Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds Don’t Visit Vicki in The Hospital


In Monday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County we got to see the aftermath of the women’s dune buggy accident in Glamis. After Vicki Gunvalson was airlifted to a hospital in Palm Springs and Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd were not able to go with her, Heather Dubrow called Meghan Edmonds to see if she would go visit Vicki, because she was at her home in La Quinta, which was only about 45 minutes away from the hospital.

“Of course I don’t want Vicki to be hurt, but I don’t want to go visit Vicki in the hospital because I’m not her friend,” Edmonds told the cameras, and when she filled Shannon Beador in on what happened, Shannon also felt the same way. “I’m not friends with Vicki,” Beador explained. “I was an incredible friend to Vicki and all she did was betray me. Right now, I’m not rushing over to sit by a woman that fakes cancer.”

But when Shannon and Meghan called Dubrow, their reason for not visiting Vicki wasn’t understood. “I think it’s complete bullsh*t,” Dodd said. “If somebody is in dire need of help, I’m going to be there whether I’m their friend or not. And I would do it out of human decency.”

Edmonds had allegedly looked up the location of Vicki’s hospital from Glamis and claimed it was only 48 minutes away. “You guys should go – you’re her friends,” Meghan told Dubrow.

“I can’t go to the hospital since my only vehicle is an RV which took seven hours to make the three-hour journey,” Dubrow confessed to viewers after hanging up on Edmonds. “And by the way – I was just in a f*cking accident.”

During dinner, Shannon and Heather wondered just how severe the accident was. “It’s hard to gauge the severity of this accident when Heather and Kelly are laughing and popping a beer,” Shannon said. They also wondered how severe Vicki’s injuries were when they found out Vicki was texting photos of her injuries. “If I’m real injured and I’m in a helicopter, you’re not going to find me taking selfies of myself,” Beador admitted.

“It’s hard for me with my past with Vicki to truly believe that Vicki is hurt when she said she is,” Edmonds said. “Because all she’s done is lie, lie, lie.”

But a phone call from Tamra told another side of things. “I can’t believe that not one of you could go see if Vicki was okay – I can’t believe it,” Judge said. “She went home. Her clothes were cut off of her. She had nobody there. She had to Uber it home at 1 o’clock in the morning. And she’s in a neck brace with a paper gown on. Why couldn’t you have at least called her and see if she needed like something to wear? You didn’t care. She’s in the friggin’ hospital – airlifted. And no one even wondered.”

“Go to hell,” Judge continued, hanging up the phone.

Meghan changed her mind and went over to Vicki’s house to check on her. She explained, “Everybody knows that Vick and I aren’t besties. But hearing about the accident from Tamra makes me realize that I Shannon and I might have misjudged the severity of the situation. Yes, Vicki has lied a lot in the past. But I do realize now this accident was bad. Vicki actually was hurt. So I want her to know that I care about her health and I want her to be okay.”

Although Vicki was still in pain and wearing a neck brace, she explained that her feelings were mostly hurt. “I was just really bummed about about you and Shannon,” Gunvalson said. “I was just laying there like, ‘I’m going to die – by myself.’ Then I thought, ‘Well I’m not going to die – but now it sucks that I’m laying her naked.’ I had nothing. I had no sweatpants, no gym shoes – they took everything off of me.” She continued, “I thank you for coming over but I don’t know why it takes a near death experience to have compassion.”

After criticizing Tamra, who was behind the wheel during the ATV accident, Meghan apologized to Vicki. “I’m sorry,” she said, in tears. “I am. I wish I could turn back time but I don’t want to dwell on this because I wasn’t trying to be mean. I’m sorry I let you down. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I let you down.”

Next, Edmonds met up with Heather Dubrow and eventually apologized to her as well. She admitted, “I messed up.”

“Looking back now, I’m sorry you were in this accident,” Edmonds said. “I wish I would have handled it completely differently. I wish that I would have gone and seen Vicki in the hospital. I wish I would have taken what you said 100 percent reality instead of trying to read between the lines. And I’m sorry for that – I am.”

