Shannon Beador Recognizes Alcohol Problem

During the last episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador seemed to have a bit of a meltdown after the group gathered together to try to help Shannon move forward from her divorce with her ex, David Beador.

While vacationing in Jamaica, Vicki Gunvalson revealed she would see Shannon up late at night pouring herself vodka drinks alone.

An insider is revealing that Shannon’s fight with Vicki and Tamra made her realize that alcohol was hurting her.

Another source alleged Shannon lost it, because she is jealous of Gina’s relationship with Tamra. “Shannon was flat out jealous of Gina’s friendship with Tamra who, at the time, couldn’t be around Shannon because she was just so negative all the time,” an RHOC insider said.

“Shannon’s messy breakdown turned out to be the best thing for her,” the source close to Beador said. “She was miserable during that period of her life, and she is glad that her co-stars called her out and told her to snap out of it.”

The source added that Beador cut down her drinking drastically after the trip, and she has started to workout non-stop. According to RadarOnline, she is finally out of the dark place that she was in and is back to being herself.

Beador has turned her life around.


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