Shannon Beador Reacts to Kelly Dodd Calling Her the C-Word


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador’s feud with Kelly Dodd hits an all new high this week as Dodd calls Beador the c-word when the ladies join together for a sushi dinner in this week’s episode.

“I’ve never been called that word before,” Shannon shares. “So, there’s a first time for everything.”

“It was a very vicious attack,” Shannon tells ET of Kelly’s name-calling. “Everyone in the room was shaken up after it. That’s all I have to say … I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t have any explanations.”

“I had a visceral reaction to the events of that evening that I could never have predicted,” Heather Dubrow previously shared. “I could not have predicted the events, or my response to them.”

The dinner left Dubrow in tears, and this is Beador’s third confrontation with Dodd already this season.

“All of these things happened in less than a week’s period,” Shannon reveals. “I was pretty much done … It was like, round three! Ready for round three!”

So what transpires from here? “I’m always a person that forgives,” she says. “And people will say, ‘Oh, but you didn’t with Vicki [Gunvalson].’ Yes, I did forgive Vicki. I’m just not her close friend anymore … I’m entitled to make that decision for myself, but you’ll see that my relationship with Kelly takes some big ups and some big downs.”

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65 Replies to “Shannon Beador Reacts to Kelly Dodd Calling Her the C-Word”

  1. “I’m a person who forgives”?? Shannon, Kelly is a disgusting low life, but honestly, are you for real with this statement?

    1. She seems very forgiving to me. Think what she forgave her husband of. I like Shannon and think she has a great heart. I also understand her letting go of anger/resentment etc towards Vicki and blessing her but not wanting a close friendship due to Vicki’s character issues. You can forgive someone and still not trust them.

      1. I think she stuck with her husband because it was better for the children to have both parents. Who knows what will happen once they are out of the house.

      2. Sorry but taking him back is not forgiving. She’s punishing him every minute of every day and that’s hardly Christian or forgiveness.

    2. i think to forgive, you wish the person well. Shannon wished Vicki well and hasn’t said otherwise. She just doesn’t want to be close, which is understandable. It’s not self-preservation, it’s simply different beliefs, values and goals.

  2. Team Shannon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Forgiveness doesn’t mean she wants to be Kelly’s bff, just like with Vicki

          1. Good for you getting out! I’m feeling a bit better this afternoon yay! Glad you are on the way to getting better. I know these spells knock you for six! Xoxoxoxo

        1. No! I had the pleasure of watching her drunken tmz shit show. I’ve never believed anything she says. I was being sarcastic.

  3. Oh Shannon take your self righteous indignation and shove it. Kelly went to a level she shouldn’t have but if the shoe fits. And that goes for Heather too. How does she and her husband, what’s his name, exist in this world where they are above all the rest?

    1. The shoe never “fits” for that type of behavior – Kelly is disgusting – and it’s not that Heather and Terry think are “above” people – they have the right to choose what type of behavior is unacceptable to them and their family and good for them for doing so. I wouldn’t associate with Kelly either – seriously – she is beyond low class she’s no class

      1. Well said. I love Heather and Terry. KELLY is disgusting, and as anyone can see, she has MAJOR anger issues!!!! She needs to be thrown off that show with Vicki. No wonder they get along so well. They are both CRAZY!!!

        1. I think in real life, Kelly has zero or very few friends. I also think this friendship with Meghan is a thing Bravo made up. I can’t imagine Jimmy putting up with Kelly. Who would ever invite this woman to their house or to a party??

          1. Hi Rain, Good point. She doesn’t seem to have many friends. I do think she’s a good mom. I think her daughter is an absolute cutie pie and seems like a very good girl. I can understand that part of Kelly saying about her daughter, but the way Kelly carries herself, and the things she says and does, is enough to make anyone around her cringe. I can’t see Kelly and Meghan being friends either. What in the world do they have in common?

