Shannon Beador Reacts to Kelly Dodd’s Comments About Her Marriage


On Monday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador had a lot to say about each other’s marriages, and Shannon Beador is still shocked to this day.

“For her to make that statement, today, that’s about the cruelest thing that somebody could say to me,” Shannon previously the Daily Dish. “It really is because nobody deserves to have their spouse cheat on them. Nobody deserves — no matter what happened — nobody deserves that. And for her to say that at my party in front of a group of people, it’s just unbelievable to me.”

“When it happened, I saw red. I don’t even know what I said. I couldn’t believe it. And everyone’s mouths dropped wide open,” she said. “It’s just cruel. I just don’t really understand how people can be so cruel. I would never have said something like that, ever.”

“What was really horrifying to me was to look at her expression after she said it,” Shannon said. “She was very proud of herself. She had a big smile on her face, and that’s just, that’s wrong.”

But during an appearance on WWHL, Shannon hinted that she believes Kelly’s marital issues might be a problem. “Clearly, it looks as though they’re having issues, but I don’t know for sure.”

But that’s about all Shannon was going to say about Kelly’s marriage during her appearance on the show. “You know what? I’m very hesitant to comment about other people’s relationships because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors,” Shannon told a caller. “It’s been hard when people have — and they still make — comments about my own marriage.”

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14 Replies to “Shannon Beador Reacts to Kelly Dodd’s Comments About Her Marriage”

    1. Shannon badore, hatever, you nasty empty vessel, you are too cheap to even be a piece of buffalo crap on my white native american moccasins! Your net worth is 20million? For every one of those dollars you can suck on a buffalos shit filled ass!

  1. Starr you hit the nail right on the head…..I have a 4 year old granddaughter that is more mature than these two.

  2. Didn’t watch as refuse to but go for it Shannon! What I have read about the newbie is not the sort of person I would want to watch!

  3. I do agree that Kelly is more like a Brandi if not worse lol (Who would have thought that could happen), but Shannon and David are bad at setting Kelly up. Twice now they have been caught, once on Monday nights show, and another time recently when they were making a live video and thanked a women for information on her. Shannon cant keep the marriage in trouble story line forever so she needs something to bring her back next season lol.
    It is also nice not seeing a whole ep with the girls only talking about what happened last season with Vicky. Its getting a little bit boring now.
    Insert picture of Vicky pretending to fall asleep here lol.

  4. Whole event with Shannon was ridiculous, especially those silly “nude” costumes. Why pot pasties on the boobs when the penis is flying everywhere?

    Gutter TV, not reality.

    1. I was not surprised considering Tamra’s sex party last year which I am sure made her and Eddie a Lot of $$$
      the OC is the raunchiest of all the HWs so far unless I missed something

  5. I’m Team Shannon believe it or not as you know I couldn’t stand her for years. She stuck with Vicki till Vicki screeched at her and then the TRUTH came out (thank you Meghan for lighting that fire). Vicki deserves NOTHING from any of these women except scorn.

  6. Team Kelly… I initially loved Shannon but my how her ego has stretched out of control. First, Shannon would not still be on this show if Vicki hadn’t refused to attend events for her — Shannon would be a non-mf-factor by now without Vicki. Second, what the f*ck does David have to do with this? He should just focus on keeping it in his pants and stay out of the women’s conflicts. If he was so worried about Shannon he could have helped her out with Kelly’s husband OR better yet, not have lied and cheated!

    1. Everything about your comment I agree with, and Shannon yelling in a high pitch in here interviews is not funny anymore either. example when she yelled out “We even got a pet rock” I am cringing typing that lol.

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