Shannon Beador: I Am Not a Bully


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to react to this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon says it has not been a fun season at all and says she did not want Vicki Gunvalson or Kelly Dodd in her home at all for the final party, but reiterates that it wasn’t her choice. Beador says she is not a bully, and doesn’t understand how Vicki or Kelly can justify saying that David beats Shannon by anything she has done to them. Shannon cannot wait for viewers to see the reunion, because her intent was never to be evil or calculating.

“Let’s just dive into our last episode. Bottom line, David and I weren’t happy about having Vicki and Kelly to our home for Tamra’s fitness celebration. But we really didn’t have a choice because we didn’t create the guest list. Both Vicki and Kelly are responsible for putting a horrible and false allegation out there about my husband. I don’t want to see or talk to either of them…understandably so.

My family only does things at the last minute. We had wanted to add shelves to our great room for weeks, but never better than 15 minutes before a party to start the project! That’s how we roll!

To reiterate, I had what I considered to be a good vacation in Ireland with Kelly. We got along just fine. I ordered drinks with no ill intent for the entire table on our final dinner because it was our last night, we only had an hour, and I wanted to end what was a very fun trip for me, with a bang! A 41 year old is quite capable of making a choice not to consume a drink that has been ordered for her. I had no idea that Kelly thought I was trying to ambush her. Vicki again was trying to manipulate the situation by filling Kelly’s head with inaccurate assumptions— which is why I was so confused about the attack on the bus. Kelly says that she was backed into a corner and I am still trying to figure out what corner I put her in. After getting annoyed at Vicki when she realized that Vicki was saying unkind things about her earlier that night, Kelly decided to share that Vicki told her David “beats” me. That is a horrible allegation to throw out. She admitted to Michael when she came home that it was only a “rumor” and it was “none of her business.” Vicki knew exactly what she was doing when she gave Kelly this false information about my husband because she knew that eventually Kelly would blurt it out. Yet another example of Vicki’s manipulations.

Kelly somehow believes that ordering someone a drink when they don’t want one justifies making a false statement about my spouse “beating me”??? I could have been the biggest bully of all against Kelly this season and mentioned the many rumors I have heard about her. Instead, I chose to take the high road and say nothing.

I’m just not sure what Vicki thought would happen when writing her card. Did she think that writing a card would erase the fact that she falsely accused my husband of “beating the s*** out of me”??? This is typical Vicki. Trying to brush things under the rug and doing so without looking me in the eye.

I loved watching Tamra eat a donut and all of the junk food- she deserved it! And I don’t envy Heather that she just moved out of her rental. Moving is a disaster! I still have boxes that I haven’t unpacked!

Honestly, I didn’t want Vicki to be at our home. But I saw it as an opportunity to get closure for the true end of our friendship. I tried my hardest to move forward in Ireland, but Vicki took it a hundred steps backward when I found out months earlier she told lies about my husband. Vicki has a history of not telling the truth; she admitted to fabrications in connection with cancer last year, and continued her untruthful pattern by making false allegations about David and Eddie. It doesn’t stop. Vicki said numerous times that she “is worried about me.” I haven’t had a serious conversation with her for over a year and a half. She knows nothing about me or what is going on in my life; she has absolutely no reason to be worried about me at all. Vicki was once again perfecting her art of deflection.

I am in such a happy place with my husband and family right now, with the exception of the basketball court, my children are so much happier in our new home. It is amazing. We feel like we are on vacation every day. I am not letting the negative and vicious falsehoods from Vicki affect me and our family ever again.

I know I have true friends in Tamra and Heather. It was touching to hear both of them defend me in this episode because we have become very close and they know how upset I have been with such a horrendous and false label on my husband.

It has not been a fun season. I have been accused of setting Kelly up multiple times and it has become frustrating. I barely have time to get dressed every day, let alone scheme against someone. It is so absurd. I am not a bully. If I were, I could be bullying regularly— yet I have not done it once. Thank you to all of the fans that know who I am and have supported me.

I can’t wait for the reunion. I am confident that you will see it was never my intent to be evil or calculating. That is not my personality at all…”

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LIke Shannon somewhat, but can’t re-write history—douche of a husband pled GUILTY to battery, probation, mandatory battery prevention classes(?) and fined–PERIOD. Move on.

Kelly had NO BUSINESS saying those things on Air about Shannon and is as VILE as Vicki Liarface. If shannon really didn’t want them in her home, she could have made sure that happened–it is HER home, just like Kelly could have SAID NO. Works both ways.