            1. Always nice to see you What The ❤️❤️❤️ Yes her daughter is a lovely girl and I think she is surrounded by a lot of love. What Kelly is not getting is that kids are mostly affected by YOUR words and actions and to a lesser extent what others say about you . Plus I would be EMBARAASED if I behaved like that on national TV and my kids had to go to school and have to face whatever mean things other kids will say to them.

          2. I think you’re absolutely right Rain, Kelly has no friends, she left them all in the gutter from where she came!
            Her “millions” took her out of the gutter, but all that money couldn’t take the gutter out of her!
            And isn’t that the way Bravo always brings in a new one, with a bogus “old friend” story….. HA!

      2. Well said queenmother8! Kelly’s behavior is disturbing, disgusting and socially unacceptable! I stopped watching RHONJ because of crazy Teresa, stopped watching RONY because of crazy Kelly, so now, no more OC. Who at Bravo is in charge of finding these unbalanced people? Housewives used to be enjoyable, it was all about the fashion, fun, and travel. The things most of us ordinary housewives can’t find the time for. Now it’s just like being back in middle school with all the mean girls. NO THANK YOU BRAVO. I’m with the Dubrow’s. I choose not to allow that unacceptable behavior in my home, even just thru the television.

  4. I forgive people too, but depending upon what they did, I keep far far away. Forgiveness is about yourself. I commend Shannon on forgiving and moving on. Why should she be friends with anyone who doesn’t have her best interest at heart. Vicki used her. Why should she continue being friends with her. She doesn’t owe Kelly anything. Kelly has proven to be very unstable. I see how Vicki and Kelly are friends. And, yes, she needs to tread carefully with Tamra, the Apostle in Judas’ clothing.

    I said before, I have a cousin who is exactly like Kelly. I keep far far away from her. Yuck. I haven’t seen this episode, but I saw enough on-line to feel like Heather. Vile and disgusting behavior.

  5. I’m confused about the statement, that Heather Dubrow “left in *tears*.” I didn’t see any TEARS. It looked like she was acting, to me.

      1. The part where Kelly was mimicking Heather, saying “champs” and stuff was pretty hilarious, though. I might have to watch it again, later.

      2. I saw real tears in the limo…and I didn’t think she was that good of an actress. She seemed quiye upset, crying to Terry and barely able to get a word ou and was embarrassed to be seen with such a low life as Kelly. I don’t love Heather, but I agree with what she said to Kelly and to Vicki in the last episode.
        Love ya, Suze. XxOo

        1. Forget Heather, the one that I thought was really full of it last night was Tamra. First she tells Kelly what that woman said (why??????), then that whole bs with Meghan on the phone about inviting Vicki and pretending Meghan asked her to, makes zero sense, why was she calling to ‘clear it’ with Meghan if allegedly it was all decided??? I was starting to like Tamra and now I know what makes her a good HW, she knows how to create drama.

  6. I love that Kelly is on this season. Orange County has always been one of my lease favorite HW franchises but Kelly is the only reason why this season interesting. Kelly just blurts off random craziness that is funny (Almost like Brandi.) In past seasons, Tamera was a lot more vicious than Kelly. Tamera did things with intention to slander people. Shannon is so boring, she has nothing better to do than play victim. She needs job. I got to give credit to Vickie, Tamera and Heather for using tv to expand their brand.

  7. Shannon – you owe nothing to this trailer park trash. You all need to leave this show. It’s not worth it being associated in ANY WAY with this evil, vile and crass creature. Totally classless, clueless, and without a conscience. She is a sociopath. And that house they live in? Not a big deal in that area. Believe me. It’s TEENY compared to all the other homes, plus it’s on a VERY public beach which is FILLED to the brim with low-life slugs each and every weekend and all summer long. Screaming kids, people bringing their entire kitchens to the beach, it’s disgusting. NO PRIVACY! It was a tear down and rebuild a few years earlier and squeezed onto a non-existent postage stamp square of grass. So typical of the nouveau riche or.. people who don’t mind taking out millions of $’s on a loan for a teeny house. Plus, they paid full asking price for it, (Dumb asses) and now it’s worth WAY less due to the market being so cold. HA HA HA. Honestly? She most likely needs this gig in order to pay their astronomical mortgage. No wonder her entire family lives with them. (NOTHING at all creepy or awkward about that, right?) I really don’t see why ANYONE would want themselves on camera like this other than for the money or else they are SUCH need of attention, it requires that all brain cells be removed! As you can tell, I cannot stand that Kelly and I hope she gets drunk one night and wanders off in the dark one night never to return. I highly doubt anyone would miss her. And how about her SCREECHING about her daughter and what will she think and then calling people names. Again, typical of a sociopathic alcoholics.

