Shannon Beador Reacts to Watching Marital Issues on RHOC

Shannon Beador has had a tough season this year on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She has been struggling with her 40lb weight-gain as well as more problems in her marriage to her husband David.

In a new interview, Shannon is sharing that fans have been very supportive about her weight, but no so much about her marriage.

“I just try and be myself. And that’s why I say for better or for worse, you’re gonna see me, you might judge me and say that I’m complaining or whining or negative or pathetic or whatever you want to call me,” Shannon told The Daily Dish. “Sorry, I’m just being myself from where I was at the time.”

Shannon revealed that her and David do not talk about the show an admits “it’s hard to watch” this season of RHOC, but seeing these difficult moments with David has taught her a lesson or two. “From this season, I’ve learned that I need to focus on myself for happiness and for self-fulfillment, and I can be positive and I can be happy whether David is disconnected [from] me or not,” Shannon shared. “I’m focusing on myself because the happiness comes from me.”

In August, Shannon told the site that “things are good” with David.

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  • Heather

    I hope they can work things out. I hate to see families torn apart.

    • bluebell

      I agree. I hope they work things out for all of them.

  • TheCrownIsHeavyDarlings

    “I’m focusing on myself because the happiness comes from me.”

    Translation: “I’m leaving the a-hole”.

  • Larry

    Anyone can smile for a photo……..the real family comes out when cameras stop rolling……..I can only fear what she is like when no cameras are turned on. The woman is crazy so unless she is on medication no way should she be let out of the home.

    • Marilyn

      He baits her constantly.

  • tickityboo

    enough already. Shannon is in the biggest case of denial. the marriage is dead is she the last one to see it? I know the girls would be a lot happier with 2 separated content parents than 2 miserable ones living together

  • cat62


  • cat62

    Anyone else tired of this “40 pound weight gain” crap? People gain and lose weight all the time. Do something about it and shut up already! I also know how you can lose around 160 pounds real fast…