Unless you were there or part of the judicial process, don’t understand how you can vehemently state he beat her. Maybe they had an argument and he threw something in her direction and she called the police. You have no idea what happened.

It’s i public record. Didn’t say he beat her, I said he pled guilty to battery as charged. Even if he touched her or slightly bumped into her, would that warrant such a sentence? Look it up. Proof is there. I don’t have To prove it. Read the report. Look it up yourself.

It was great to see the three mean girls on one couch together. Shannon Is a two faced hypocrite. Does she really think that we believe her sweet I don’t start drama” I didn’t set Kelly up” of course she did. She doesn’t start drama but took the time to call one of the women at the disco party to get the Kelly scoop. She said she got the whole story but she is innocent. Tamra wants these two at her party so she can start screaming at Kelly and Vicki and won’t talk to them? She is still in… Read more »


Completely disagree. The only ones worth anything are Kelly and Viki. Shannon does start drama… Is she kidding… She has been so under handed.

It is one thing to buy someone a drink unless that person specifically says no I’m not drinking. To do it anyway is simply mean and a set up. Maybe she and Christian Tamra she get someone else naked wasted.

I still only like Shannon, none of the others and would take her word rather than any of the other women. I don’t think he battered her, maybe a fight of some sort, is it right? Of course not but battered! Nope! Vicki as Shannon said has been proved to be a liar time and time again. Get rid of V and I will watch again but never with her on it. Both V and Kellynare nasty and vicious particularly V! I find it sad that these shows have sunk to this level, I used to really enjoy them but… Read more »

Suze ❤️❤️❤️Xoxo

Once again, I am not apologizing, but some people seem to equate David’s battery with his beating the shit out of her. Pushing someone out of the way or beating the shit out of them are battery. None of us were there. Show me the police report. Vicki, for nine years, has been the dirtbag. I WANT MY GRETCHEN BACK.

In OC, the details of the records are closed.

I like you Shannon, I really do. You’re funny, smart, good hearted and have a good soul. Oh and very pretty. I hope you have a good time on your break from this season’s madness. Don’t give the Vicki’s and the Kellys of life any rent space in your head. They’re a hopeless cause until they can learn to own up and be responsible for their bs in life. You know that.

Shannon cracks me up more than anyone. Heather could lay off the botox for a while, at the same time.

❤️ Yo Miss Moneypenny

Rainbow Hey Hey!! It’s the best breasted beauty of the house!! ❤️❤️❤️ mwah mwah mwah !!!

MUHAHAHAHAHA! These tits are made for walking 🙂 or so it boots??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m with you except a fight of some sort is simple battery. Vicki as usual repeated something in confidence. Lock her up.

Team Shannon ALWAYS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love Shannon but will say goodbye if Bravo brings Icky Vickly Liarfare Old Hag back. And I hope Andy keys her know it us NOT HER SHOW.

Yes Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️ Unless 3 of these women are gone, I’m done with this show

Shannon tries to play innocent, but she’s just as devious as the rest of those ill-bred crows & she lies as easily as Vicki does. What picture is she trying to paint? Saint? not accepting.

ITA! Can’t stand the 3 stooges.

I don’t believe Shannon had a choice as to who was invited to her home. Ultimately Bravo calls the shots. There was no way K and V would be left out at Tamra’s party. It was, after all, the season’s last hurrah. If V is back next year, which more than likely she will be, I hope Shannon sits out the season. Shannon you’re above being part of this s..t show.


Totally agree Jojo xoxoxo

I liked Shannon the first season, but this season, I saw another side of her. She, along with Tamara and Heather, did try amd set Kelly up. So this doesn’t make them any better than Vicky.

A matter of opinion, no one other than Vicki has lied about cancer, to me that makes her the lowest of the low.

As a cancer survivor who lost parents, grandparents and a brother to cancer I totally agree. And I think as low about Bravo as I do about Icky. Neither one has a conscience.

ITA! I think they did set her up. The 3 stooges tried recording Kelly in the hallway at the hotel. I think they pulled a Jill Zarin.

Liarface makes me type too fast. “I hope Andy lets her know IT IS NOT HER SHOW” I feel better now thank you – I hate typos.

I agree, it is not her show.

I don’t know if David did these things. Hope not.
I think the way she was constantly on his case and correcting him for everything as if he was her child was very uncalled for. I knew that he was going to step out of his marriage though because of how she treated him.
I think she gets too involved in everyone else’s life than she should. She is like a dog with a bone. Take care of your own life, don’t worry about everyone else’s. It is not yours to worry about!

