Shannon Beador Does Not Understand How A Person Can Be As Evil As Vicki Gunvalson


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to react to the accusations Vicki Gunvalson made about her husband David Beador being physically abusive to her in the past. Shannon says she was in shock when she heard what Vicki had told Kelly about her husband and the allegations are completely false. Shannon says she still can’t understand how a person can be that evil. Beador says Vicki will hurt anyone, including her children to promote her deceit.

“I thought I had a difficult issues to face in my first two years on the show. This year has pushed way beyond that…

The beginning of this episode is a complete blur to me. I don’t think there are accurate words to describe the absolute shock that went through me when Kelly blurted out the false allegation against my husband. She said it to try and hurt Vicki, without even taking into consideration that this lie is now in the universe and my family will be harmed by it. Clearly Kelly had no concern for my three daughters when spouting out a complete lie, and that is quite evident when she yells out, “How about that?” afterwards. I actually think that repeating a lie is almost as harmful as coming up with the lie itself.

It is insane to me that Vicki tried to come up with a half-assed explanation of why she told Kelly the lie about my husband. Her accusations about David are nothing but false. I absolutely confided in Vicki when we were friendly two years ago but I never, ever said that my husband “beat” me. I would no longer be in my marriage if such a thing were true. What is so devastating to me is that my children adored her and called her “Aunt Vicki”. To make up such a horrible allegation against their father is entirely unfathomable to me. Vicki will hurt anyone, including my children, to promote her deceit. Vicki saying that she “didn’t want to talk about what I was going through last year” is never an excuse for false accusations against others.

When you watch what happens on the bus, it is clear that Kelly is hurt by Vicki. I get it. I was in that position a year ago – doing nothing but defending my friend. The same is happening with Kelly. On the Ireland trip, Vicki walked away from any controversial situation and left her good friend Kelly out on her own, just like she has done all year. Vicki continually says “she doesn’t want to get involved,” which is interesting because Vicki had no problem involving us by making numerous negative comments about Kelly that night in the pub before we got on the bus. She is the perfect definition of “two-faced”.

The trip to Ireland was actually one of the most fun trips I have ever taken. It shouldn’t surprise me at all the Vicki would be the person responsible for leaving this horrible stain on the good memories. And the fact the Kelly was the one to expose this fabrication isn’t a surprise either. Just another vicious statement from a vicious person.

The indelible problem I am currently facing is that Vicki has put this lie into the universe. Most people will believe the truth, that my husband has not been involved at all with Vicki’s horrendously cruel accusation, because I have only told the truth about our relationship. The bigger issue is that SOME people will actually believe Vicki. NO ONE should buy into the false claims of a person with a history of deception…because it just simply never happened. Vicki has proven time and time again that she has a very loose relationship with the truth.

Onto the rest of the episode. It was so insightful to watch Vicki speaking to Brianna. She is nothing but delusional saying that it was an amazing trip, when she was the one responsible for creating fabricated drama. Clearly Vicki only wants to believe what she wants to believe. It’s been a pattern with her…

It is nauseating to watch Kelly’s conversation with her husband about the bus ride to the airport in Ireland. After Kelly admitted she blurted out falsehoods told to her by Vicki, she said to Michael that she “didn’t know if it was true” and that is was “none of her business.” Just more affirmation that Kelly doesn’t care about the damage she may cause to me, my husband, or my children.

It was hilarious to hear Kelly say that “Heather is the puppet and everyone’s the master…” Michael’s facial expression and rubbing his face is priceless. It is quite clear that Kelly is “college educated.”

I actually feel sorry for Kelly. She stated that she is the only one that has “stook” up for Vicki. She is correct. It is just unfortunate that she doesn’t realize how much Vicki is using her to get back “into the good graces of the other women.” Something Vicki has mentioned often. I was the last new person in the group that Vicki meshed with. I understand where Kelly is coming from. She thought she had a good friend. Kelly is correct— she has done nothing but defend Vicki. But Vicki is delusional saying that she thought we were having a great trip; her closest friend was clearly not having a good time. When Vicki said that she was “trying to have (Kelly) fight her own battle and was trying to stay neutral,” that was another backhanded way of saying “I am not your friend.” It is completely unbelievable to me, nothing but selfish. Vicki didn’t “mend fences”. She just proved to us all that she only cares about herself and not her true friends like Kelly.

Vicki’s delusions continued with her phone conversation with Tamra. To say that “we are all hurt” is ridiculous. Ireland had nothing to do with the lies and rumors she stated months ago. Astonishing.

I am so proud of Tamra for all that she has accomplished! Her focus, her dedication, her ambition— it is all to be admired. I am horrified with my obnoxious screaming when Tamra came on stage and when she won, but I have honestly never been so excited to have a friend so dedicated to a cause! And she deserved every bit of her win!!! When Eddie turned to us and said, “I get to go home with her”…that said it all!!!

