Shannon Beador: I am Not Obsessed With Vicki


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to explain the way she feels about Vicki and to address some of the comments she gets on social media. Beador clears up her feelings and address the necklace she got from her husband David on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s been an interesting week, especially on social media. People have been supporting my decisions and then others have been blasting me for “not moving on” with the Vicki situation. Newsflash. I am continually asked how I feel about Vicki. I answer the questions. I am not obsessed with Vicki. I have forgiven and don’t want to engage in a friendship anymore. It’s plain and simple.

I almost died when David brought up the bathroom topic at our Valentine’s dinner. And then of course we have to be reminded of my colonic disaster last year. Yikes!

David has picked out most of the jewelry that I have. And I have really loved anything he has ever bought for me — but not this necklace very much. He decided he didn’t like it either when we got home. I don’t want people to start going off on me that I am an unappreciative wife. I am incredibly grateful for my husband’s thoughtfulness and generosity. I’m quite sure every married woman has received at least one gift over a 15-plus-year marriage that they didn’t like.

I had a ball at Meghan’s house with the kitchen demo. David is a highway contractor so we have a lot of equipment around the house that I was able to use.

I was surprised to hear that Kelly went out to lunch with Vicki. Each one of us has our own “history” with Vicki and Kelly doesn’t know all of the facts involved.”

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  1. Shannon hasn’t moved on with Vicki and hasn’t moved on from her husbands affair. If she had she wouldn’t be bringing either of the subjects up. Shannon is a miserable person and will never be happy in life. I think her husband, as well as Vicki, are wasting his time trying to reconcile with her

    1. I haven’t got over Vicki either, a sincere apology might have helped a wee bit! As for Shannon David is lucky she is still with him, it might take a while. (I would get over it but not in a year).

      1. Hi Suze! Glad to see you are back. I will NEVER get over Vicki. EVER. I hope they end up booting her ass off the show forever. Let her crawl back to those awful fire hills, aka Coto – never to be seen or heard from again. Maybe a coyote will get her. As for Shannon? I actually LIKE her now (a miracle, I know). Yes, she stayed married to David and it is much better for the kids quite frankly to not have to deal with a divorce. They seem fine to me now. And she HAS moved on. She’s allowed to talk about it since it was her storyline in the past. As for her moving on from Vicki? WHY SHOULD SHE? Vicki showed her true colors. Desperate for man, will put up with abuse and lies from a man, chose a man over her family, lied to everyone and treated them like crap. Lies to everyone about not knowing if he had cancer or not and yet? WHAT ABOUT THE BINDER SHE MADE FOR HIM WHERE SHE FILED ALL HIS MEDICAL RECORDS? How in the world could she not know? If she didn’t know then she’s an idiot with an IQ of 3. And now? Now she wants them all to forget about it? Um, sorry you old plastic POS, you deserve every horrible thing the world can offer you.

        1. Hi Gigicat, I’m home now although they are keeping the room open another 48hrs just in case!
          I agree with ever point you have made! No question of course! Xoxoxox

      2. I agree Suze. A SINCERE apology would go a long way but Vicki isnt sorry… Glad to have you back with us! I pray you are feeling better. I love you xoxo

  2. It’s ok Shannon, I gotcha girl. My ex husband once bought me a fuze ball table for Valentine’s day one year. lol. Not a bad idea but never played the game in my life and still haven’t mastered it 😀 Sometimes these things happen. However, IMO, I didn’t think the necklace was ugly.

    1. It’s better than a size 16, UK, skirt when you are an 8! Or an electric sanding mouse! We have so much romance! Lol xo

          1. Welcome HOME Suze. We all missed you and are all rallying for you.
            I have much to say, lots of thoughts on all the housewives, but for fear I sin, I don’t want to comment right now, so will say nothing.

          1. I suppose, they are both a step up from the shovel I got for another birthday. The good intent was to make my gardening easier. I threatened to dig a 6′ hole with it Cheers to a year of good gifting.

    2. One year for my birthday (the day after Christmas) my husband bought me ice fishing equipment. I do not sign up for anything that requires freezing EVER. His birthday is February 2nd so for his birthday I bought him a really cute blouse. Since then we have decided that gift giving is not a strong suit in our marriage and it’s not done. We’ve been together 30 years so it works for us.

      1. Whatever works. I wanted tires…ordered them myself. He had them put on my car. Gifts here are mostly just the greeting cards…and it is fine. I don’t expect much and am never let down that way.
        Ice fishing equipment. Now, that is one I would never believe. Did it come with a drill? 😉

    3. A fuze ball table? Lol. I don’t know what’s worse: that or nothing! Lol. I usually don’t get anything for Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas. My boys are 11, 14 and 16. I HATE those days, especially when everyone on Facebook posts pictures of their perfect days. Ugh. But I know I have their love. Also I’d be pretty happy with the necklace Shannon got.

      1. Don’t ever be fooled by Facebook alleged perfect pics 😀 Having the love from your guys rather than silly gifts is not as amusing as the gifts mentioned above, but much more important.