So it a woman’s fault if her husband cheats??? Seriously ?? Ok ! We know who are are ‘anonymous’ , you say the SAME things when you come here . It’s predictable

Shannon, dear, I was always in your corner. You seemed the most real. I admired that you worked on yoir marriage and seem happy now too. I just feel that eventually, being on a reality show makes some change a bit, and perhaps try to be a populat girl a bit too much. The dynamic changes. Gang mentality may take over. What may not seem like bullying actually may be just that. There are no excuses for giving alcohol to someone who says no. There is no excuse for that. I have never liked Kelly. She seemed like a very… Read more »

Oops…I have to disagree about Heather’s behavior though. Wasn’t she carrying around a flask of fireballs, encouraging her husband to watch icky show her boobs, tell Kelly she didn’t care that Tamra assaulted and threatened her, start her dr. Doolittle assessment of Kelly’s mental state, talk badly about Kelly’s daughter, and shake her finger in Kelly’s face barking orders like a grade school principal? Yea, megan did well.

You’re right. After I wrote that, I thought of that. She never should have had Vicki topless anywhere and even worse, in a foreign country…on Facetime to her husband who seemed taken aback. Heather instigated that and the fireballs though Heather said fireballs are their special drink or something like that.

And.. Heather didn’t “make” Vicki expose her sun-spotted, sagging fake breasts. She did it on her own because that wretched beast LOVES any sort of attention. Actually, that’s called indecent exposure, and it’s illegal. Anyone think about that? We have zero proof that Tamra hit, shoved or pushed bucky beaver Kelly either. It’s heresay. Of course kelly is going to lie and blow it out of proportion. That’s her MO. She’s been doing it all season. And if Heather took a flask of fireballs with her, nobody held bucky’s mouth open and poured it down her throat. What’s wrong with… Read more »
No one made Kelly drink. Right. Sure. You are right.I just have a different take on it. If you put drugs in front of someone who is trying to kick the habit, or at least slow down, knowing this, you are tempting them a lot. If you put cake in front of a diabetic, knowing they really should not eat it, knowing it is a weakness, you are tempting them. Of course handing a cigarette to someone trying not to smoke is the same thing. Maybe Kelly still liked her booze. We know this. Maybe a diabetic still has to… Read more »

They were all at fault. Meghan started with having a pub crawl in the first place if that was her idea. What a way to see a foreign country…inebriated in pubs. She kept herself out of it, and she just acted stupid tapping people on the shoulder asking their names. The man who told her that about her geneaology and relatives in that town in Ireland even made fun of her for taking him so literally, as I read he said in an article online.

ITA! Can’t stand Heather. We see all of her conniving ways.

ITA real sandy with everything you say. I have to add I’m very frustrated with the defense of David. He put his hands on her…I don’t care if he pushed her instead of beating the shit out of her…what he did is inexcusable! The same as Tamra shoving Kelly and threatening to kill her is unacceptable. I seen many posts that there is so much hatred of Vicki because so many posters are or have been dealing with cancer. At least one poster can’t stomach Shannon for lying about David’s issue because they are or have dealt with domestic violence… Read more »
Was that last sentence just a statement or directed at me personally? I am not sure. I don’t make light of David’s past with the arrest nor of his affair. I just see a couple who at present seems to have worked through any problems, but I don’t think David deeserves an award or anything. We just do not know the full story, but any man who strikes a woman is not innocent. Hopefully, after what happened way back in 2003, David did not strike Shannon in any way ever since. With strong emotiond may come strong tempers. As for… Read more »

The last sentence was a statement and directed at many posts I’ve seen on the subject, not directed at any one person. Like I said, I’m probably not articulating well but IMO it is never ok to put hands on another person and I have seen many posts that IMO minimizes what David did and it is frustrating to someone who has lived with abuse that wasn’t “beat the shit out of her” so indicates not so big a deal.

Justmedoubleb, I have not read ONE person here who implied David wasn’t wrong. He’s VERY wrong. I don’t know one woman who thinks that is ok . People argue the nuances of that but NOT the concept The issue is that most people use that as an excuse to justify their hatred for Shannon . So David is awful but oh yeah let’s beat up on Shannon some more! Come on!! I’m not buying it . And even stupider comments like oh yeah she DROVE him to cheat on her!!! Who says that??? And there’s NO excuse for Vicki for… Read more »

Now I have to ask if that is directed at me because I have NEVER normalized or justified what Vicki did. I was not excusing Viki’s actions. I was asking for understanding from those that I understand. If, in your opinion, it is worse to lie about cancer than lie about abuse, you are entitled. I believe they are equal and that is my opinion.

