Shannon Beador Opens Up About Her Divorce From David

After the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen and opened up for the first time about her separation and divorce from her husband David.

Shannon got emotional and said: “When we filmed the reunion, we had been separated for five weeks, and there was a part of me that thought that getting it out there would be a sense of relief, but in actuality, it made it official and it made it real,” Shannon shared. “So I’ve been having good days and bad days. Like last week, I saw he took his wedding ring off, and that’s inevitable, but it’s just making the adjustment, and I have good days and bad days.”

But Shannon is going to stay positive. “No more downer tonight. It’s all good,” she said. “This had to happen. And good times are ahead.”

Shannon also shared how her three daughters are doing. “They’re handling as best they can. You know?” she said. “But they’re amazing me. And I’m doing my best as a mother to provide the happiest household for my kids.”

We send lots of love to Shannon and her family.

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56 Replies to “Shannon Beador Opens Up About Her Divorce From David”

  1. I just wish this entitled whiner would just “shut up”! David must have been driven out of his mind by her and to finally be away from her must be like “winning the lottery”! I just hope he’ll be the best Father he can be and move on to find love and happiness again! She needs emotional/mental help!

    1. You do realize that he beat her and cheated on her, right? You want her to shut up, and think she must have driven him out of his mind? I’m sorry, but you’re crazy.

      1. I get it exactly. Shannon is who she is like it or not. But no one NO one ever deserves what her husband did. I think she’s finally taken the first real step towards that self love and self respect. She needs true friends right now and people to hold her up cause breaking up your home with kids has got to be brutal.

        1. She did say that, but then we all saw the police report that was released (I just saw it for the first time on this site a week or two ago) that proves otherwise. Such a shame.

      2. Ah but she sat there denying he beat her when it was bought up in the show. This woman is a nutcase and if you shook her she would rattle, drugs for this and that for God’s sake she would drive anyone insane.

  2. I wonder if the fact that she’s getting everything she wants in the divorce is because it was her money that launched his business? She’s from a very affluent family. I’m not sure what his background is. I think we’ll see a new Shannon next season, if she finalizes the divorce and moves on from David.

    1. No, It was David’s Families’ Business. David took it over in 1985 or 1986,( I forget, the exact date.)
      She might have bought the. Property of the home they sold..

      1. Hard to say what their financial situation is. I wondered if they sold because of the Dubrow house being built down the street? Seems to me there was some animosity there in the early stages. Maybe his company is along the lines of the New Jersey “businesses”. I guess we’ll find out in due time.

        I just really wish the whole infidelity thing had not been aired. The therapy sessions were TMI. The way Shannon dragged the kids into the discussions was unacceptable, IMO. They are children and didn’t need to be dealing with adult issues. I get that this is a reality show, but some things should be kept private. We only got a glimpse of Kelly and Michael issues and that’s how it should be. Shannon and David should never have aired all that stuff in front of the cameras.

      2. Pretty sure it was Shannon’s family who loaned money to David and got him started in business. Her family is very wealthy, his is not.

        1. I had assumed the same thing!
          According to an OC paper a Real Orange County Magazine and Newspaper, it is an old Business owned by David’s Family.
          Of, course she might have bailed him out during the the Rough times in 2009. That is when Cali emwas hit hard. But, the Business belonged to David’s Family.
          I was shocked.
          I thought that Shannon bankrolled the business as well!

  3. Again, as much as Shannon is no favorite of mine, I hope she finds the peace she lacks & learns to love herself, for in loving herself, she can then find love again. Being this calamity Jane & dealing with life’s problems like a hurricane, tornado & earthquake all wrapped in one, is not the way to go. All she’ll achieve is everyone running from her horrible behavior.
    Yes, David cheated, the biggest wrong a spouse could do. The question is “Why”.
    Even with the renewal of their vows & a fresh start, something happened that drove him to intently exercise & to run from her. Why? was she acting with him the way she behaved with the women?
    I would really like to feel bad for her, but I cant as with her deplorable behavior out of the home, leads me to believe it showed the same face at home. She can be funny & fun loving, so I really hope she gets proper help & advice.