    1. That’s as too much, having her say that she has been a “MULTI-millionaire, for SEVERAL years, now.” Didn’t she just complain about having to stay married to her husband, because “he wouldn’t give her any money in a divorce?”

  8. Hi friends, it’s been weird with the Olympics etc…I have never witnessed anyone spewing out “name-calling” it’s just beyond my comprehension. It’s hard to tell how I would have reacted if I was there – to me, Heather’s reaction was pretty strange – really not sure…does anybody know>?

  9. I think the ugly direction the dinner took was so shocking to Heather it led to emotional overload. She was obviously distraught to the point of tears. Since V and K arrived together, V should have been taken aside and told that her new friend needed to be escorted from the table rather than H telling K to leave. Actually since T put the dinner together she should have done more to diffuse the situation. Why on earth was Sarah there?


  10. This is scripted. Kelly has been under attack since she made friends with Vicki.All these bi_ches have tried to feed Kelly terrible things abt Vicki. Kelly is her own woman & makes up her own mind! She doesn’t believe in the mob mentality. When she struck back at the party & the dinner it was bc she was hurt. She has been humiliated & insulted. Why? She didn’t do sh_t to Shannon. She was set up. Then she attends the dinner & crazy eyes Shannon starts with her cheap shots. Shannon has tried to push all the others not to invite Kelly or Vicki to anything. You call this forgiveness? If she wants nothing to do with them then stay Ur ass at home! What Kelly said was over the top but she acknowledges her anger issues.However Shannon calls Kelly evil, well the Devil has many faces & 1of them is Shannon’s.She is cold, cruel, vile& calculating! She forgave her husband really, we shall see. She stayed with him bc of $$. She doesn’t work & is a wacko going to that charlatan for Txs that have no proven health benefits.She has a big void in her miserable life & that’s why she spends her time looking for a negative free life. Hello, there is none! She needs to pull that rod out of her a_s & she will feel a lot better!
    As for Heather her phoney crying had me in stiches. Her face was so contorted that she looked like a clown.She needs the airtime. She has no storyline just like Shannon. And Meghan don’t get me started on that joke.I mute my TV when the IVF crap starts. Plz Bravo get rid of these aholes & get new blood. Shannon, Heather & Meghan being nothing to the table. They need to go like yesterday! Bye Felicia!!✋

  11. I know the point of the show is to have lots of conflict and girl fights but Kelly Dodd is someone I would steer clear of. She’s negative, toxic and mean. I don’t not have “friends” like that.

  12. Shannon…really?? Who do you think you are? I used to like you and now you just seem like a bitch. Get over it. You do not need to teeat vicky like she is a horrible person. Give me a break. Your husband cheated on you and you got over it. Leave Vicky alone.
    You are getting annoying. Also, the way you talk is extremely irritating. Just sayin…..

  13. Kelly should not have called Shannon names. But I do believe there was a set up of some sort. Shannon never shut the ladies down when they were talking bad about Kelly. At the sushi dinner, if Shannon or any of the ladies had said what they were saying about Kelly was wrong, the dinner may have had a different outcome. Shannon you are constantly trying to make Tamara join in your fight. I use to like you, but not anymore.You are full of BS. Many times you have tried to get Tamara on your bandwagon. I’m actually pleasantly surprised Tamara is taking the high road. I hope she continues because she is a much better person.

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