It is WAYYYYYYY worse to lie about cancer than martial problem or abuse. Vicki and Brooks lied for NO GOOD REASON other than to get sympathy and get a ‘casserole’ as she said in the reunion. It’s very common for people to feel ashamed , guilty or protective about their marital issues , especially if they have an abuse or physical element. Just like poeple lie about cheating or gambling etc I am not attacking you Justmedoubleb 🙂 I’m just engaging and having a discussion. Even if we disagree, that’s fine. A lot of us on this forum are dealing… Read more »

ITA Rain. ❤️

Xoxoxo Sandy

Oh dear sweet Rain you are so right and expressed it so well. I T A

and who among us haven’t had a good old-fashioned fight with our mates? Show of hands? Anyone? Bueller?

My favorite comedy. Ferris always puts me in a good mood. And in a side note I know you went through a horrible time last year taking care of a loved one and I said one for you each night.

Right? What happens between a Married Couple is their businesses, period. I do not condone violence in any manner. Only Shannon & David know what Really happened & what didn’t Really happen. I just can not get over Vicki & Cancer-gate.. Lower than low. My Sister has Stage 4 ovarian Cancer & my Parents & I are living a nightmare. She is my big Sister and the kindest person I have ever known. She just turned 35 years old and is a Single Parent. The concept of anyone lying about Cancer is unforgivable, vile, disgusting and bizzare. Vicki should have… Read more »
And for the record, i doubt ANY of us on this site approve of domestic violence. However, pushing someone is not beating the shit out of someone. BIG difference. All our friends are LE and they hate going out to domestic disturbances because these days, if someone slams a glass on the counter in the heat of an argument, the other will call and report that as “domestic violence.” And the Judges are sick of these cases also, BTW. They are ridiculous. If you get the shit beat out of you? THAT is domestic violence. And if you choose to… Read more »
Domestic violence is not a choice of the victims. You are talking to someone whose child had a spouse that JUST yelled and slammed things…then JUST shoved her….THEN HIT HER. She CHOSE not to stay, she CHOSE to leave…HE BLEW HER BRAINS OUT. But, cancer is worse. Y’all jump on my opinion when you don’t know squat. Shannon is LYING about the incident, therefore could be lying about more. Covering up and minimizing doesn’t equate to which of us haven’t had a fight with our spouse. Raise your hand and I’ll happily remove oneself from these feeds. I was under… Read more »

Calm down and read my other response to you 🙂 please don’t leave, i actually enjoy reading your posts . We are all strong opinionated women here having a discussion and it’s ok if we challenge each other. I’ve actually agreed with you many times before and will again but I’ll also disagree with you and others …Xoxoxo

OMG. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a sensitive subject for sure. Tempers can make some go crazy, and it is beyond scary. Of course, domestic violence is terrible. I can see your point of view as well. I feel for you.
Cancer has affected many of us here either directly or our loved ones, and lying about it is beyond terrible. Some just want attention and lie about it, yet others are living with real illness and do not find that lying about it is acceptable. It demeans those with real illness. It is wrong.

That is HORRIFIC! I hope he sits in jail for the rest of his life. No wonder you have such strong opinions about this! Don’t leave the blog!!! We are all pretty mouthy and strong-willed.

I do hope you reconsider and come back and post . Our experiences shape our opinions and yours rightfully did so. Let’s move beyond this disagreement. This is a wonderful group of women who are supportive and loving. Nobody means any ill will towards anyone here, just strong opinions . I hope once you’ve taken a few deep breaths that you’ll rejoin xoxox

Please don’t leave Double D. I am so sorry about your daughter. Cannot imagine what you have gone through so I do understand where you are coming from.

DoubleD, I am so very sorry about your daughter. I mean that! It makes sense where you are coming from now. The same with me with cancer, when something is so personal to us it hurts like hell! Please don’t go now we understand xxxxxxxx

1. Enough with that LYING POS Vicki displaying her breasts, talking about her love-tank and gyrating around like a geriatric go-go-dancer. Please God, please get her off this show. 2. The buck-toothed angry viper, Kelly, needs a team of therapists. One will not be enough. She needs meds, she needs anger management, she needs to realize (DUH) that for every one of her actions there is an equal or opposite reaction. If she can’t do the time, then STFU already and… move OUT OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD. This racist gutter rat needs to be off this show. 3. Good luck Meghan.… Read more »

Thank you Gigi you made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. “Geriatric go go dancer” OMG HAHAHAHA…….

Yes, Shannon – you are a bully.