    1. I’m absolutely shocked at how people are taking out their personal frustration with how Shannon acts on the show and relating it to this story. This man BEAT her and CHEATED on her. It’s quite possible that her behavior at home with him is a result of having been beaten and cheated on, no? It’s possible his wanting to exercise all the time was a way for him to try to not lay a hand on her again, no? This woman has totally been victimized by this man. Because you feel he was portrayed well on a TV series doesn’t negate the fact that he has been a total monster to his family. Sorry, but you all need to look at the full picture and not just what you’ve seen on a TV show.

      1. Seems to me YOU
        are the one taking out your personal frustration with how Shannon acts & one wonders why. Woe is me to ever act the way she does constantly & by her deplorable behavior literally shove her spouse into infidelity. If I ever behaved that way & my husband did what David did, or even abused me, I would look in a mirror & point a finger directly at myself & see what wrong I did or had done to provoke him to do what he did on both counts of infidelity & abuse. SO NOW, YOU GIVE THAT SOME THOUGHT. He was probably driven to wrath by her constant nagging rantings & could not take another second of it & hit out at her to shut her up. She was no victim, she did the victimizing all by herself.
        By the way, just so you know, I have seen the fullest picture possible of her lunatic life. AND, I have seen enough of people & their lives to write a book on the wrong & the wronged.
        Furthermore, I was airing the way I view it, so were you, yet you could not refrain from hitting a direct attack on me because my view is different than yours.
        If the shoe was on the other foot, I certainly would’ve ignored you.
        Try & control yourself——-PLEASE!!!

        1. OK…

          1) I did not attack you in any way shape or form.
          2) Now, I AM going to attack you. How dare you say that if someone is being abused and cheated on that they should look at themselves to see how they caused the problem. That’s disgusting.

          YOU are a disgusting human.
          Bye Felicia.

        2. I did NOT attack you in any way, shape, or form. But, thanks for attacking me.

          As for your post, I’ll let it speak for itself. LOL!

          Bye Felicia.

          1. Look here, re-read your very 1st sentence to me, & tell what it tells. YOU attacked, not the other way around. So please do not play victim, not a good look.
            I do not respond to haters, enough of that is on the housewives, but you stuck a knife, I yanked it out & responded to your nasty comments.
            Remember, you responded to my post, SHANNON.

            1. Dramatic much? Wow! If that first sentence is an attack to you, then I just can’t further believe that you would side with David for beating and cheating on his wife. You’re apparently more sensitve than Shannon herself, lol. SMH…wow. Keep digging yourself deeper, hun.

              And with that, I am blocking you, so comment away.

      2. I agree, Shadowcat99. If I had the power to make my husband behave a certain way, if I had that much control, if I could MAKE someone feel something wouldn’t I have things a lot different? NOTHING a woman does makes her husband stick his dick in another woman. THAT is his choice, his decision. File for divorce if you’re that unhappy. I can’t speak to the “beating” because I don’t know what happened but what kind of gas-lighting was the vow renewal? I think Shannon did a lot of things I don’t agree with (airing his infidelity on tv being a huge one of them and in front of their children, but I digress) but victim-shaming is never right. They tried, they failed, but to blame Shannon based on scenes from a reality show?

        1. 100% agree with every word you said. I like Shannon, but this season she really annoyed me and fell off my fave list. But, like you said, victim-shaming is NEVER right. I can’t believe someone actually did that on this blog. This is the wrong show to watch if you can excuse the behavior of ANYONE that acts the way David has to his wife. The Housewives shows are about female empowerment and showing women fending for themselves in the world.

    2. I am sure she was not behaving as kind as she could have to David but I am sure she never got over the affair that lasted for a very long time either. You could tell that he had checked out and he should have just admitted it and left her a long time ago to save the family all of that extra stress.

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  15. I am glad she left him – hoping it helps her be less overemotional and unable to deal with life. In the end its the best thing for the kids – those girls need to know that it is not acceptable tom be treated like that by any man. (David is a wife beater and a fornicator/cheater) Asta-la-vista loser!!!

    1. I agree, he should’ve left from the time the affair was revealed. Unfortunately Shannon wanted to save her marriage & keep her family together & she fought hard to do so. I guess she blinded herself to the reality that it was forever scarred & there was no going back. Hopefully they’ll both find happiness again, everyone needs that.

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