, he is still a total douche and she started whining about David the minute the cameras came on and is still doing so every single time the camera is on her. God, I am really sick of her and i never thought she was a good fit. There needs to be a combo of personalities, for sure. But all of them should bring a certain QUALITY to the experience of watching. She doesn’t.

  5. I really don’t like Shannon. Neither in last season, nor in this one. She comes off very pathetic and not mature enough. Running from people, screaming at people, no wonder she is friends with Vicky

  6. Their marriage is over. It is only a matter of time before David calls it quits. He will leave with a clear conscious after trying to make it work after his mistake of finding emotional support he wasnt getting at home. Shannon will never let it go. The kids have nailed her pathetic attitude by calling her out at their family dinner.
    Melodie summed it up beautiully . It must be human nature when everyone knows it is a sinking ship but Shannon has no idea how fast her ship is going down.

  7. I like Shannon and I do feel for her and take her side on her problems with David. BUT- Shannon, do NOT EVER directly address the fans. Celebs who fight with the fans, try to set them straight, or even thank them soon seem very crazy and like they are simply not celeb material. As they say in writing, DON’T break the third wall. To viewers, you are a “character” on a TV show, nothing more.

    1. I have always had the impression that she thinks she is so much more but I might be wrong! It won’t be the first time!!!

  8. I don’t see how David will stay with her while watching himself on TV with us being reminded he’s a cheater week after week. This is too raw and dark for the world to see. I don’t see how the marriage can work and they can heal and recover from this when a camera is filming them and their children for all to see.

  9. She’s being real. How many housewives “pretend”? Most of them. Right or wrong, she was true to how she was feeling instead of acting for the camera. I can think of many times in my life where I behaved in a way that I realized later was wrong. That’s life.

  10. Sorry Shannon but u will be judged, your on a reality show with David the douchbag, trying to convince everyone how great your marriage is, remember Shannon u said that at the reunion last year to!! LEAVE your girls out of it!!! The douchbag can’t stand being around you!! I don’t care what u say, just like last season u two are the most awkard and uncomfortable couple to watch. BTW David took u to that restaurant because he could care less, and it’s the only restaurant that wasn’t on the list you compiled

  11. Team Shannon all the way! Once again we have stupid comments about how poor David can put up with her blah blah blah. He’s a cheater and gets ZERO sympathy. I don’t think these comments are made by women or they are women who need therapy

  12. I’m not on David’s side, I think he’s a douchbag, I just think Shannon’s trying to make everyone think her marriage is amazing I’m not buying it! I also don’t support playing this out in front of their daughters. These two don’t look like they belong together, David the douchbag looks like he can’t stand being with her, whatever she is holding over him is probably the reason he is still there and still checked out.

    1. What about Teresa’s kids, or Phaedra’s kids etc? These reality shows involve kids, so should all kids be banned?? While that’s a ‘noble’ stance , it’s not realistic

  13. Since her children seem to be fully aware of what’s going on in their parents marriage…. the two of them should use a bit more self control in front of them…. they do not need to be a part of this struggle.. they will feel torn… so Shannon and David… smile and laugh around the kids.

    1. They could put on a front that everything is perfect then have it all come crashing down if you think that would make for better T.V.

  14. Banned? What r u talking about, phaedra’s kids?? Shannon and David do not need to slam each other and throw his affair in the kids face. They can’t wait until they leave a restaurant to belittle each other, her own daughter threw her mom’s drinking in her face. Belittle each other behind closed doors they do have that choice. As for the guidices they disgust me, I will not watch anything their on, their thiefs and won’t admit it. They whore out their children I’m not a fan. What next?

    1. You just don’t like Shannon and the kids are a convenient excuse for you , that and how poor David is suffering ! We can agree to disagree . You think just because other parents don’t slam each other in front of the camera, that it doesn’t happen in real life?? Come on!!!

        1. And as I said we can agree to disagree , which is fine and allowed, I’m sure at some point we will agree on some other topic

        1. I wouldn’t think you are getting at me lol, nor am I getting at any one. We are just have a discussion about a silly TV show , where rich women in gowns have fights, throw drinks at each other and all kinds is silliness 🙂

          1. I was just interested that’s all, nothing else! Yes all of these programmes are silly and ridiculous and vacuous but we keep watching! and commenting! 😀

  15. But here is one thing I would like to add. If any one is going to act crazy and say crazy things in front of me, whether it’s a friend, my husband, some idiot on a reality show – then I am allowed to comment. If you don’t want comments, then stop acting crazy.

  16. “6 mos after my husband fully committed to our marriage”
    Call me crazy but shouldn’t he have fully committed to your marriage the day you took your vows?

  17. It’s just sad to me, for the kids, Shannon, and even David. I like her, and I don’t think she realizes the damage she’s doing to her kids and herself by giving in to the emotions of it all and sharing those thoughts with them. If she wants this marriage (which is all but dead, anyway) and her children not affected any more than they already have been she needs to shut up and let sleeping dogs die.

        1. Oh yes!!! Now I’m dating myself ! One of my favorite albums of all time, ‘the hardline’ 🙂 . Do you know ‘sign your name’ ? That was one of my wedding songs

          1. Jeeze, you really have me thinking way back, my memory isn’t what it use to be!!! I can’t say I recall it. Now it’s gonna bother me:)

  18. Even the tweet about being perfect the rest of our lives is a call for poor Shannon. I think she is boring and doesn’t belong on the show. Tried to like her but it’s not possible. The whole marriage spa thing was awful, and speaking for myself only, I would be watching marriage boot camp if I wanted to hear about every cheating husband. It’s old news and I always wanted these shows to be about how the other half lives. The fabulously wealthy, their glamorous lives. And of course they have problems like the rest of us, but I don’t watch to see some whining middle-aged housewife with some money talking about using crystals to save her useless douche of a husband. She is way too pedestrian for what I want to see. The scene at dinner with Viki, crying, whining, “I am your friend” is such BS. A friend suffers a little discomfort for the sake of a “friend” She wanted to be the first to tell her, simple as that. It shows how incredible selfish she is. David is a cheater, but he is the Dad of your girls, SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.