    1. Mine is! It’s genetic xoxoxo
      I am having a few hours at home and maybe I might be allowed home tomorrow under all sorts of conditions of course! I missed you xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Suze you are the soul of this group! We are all happier when you’re here ❤️❤️❤️

        1. I still think you are not me! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Sweet Suze I’ve missed you also . I hope you do get to go home even with restrictions . What about the look of pride on their clueless face when they give us something hideous and think that we should love it

        1. You fake it Daisy lol, you FAKE it 🙂 men have fragile egos. They need a lot of guidance also . My husband grew up on a farm so he thinks a shiny milk pail is jewelry

          1. Suze ! !!! Morning sunshine . That’s wonderful . I’m so happy you’re home . I hope your feeling a bit better

  3. Team Shannon ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I’ve gotten all kinds of useless gifts that were meant to be romantic, like blenders, toasters, a quilt (????) ! It’s a good thing he’s hung 🙂

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Trust you I have missed your comments so much! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

      1. Helloooo Suze! Hoping this post finds you fine and dandy! 🙂 XOXO! I posted under Rain’s comment below as well. My time is pretty limited these days; just wanted to pop in and give my 2 cents. Take care, XO 🙂

        1. (I meant to put this here). Suze I’m so glad you’re back !!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    2. 😮 I wanted tires for my car this year. 5 tires. I got them. It is easier just to ask for something basic or just smile at whatever you get. My son gave me a Nest home monitor so I can watch my dog when I go out…or burglars? I like it! I can even talk into the monitor…and it scares the dog…. I also got an LED candle? Yup!
      Love ya Rain! You rock! You make me smile. 😀 XO

      1. Real Sandy! XO what’s a NEST monitor for the dog ? It sounds like I need one 😉 Suze’s back! Ooooooo Weeeeeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️

        1. It is actually a Nest Cam. It detects motion (uses wifi) and alerts your cell phone.(like if an intruder came in…I use it dor pets) You can use your phone’s speaker to talk through it and yoi can watch video (of your home) at anytime from your phone. The cam has a wide angle lens. Nest also makes thermostats, etc.

          1. Right R. S.?! That crazy funny wild child is the only one here who can produce tears when laughing… lol

            1. Hi Miss M and Real Sandy! Happy Tuesday to you! Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I posted, but when I read Rain’s comment, not much has changed! Funny! 🙂 Oh, and definitely Team Shannon!

              1. Hi Janelle! 🙂 Happy Tuesday eve to you! Our Rain girl is as Suze says a naughty little minx lol

  4. Shannon, Shannon, Shannon…you used to be my favorite….now you have become petty and self righteous…you can forgive your husband for being an adulterer and causing pain to your children and yourself…the Bible says to be forgiving, but yet the only reason it states to divorce is adulterey that is because the divastation that it causes the to hold a grudge against a women who foolishly wanted to believe a liar, come on, that is her own down fall and embarrassement…Did you know that your husband was cheating on you??? It seems others knew before you….you should know that a man when he wants to go undetected, will find a way to fool someone that is blindly in love with him…give Vicki a break, she has embarrased herself enough for all of us….Either forgive and forget David’s adultery or let him go…stop making yourself and him miserable……

    1. The Bible says to forgive. It also says not to throw your pears before swine. Shannon doesn’t want to be around that old pig and neither does anyone else. Her pity parties are gag-inducing. She deserves the cold shoulder from all the women for about…. oh? Forever? And ever?

      You can forgive, but you don’t ever forget.

        1. I love it when we agree Gugicat!! I can’t fathom this ‘get over it’ attitude when it comes to what Vicki did

          1. Hello Rain! How are you and Suze-Q, GIGI, 3D’s, Miss M, Real Sandy and everyone else that I forgot to mention? It has been a while! I have got to say, if it weren’t for Shannon, there would be nothing to laugh about this season. I like Tamra better than in the past, and Meghan doesn’t wear on me as much, but this Kelly chick is just beyond strange. Everything about her and her family is just off putting. From the innuendo after her daughter commented about wanting to toss the salad and the Dad saying “ask you’re Mom, she’s a pro”, to the dancing comment by the daughter and the reaction by Kelly saying “we want to keep you OFF the pole! I know this is last weeks news, but what’s up with that?! The only funny thing this week was Shannon coming over to Meghan’s in her work garb and talkin’ the talk. :).

            Hope all is well with everyone!

            1. Oh, and I didn’t mention Vicki because she isn’t worth mentioning anymore. As for Heather, it gets a bit tiresome when she flaunts the fact that her husband makes a lot of money. She apparently never learned the lesson that people who have real money generally don’t talk about it.

              1. Janelle, you’re my twin 🙂 you said exactly everything that I think and feel. We have missed you and I wish you are coming back to us. I hope all is well with you ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Shannon forgave her husband, Heather, Tamra, & Terry. And yet she can’t/won’t forgive Vicki? I’m not a Vicki fan but I’m starting not to like Shannon. I don’t seen any new story lines from the ladies. Just the same old song & dance. I’m tired of it. I don’t watch RHONJ anymore. But I may stop with this one as well.

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