It’s funny to hear Kelly and Vicki at the competition. Kelly thinks it’s wrong for Heather to address her, yet Vicki thinks it’s wrong that I don’t engage. Which is it??? I wasn’t going to start acrimonious conversations with either of them on Tamra’s huge night. No need to take pictures and put myself in a situation with Vicki and Kelly that could turn volatile.

At this point, my ties to Vicki are severed forever. She made up one of the most unconscionable lies possible about my husband and I still can’t understand how a person can be that evil.”

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39 Replies to “Shannon Beador Does Not Understand How A Person Can Be As Evil As Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Shannon, seems like your denial of what previously went down with David rests with the words, “Beat the s.h.i.t out of me.” In early 2000, you called police, David was arrested for domestic violence, accepted a plea deal, paid a fine and went to counseling. It’s a matter of public record that you can’t deny. You even talked about it on camera to a entertainment news show and said it was blown out of portion. So who exactly is the liar face? I just hope and pray you were not a victim of domestic violence and are down playing it for David’s sake. That would be a dis-service to real victims of domestic violence. Please own whatever it was and quit being a pretentious and arrogant snob.

    1. I was praying the same thing. I hope not, but it tends to go down like that. I never liked David, but man…he knows how to treat a lady. Before the cheating it got ugly like that… Shannon should be nominated for sainthood because I’d leave his body where I found him. Such a scumbag.

    2. wow totally agree Shirley…Compared to Shannon’s husband Vicki is an angel. If Vicki were paying her bills instead of David she’d forgive Vicki and call David evil. Shannon is looking for someone to direct her unresolved anger at and she’s laser focused all of her anger on Vicki instead of who she should be really angry with her husband.

  2. David Beador pled guilty to two counts of battery. Under oath. Before a judge. With not one, but 2 DAs prosecuting the case. David Beador admitted he “willfully and intentionally used force and violence” against Shannon. He was ordered to perform community and attend mandatory classes for batterers.

    When Shannon alleges she was not beaten and Vicki is lying about the abuse, she is in essence also alleging The Superior Court of California – Orange County is lying and David perjured himself when he pled guilty.

    With that said, David Beador is the one who should be in the hot seat for this.

    1. Correction: there were 3 DAs who prosecuted David Beador.

      Fact: the case began in 4.3.03 and ended in 4.26.06.

      2 0 02/16/2003 240 PC M Assault
      Plea 04/26/2006
      1 0 02/16/2003 243(e)(1) PC M Battery

      “People often use the phrase “assault & battery.” But, in fact, California assault and California battery are two distinct crimes.

      California assault law, Penal Code 240, defines an assault as an attempt to use force or violence on someone else.3 Battery, on the other hand, is the actual use of force or violence on someone else.4”


    2. Correction: there were 3 DAs who prosecuted David Beador.

      Fact: the case began in 4.3.03 and ended in 4.26.06.

      2 0 02/16/2003 240 PC M Assault
      Plea 04/26/2006
      1 0 02/16/2003 243(e)(1) PC M Battery

      “People often use the phrase “assault & battery.” But, in fact, California assault and California battery are two distinct crimes.

      California assault law, Penal Code 240, defines an assault as an attempt to use force or violence on someone else.3 Battery, on the other hand, is the actual use of force or violence on someone else.4”


      1. I’m not defending David if it went down the way it sounds. I will say this, though, it doesn’t take punching and kicking to be considered battery, a slap on the face will land you in jail and if, just IF it’s a case such as that, there’s not a one of us who hasn’t been tempted to “knock some sense” into someone close to us. If you take that as though I’m saying I condone violence against women, or anyone, then you’re not getting my message. AND, if abuse took place in their past and David and I would guess ultimately both of them sought therapy to deal with the issue, then bravo to them because anger management is a real thing.

        Regardless of anything, Kelly really needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut. A “friend”, even someone who simply associates with a group, doesn’t take advantage of information like that, a bitch (male or female) does. And to the other point, Vicki is one of the most self centered mean spirited housewives who, IMO, has done a very poor job of concealing it since Season One. She puts work over everything. Her children and now grandchildren. She’s no princess but she’s obviously made of ice. And please stop talking about how you miss and need sex. She is the epitome of the type of Victorian woman who lies in bed and thinks of London. If you don’t get that, you’re just not as old as I am.

        1. I appreciate and support your opinion, but I am gonna stick with the info I found on the Superior Court of California’s website and the FindLaw website.

          “Battery, on the other hand, is the actual use of force or violence on someone else.4”

  3. Shannon, you make me sick. Tamra, you, & heater are such hypocrites. You all talk about everyone & then get mad when they talk about you. All three of you are bullies & if you really care about what your children think, you would stop your bully, better-than-thou behavior. You should all 3 be ashamed of the example you set for your children. David WAS arrested for domestic violence so IT’S NOT A LIAR. YOUR THE LIAR!

