Shannon Beador Ready To Move Forward, Believes All The Women Will Return For Another Season


Shannon Beador didn’t hold anything back in her first season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and now in a new interview she’s looking forward to her future in the series.

When asked what was the biggest eye-opening experience after watching herself on television, Shannon said it was watching the way she treated her husband.

“Nagging and bitching, ladies, isn’t gonna get you what you want!” Shannon tells OK Magazine, adding that her family has already noticed a difference in her since she returned home from the Bali trip. “I went to Bali… I had some realizations while I was there about wanting to be a more peaceful person so I came home and started to implement those things. So you really don’t get to see it… maybe a little bit in the last episode.”

Shannon also shares that she is okay with how she was portrayed on the show.

“I would do nothing differently,” Shannon says. “Because I am who I am! I wouldn’t change a thing. I get myself in a lot of trouble. I put my foot in my mouth… What you see is what you get with me.”

Saying she is ready to “move forward” with the ladies and the show, Shannon reveals she believes all the ladies will return for another season.

“I assume everyone will come back… I don’t know why they wouldn’t,” she said, adding that she is glad the reunion is over with. “It happened… it’s over and it’s done with. And I’m not going to harbor all that negative energy. I’m gonna move forward.”

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16 Replies to “Shannon Beador Ready To Move Forward, Believes All The Women Will Return For Another Season”

    1. I totally agree… I can’t stand watch Heather any longer… I can’t stand watching her discussing husband’s show either.. I like adrienne husband though.

    2. I totally agree… I can’t stand watch Heather any longer… I can’t stand watching her discussing husband’s show either.. I like adrienne husband though. Team Shannon

  1. Seems to me Shannon has become the voice of reason. It would be great if the others (especially Heather and Tamra) learned from her example. She ALWAYS takes responsibility for what she’s said, unlike Heather or Tamra who think everything is the fault of someone besides themselves.

  2. i hope that shannon and her hubby never ever apologize to the debrows ever ever again ! THEY ARE SO FULL OF THEMSELVES ! I think the actor in the family is ole terry not heather. what a condescending couple of a holes they are ! wow wow wow . this last show really changed my whole opinion on a couple of these ‘ladies’ we shall use that term lightly. tamera calling shannon crazy …. ummmm who ran out crying and screaming in a PUBLIC place youll never see me again puuuleaze ! looks like that was a lie ! do us a favor keep your word 🙂 i love how shannon says what she means and owns what she says and does. she and david are such cuties and i think his reaction to that nutjob terry was normal. if that had been me i would have gotten up and knocked the crap out of terry and heather. they are sooooo snotty ewwww ! gahhhhh do not give them the satisfaction of ever acknowledging them lol i sure wouldnt

    1. Me too and it makes me sick how terry and heather look and act. Shannon and David did the best they could to be good to them. From the heart . And tamra and heather wanted to call an ambulance because Shannon told the truth. So glad David stood beside her. Terry is trying to act like heather and tamra. Guess he was scared to address Eddie . He sure put the construction ppl down and Lizzie’s husband took it too.

  3. i really like shannon. usually it takes a season or two before we see the true housewife, but i get the impression that shannon was real from day one. hopefully she sticks around for a while.

  4. I don’t think Debbrenn. I think that she was from the get go. Tamara running out yelling you’ll
    never see my face again. Is beyond immature. It is something that a 3 year old may say.
    Well, how come we saw it right away when shit head Heather went up to the room.

    How come we are still seeing it? Take it away take it away.

  5. I saw the season finale last night and the way Terry and Heather attacked David was ridiculous these 2 ratchet people with there better than everyone else attitude PISS OFF Dubrow’s with you obnoxious words you throw at people F…cken idiots…can’t wait until reunion so you will see yourself’s….Shannon and David have enjoyed you but please Shannon don’t get all mean girl I don’t think you need to get people onside let everyone work it out for themselves.

    1. i am wondering who the man of the house is in the debrow household lol because they are both so girlie lol
      how obnoxious is terry geeeeez

      1. I know Right?? I did read somewhere that Terry has done procedures on himself (very unprofessional) maybe he has given himself a vagina and I know where he put his set of balls in Heathers cheeks!!

        1. Hahaha his balls are in her fat face. I don’t think the comment about being in Tamra’s wedding upset her. I think it was the anorexic jab. No matter how skinny she gets she’ll never get rid of that ball sac joker smile

          1. I don’t think either comment hurt Heather. I think she realizes she comes across as ice cold and her almost crying was calculated to say, “Look. They hurt me, too!”

      2. It’s pretty clear to me Heather is the boss. When there’s any decision to be made as to who they should be mad at or what they should say or do watch Terry look at Heather for a decision and permission. She makes him look more foolish than he does on his own.

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