Shannon Beador: It Might Not Have Been The Best Decision To Confide In Tamra


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of RHOC. Shannon takes accountability for her faults in her marriage, and reveals that she regrets confiding in Tamra about her marriage problems.

Shannon writes, “This is a tough episode for me to watch. I have been very open about the state of my marriage and how I want more. I want to be on the same team with David — partners in life. I do not think I am a victim and I do not intend to send that message. I am not blaming my husband for distancing himself from me. In fact, today, I take most of the responsibility it is happening. I thought if I complained enough, that something would finally click within David and he would “see the light” and make our relationship a big priority in his life. It really doesn’t make sense that this plan of action would ever get me what I want. You would think that I would have been smarter about things.

David wakes up at 4:30 am every morning so he goes to bed when the kids do, around 8:30 pm. I am a night owl so I usually stay up late at night (and watch my Bravo shows!). Watching the show has knocked sense into me about the clock I need to keep. I am glad that you get to see one of my “A-ha!” moments. It literally hit me in my interview that I need to change my clock as a first step to improving my marriage.

I have 3 best friends; I value my true friendships with them and I really haven’t let anyone else in for years. I have become very close to Tamra, however, in an incredibly short amount of time which is very uncharacteristic of me. David also became close to Eddie quickly and we began to do things together socially. When David and I got into a bad argument, it made sense to me that I would approach my new friend to confide in her. I never told her that David and I were splitting up or even discussing it. I never gave her a copy of the email he sent to me. It was never said in the email that David wanted a divorce and I am disappointed that Tamra would even make that inaccurate statement about such a serious topic. You see in the previews that it might not have been the best decision to confide in Tamra.

Moreover, I was disappointed to hear what Tamra said about me at her lunch with Heather. I had been nothing but supportive of her and her continual discussions of her issues with Heather. It has never been and never will be a goal for me to get in “the middle” of any friendship.

I also am frustrated with the drinking comments. While I absolutely enjoy a cocktail, I do not drink vodka straight. Last week you finally see that I order a Grey Goose neat, but also a large sparkling water. I mix the two together. I usually get two to three drinks from my one shot of vodka. Enough about a drinking problem!

And finally, at the point of the luncheon, I have only spoke to the ladies about one thing in my marriage — that I want more time with my husband. I am far from a “sad soul.” All marriages go through rough patches. I am not justifying that it is right to behave inappropriately, but it is a reality that couples argue and things are not always perfect. Resolution of conflicts and communication are factors that define a successful marriage. For better or worse, you are seeing an honest and authentic representation of my marital struggles with David and I hope that some of you can relate and improve upon your relationships as we do with ours.”

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12 Replies to “Shannon Beador: It Might Not Have Been The Best Decision To Confide In Tamra”

  1. Wow what an idiot. You have only now realised what everyone else already knows – Tamra is a gossip and a liar! Nothing new there.

    1. So you’re going to call someone an idiot for giving someone a fair chance? Sounds like the only idiot here is you.

  2. I know Missy! I totally agree with you!
    What’s this girl’s name,,,, Shannon, (I can never remember Shannon’s name). Anyways Shannon must not have watched previous seasons otherwise she would know Tamara is two-faced and stabs everyone in the back after Tamara reaches that point she has no more use for them. Tamara quickly made sure to work things out with Heather after the GDLA thing probably hoping to be featured again. With friends Li

    1. Sorry, I was trying to type with friends like Tamara who needs enemies.
      Tamara only looks out for Tamara! I wonder if Tamara stays friends with Vicki because Vicki is the only original housewife left in OC probably thinking to herself that if she stays close to Vicki, Vicki might have some pull with producers because she’s been on this show so long, and helping Tamara by securing her spot by being friends with Vicki.
      Who knows! All I do know is I wouldn’t trust Tamara with anything personal much less assume she’s being a friend who isn’t going to repeat something so personal!

  3. No no no! This whole blog is ridiculous. Lady you were talking to Tamra with the camera rolling right in front of you and You – stupid you – thought know one would know???

  4. Exactly how can someone confide in “something so personal” as Shannon aludes to, yet to tell Tamera AND for it to be on camera? What the what? Another reason to believe “reality TV ” is fake.. Wow….anything for ratings.

  5. Doth protest too much!!!
    Explaining away the Grey Goose and the fact that the email didn’t say ‘divorce’…..did it not say he was considering leaving the family home? I guess Tamra made a snap assumption that moving out does not mean divorce..blah blah blah I actually think Heather has the biggest mouth of everyone. She seems to feel she has the most logical opinion (and while that might be true!), she still oversteps her bounds in some conversations…….have to mention again, I love how she explains the Grey Goose neat…BS the fans and not the players, Shannon!!!!!
    Luv, A Slightly-Reformed Party Animal

  6. Tamra has done nasty things to pretty much every OC housewife and her agenda was to be mean before she even got on the show. Bravo has an audition tape in which she badmouthing Jeanna Keough, and we all know how that later blew up. She caused problems with Gretchen, Alexis, Vicki, Heather, and now she is trying to get back into good graces with Heather because she knows that she is no match for her. It’s funny that she threw Shannon under the bus in order to get back in with Heather … let’s see how long this lasts.

  7. I like both Tamra and Shannon. I don’t think Tamra should have hold Heather though. And with all the stories about her and Terry’s marriage she should watch what she says.

  8. I just want to comend you on sticking it out with your husband. I am going through a very similar situation right now with mine and it is not easy. 10 months ago I found out he was having an affair with another lady that lasted almost a year. I am 50 and we have been together since I was 20 and I believe our marriage is worth fighting for. Weekly counseling and a daily struggle of moving forward and not looking back has helped, I don’t think I will ever be 100% sure that I made the right decision to stay with him but I am more sure than not that I don’t want to live my next 30 years without him!!
    Thank you for putting this on the show!!!

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