  4. To slap a person or push a person is not beating the shit out of them. I asked a policeman what his version of beating the crap out of someone and he said it can mean two different things. Yes battery can be a push or a shove but his definition of what was said about “beating” is black eye, body bruises, cut lips or other facial/ bodily injuries. So maybe David in a fit of anger pushed Shannon it is considered battery but not beating the ____ out of her.

    1. Shannon needs to stop deflecting and covering for David. He was arrested for battery. He had to pay a fine and go to counseling. Please don’t down play domestic battery. He broke the law and Shannon needs to own this. Even a push can be deemed domestic violence but it’s unlikely it was just a push for the sentence he received.

        1. Ouch! Relax. You’re sounded like one of the mean girl packs. Not a Vicki supporter at all. Just can’t stand hypocrites.

  5. Shannon is no prize but when you compare her to cancer scammer Vicki and the other trash on the show, she’s comes off slightly better . Most people who attack Shannon do it becuase they are devoted Vicki goons and not because Shannon is damn annoying . This show needs to fire everybody and start new

    1. You are right they all need to be fired! Shannon for her own sake needs to get out. Andy Pandy won’t fire Vicki, he hasn’t got the guts! It’s time he went as well! Vicki should have been fired last year and if he didn’t do it then he won’t do it now. I refuse to watch trash like Liarface Vicki!❤️❤️❤️

    2. “Vicki Goons”? That’s not a particularly endearing term. You do know that goons are thugs right? Why that term? Because we all don’t share the same views? Or choose to hop on one bandwagon over another with mob mentality, against one single cast member or another? In all sincerity, there are some people who cannot abide Shannon Beador simply because of her own devious, despotic behaviors, which fly into directly into the face of their own sense of ethics. That, my dear, is called difference of opinion, or on a deeper level, discernment. Because while some viewers allow themselves to become so personally invested and or obsessed with these tv personalities that they will defend their basest actions to the point of following them off a cliff into the pit of hell, there are also others who are able to to look at ALL of these ladies for both their good qualities, and their flaws, and discuss them as they pertain to the events on the show equally and unabashedly, without bias and zero investment.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I make a note of a cast member acting out in a way I find distasteful ,it certainly isn’t about being a STAN (an overzealous or maniacal fan) for some person on tv I don’t know, & who wouldn’t give 2 cents about me if she met me on the street vs. simply STANDING on principles- in what basically comes down to a discussion on human behaviors. We all won’t be of one accord on every cast member for 100% of their time on these shows, and that’s okay without having to resort to calling anyone with a different perspective a bully or a thug.

  6. I did not like Vicki or Kelly for that matter, until these last 3 or 4 weeks. I hate BULLIES, I hate people being purposely hurt. I do not believes Shannon story of what type of abuse it was. I believe that David’s lawyer would not of let him plead guilty to something worse than what he did. I believe that by David agreeing to plead guilty, it was to a lessor crime. No DA is going to go after a shove …. 3years probation in itself tells the strength of the charges. Shannon needs to stop deflecting all their crap on someone else’s back. This almost makes me believe David’s mom!!!!

    1. Really, now. You can believe her m-i-l? Please, she would have run with this information from day one of knowing it and wouldn’t have stopped until Shannon and David got a divorce. From my previous post you know that I do not condone violence. OTOH, I’d love to bitch slap his mother, meddling old stereotypical mother-in-law that she is. She reminds me of my dad’s mom (notice the way I address her), over 40 years deceased. She was horrible to my mother, especially when my father was away stationed in another state during WW2. She took it even further, and I’ll leave it at that.

  7. I’m a man but it’s perplexing to me when I see women piling on a woman who has been allegedly abused by her husband . very strange

    1. I’m a man who’s percentage of women to men friends was about 9 out of 10 were women. Smart, worldly women. Alas, they are often their own worst enemy. At the same time, the vast majority of men don’t have a clue how to express emotion.

  8. Shannon SHOULD be able to understand how a person can be as evil as Vicki, we’ve watched her act as Vicki’s mirror reflection for the entire season with her own conniving, mean spirited, supercilious behavior. She orchestrated a good chunk of the drama that took this show to a new low this season.

  9. Shannon is the keeper of many dark family secrets and acts like she is perfect! Enough already! I cannot stand Shannon! Team Vicki!

  10. Is this show starting to resemble the book Animal Farm? Any decency in any of them seems to slowly be eradicated over time first trying to survive the original bitches, and next getting a taste of hitting back. Tamra is an animal, and both Heather and Vicki haven’t a clue anybody in the world exists but them. Kelly is so ignorant that she’s only reactive, and thoughts or discretion never precedes her words. We watched Shannon get lost to the dark side this year, and that was sad to me. The shining star is the only one smart enough to leave the show (Meghan), and her conduct while there was amazing considering the pit of vipers she had to contend with.

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