    1. I have tried to like her also but she is so passive aggressive I want to tell her either Put Up or Shut Up ,she made choice to stay and she has to remember he can walk out at any time if she doesn’t learn to forgive and stop making him relive the affair…. she is just making him Yearn for the woman who did make him happy

  19. Oh good gosh woman (stfu) already—–all shannon does is whine and cry and it’s uber tired. get a new storyline or at least some self respect.
    shannon always treating david badly and walking around like a victim—-she is creating even more problems for the kids, they see how bad she acts—-every single one of them asked “mom, are you ok”—she needs to get divorced ASAP and stop with the crying………

  20. I like Shannon, but if she does not appreciate negative remarks, she should not have aired on the air their dirty linen. And I agree, the night of her birthday, she could’ve/should’ve put on a happy face till she got home to cry privately in the bathroom rather than spoil it for her kids.

      1. Then she should have said she wanted a meal out without them. When we have kids they want to be part of our celebrations in life. They go to bed and then we have an adult one. Pretty simple. Being that she can’t stop herself from being a sad victim every moment then going on camera to whine some more, she is teaching those girls to take whatever crap anyone throws at you and just be passive aggressive about it forever instead of standing up for yourself and kicking him out. I really hope this is her last year like Peggy and Laurie and Quinn and Lynn and the others.

  21. Shannon Beador is the STAR of HWOC !
    She is real and speaks the truth!
    She is honest about her marriage and family –

    The other housewives are BORING!

    Team Shannon all the way! ! !

  22. Shannon is disgusting. I just watched the show from this week. The way she acted at her birthday dinner was disgraceful. She is turning her girls into mini Shannon’s. Shame in you. Then to even remark to the server about her giving you too many limes to squeeze when you asked for extra extra limes? How about lay off the vodka Shannon. You and Vicki deserve eachother. Poor David. Seriously you treated him like crap and you still do. He’s trying but make it impossible for him. And why do you decide to share your personal sex life last year on your bday to everyone??? Just to embarrass him ?? Shannon is sick and pathetic. Marriages fall apart from crazy phsco spouses like yourself. Disgusting how you have brought your children into your issues and you continue to do. If you had your family’s best interest at heart, you would have NOT done the show again this year. Same on you how you brought your children into your problems just to attempt to turn them on David. Her and Vicki deserve eachother.

  23. Why would he have even told her her left her on her birthday after having sex with her and had sex with his whore? Now she has the trauma of remembering that horror every birthday. I so wish he had withheld that cruel detail. They are very wealthy people and I can understand her thinking he might have chosen a more special place for her birthday considering THE HELL HE PUT HER THROUGH LAST YEAR. I think she was not recovered which is why she was emotional. Its easy to judge and throw stones. I think they are doing much better now and I hope they can continue to strengthen their marriage and have a happy life with their children. God bless them.

  24. I have never ” wished” someone to be cancelled from Housewives. Shannon…….WHY do you think David strayed? There are a million women who woukd kill to have such a sweet husband and father…and gorgeous! Are you kidding me? Sadly, he will run again…….What man wouldnt….that poor man cannot do ANYTHING right. You are a spoiled, high maintenance b$&@?. Sorry, I really wanted to like you. Take some flower essence and chill……

  25. We aren’t haters Shannon but I think I like you more than David does.
    I don’t know why he would agree to putting this topic in front of the cameras.
    I don’t know why Shannon thought this would help others. She is just publicly humiliating herself and giving her husband’s lover some entertainment if she’s watching.
    I’m pretty sure if she had David followed by a private investigator she would find he is still contacting her at least by phone or emails but I don’t think she’d really want to know.

  26. I don’t get all the anger towards Shannon. To me, knowing that Shannon and David are now in a much better place, helps me digest their scenes a little easier. Its a long process, her heart was broken, even the counselor said it would take a long time to heal. Bravo always prefers to show the worst of the footage to get the viewers to respond. The Beadors have moved forward, which tells me that they’ve also been doing things right, which Bravo hasn’t shown. But that’s just me.

  27. Shannon is cra-cra….the whole birthday dinner was uncalled for and her poor girls….really? I was trying to like her but agree with most of the post, she is very high maintenance and hard to get along with. Her daughters will see her as a difficult person as they continue to mature, hell, they already do. She should apologize to her husband for acting like a child in front of her children. I’m sure he had no idea she was expecting a makeup of her 50th birthday….for gods sake, he is just a man!

  28. Keep working on your marriage & family. I pray for the best for all of you. (For the life of me, I can’t figure out why David told her what he did on her last birthday – he should have kept that one to himself!)

  29. I think all of this is sad. No one knows how awful it must be to have this revealed while on a tv show. Yes, if you are on a show than you just have to deal with it or get off, but nevertheless show her some support. I think she should be commended for trying to make it work because of her kids. I think most of us would do the weaker thing and storm out. Think of the women who stay with their men even after they have been beaten. Furthermore, I think she has shown she has a fun side. Stop being such haters. Life is too short. Let it be.

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