Shannon Beador: No One is My Puppet Master

Shannon Beador is reacting to this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Kelly Dodd’s accusation that she has Stockholm’s syndrome. Shannon insists in her blog that no one is her puppet master and apologizes for her part in the drama at The Quiet Woman.

“So we’ve all had a day to process the drama that happened at The Quiet Woman, and I am absolutely embarrassed for my part of the hoopla. Some people claim to enjoy upsetting others, but I don’t. And by the way Kelly Dodd, I do “own my behavior” and I take responsibility for things that I do that are wrong. Both last week and this week, I have stated that I’m not the happiest with my behavior at the restaurant. Last week, I apologized to Lydia McLaughlin. Enough.

Kelly said it was just a “matter of time” before she ran into me and she made sure that it finally happened. One thing is for certain, though…no one is my puppet master. And I don’t even know how to respond to Kelly’s newest revelation that I have “Stockholm’s syndrome.” Completely ignorant. Loved Michael’s expression at the end.

Driving with Sophie. It’s not easy as a parent to say nothing because bottom line, driving is dangerous. I truly think permit drivers should have a magnetic sign to place on the exterior of the car so other drivers are aware that an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel. That being said, Sophie actually is a good driver now from what I’ve seen. We had the Varsity Driving Academy instructor finish the rest of Sophie’s driving hours. At least their car is labeled. My heart couldn’t take it!

It is so difficult to watch my good friend Tamra Judge go through such heartache as she was cut out of her daughter’s life. I can’t even imagine the pain she has experienced and I have such a respect for her strength. I remember last year when she filmed a portion of the documentary for Erasing Families. I am so proud of Tamra that she has become active in this organization and is shedding light on an issue that affects so many people. I feel horrible that I wasn’t there to support Tamra because David surprised our family with a trip to Mexico, but I was there in spirit. Her speech was amazing!”

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13 Replies to “Shannon Beador: No One is My Puppet Master”

  1. I like Shannon very much. I do wish she would see someone before she has a stroke. She is acting like a woman going through the change and she is still vulnerable about David’s affair.
    I liked Lydia in the early season but now she seems like the twinkle headed shit stirrer. Against my better judgement I watched a part of this last episode and realized that I really don’t want to see anymore.

  2. Hysteria notwithstanding, Shannon’s make-up looks so good in that scene when she was driving with Sophie. She’s really just as attractive with her weight gain as she is without.

  3. She is going through the change. Doesn’t that quack Dr of hers realize this? I like Shannon, but she goes from 0 to 60 in a split second. She looks gorgeous, no matter her weight. Lydia shouldn’t equate herself with being a Christian and then lying.

    1. Omg GIGICAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So nice to see you ?!! Where have you been ???

        1. I’m so sorry for your loss GIGICAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She’s at peace now .
          Thank YOU for coming back to us . We have all missed you xoxo

        2. Oh My GiGiCAT, so sorry to hear about your mom. Must be so difficult for you & yours. My Condolences & prayers to you & yours.

  4. Lydia is starting to look nuts, herself. Shannon needs more traditional health care as opposed to all the crystals and new-age crap that definitely isn’t working. I feel sad for her unhappiness and vulnerability to other people’s opinions.

  5. Shannon just “get some psychiatric help”! You are menopausal (it’s obvious) and out of control (emotional outbursts and crying jags in conjunction with your complete inability to handle anything remotely controversial) and make me “fear for your family”! David screwed up but is only human.. stop punishing him! For your family’s sake..get some homoeopathic hormone treatment, plenty of herbal treatments to calm/treat your out of control anxiety..therapy.. go to church with Tamra..try to f

  6. Shannon do you really want your kids to see you screeching and swearing in public like a banshee? You gotta learn to just get up and walk away from women that taunt you because that biotch Kelly wanted you to get crazy and lose control and she got it. So you got kicked out of a restaurant AND looked like a mentally unstable and out of control lunatic. C’monnn woman you’re kids are watching you.

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