But Meghan still had to face Tamra, for going around saying the accident was her fault. “It’s so hurtful that she’s been going around town saying I was reckless when she wasn’t even there,” Judge said.

And Shannon seemed to not be blamed for much. “I want to be very very clear on this – I’ve made my decision that I don’t want to be friends with [Vicki] as discussed,” she told Judge and Dubrow. “I just don’t want to be her good friend anymore. Meghan was telling me that story as it wasn’t that bad. Had I known that it was very very serious, I would have been there first thing in the morning. Because that’s the kind of person I was.”

Shannon also reached out to Vicki, leaving her a nice voicemail. “I’m the last asshole to do it,” she joked. “But I didn’t know how severe it was. Now I do. Vicki might not be favorite person right now but if someone is injured, I want them to let them know that I’m thinking about them. I’m not that much of an asshole.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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I loved it that Meghan apologized to Vicki and Heather. Hope this stops her from formulating instant opinions based on judgment. Makes me wonder how much of what she’s been spouting on this show has come from Jim, it seemed like it from last night’s episode. She accused Heather of being immature, I thought the way she reacted to the news from the get-go was immature/based on judgment. No one can tell how much another person is hurt, especially when it’s something like a neck injury. If you hit the back of your head hard and your neck sort of… Read more »

I wouldn’t of visited Vicky if I was her either. Tamra was on WWHL and said that Vicky did exaggerate her injuries. I think it says a lot about a person who’s in an accident and nobody comes to the hospital or picks you up and brings you home. You get what you give Vile Vicky.

Spot on as usual VV 🙂 I’m surprised how much Meghan has gown on me

Yes because Tamra is a physician, x-ray machine & an MRI all in one so she would be in the best position to triage someone else’s injuries.

Aweful episode and aweful season. Tamra was on WWHL and she said flat out that Vicki exaggerated her injuries!!! There you have it folks!!!! Nothing more to be said

Brianna said her mother was embellishing her injuries also.

Not saying it wasn’t scary and she wasn’t hurt but she tried to out hurt her own daughter.

I forgot that lol. So now most people are saying Vicki embellished . Smh lol

I’ve stopped watching, again. I haven’t watched in years. Now, I’m glad I did. Why would anyone want to be near Icky? If her own kids couldn’t, wouldn’t get off their asses to rush to the hospital, why would Meghan and Shannon? That makes no sense. And, she exaggerated her injuries? Wow, just wow. Right on, Rain “nothing more to be said” indeed.

Well said, makes ZERO sense for Meghan and Shannon to visit her!!!! But the kicker is I read in another blog that Kelly was drunk AGAIN a few days ago and caused a scene while having dinner at PUMP, yes!!! Pump!!!! So she goes to LVPs restaurant and gets drunk ! Wow!! Maybe she thought she was filming VP Rules lol. Kelly is ATROCIOUS and obviously her drinking is worse than Kim .

Meanwhile , in more ridiculous news ( and unrelated) , Ryan lochte was almost attacked after be danced on DWTS last night. I was flipping back and forth bw RHOC and DWTS . So apparently there’s a ‘Lochte protest GROUP ‘ out there . A group!!!! LOLOLOLOL. So these idiots didn’t join forces to fight hunger , poverty, help the Vets or fight government waste. Noooooooo!!!! They joined forces to punish a silly immature man who wears a speedo !! Seriously?? So I’m going to form a group to attack women with sagging tits who are wearing the wrong size… Read more »

THANK YOU RAIN! THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY ALSO!! Buy a bra that actually supports your breasts so they aren’t hanging down to your stomach.

I will join but mine aren’t saggy, not big enough, but don’t like saggy boobs on others! Even worse are moobs!

Lol Suze and GIGICATS…. Whether your breasts are big or small, how can a gown woman NOT know what size she bra is ?? Just mind boggling

Rain you should meet my SIL, we went bra shopping and she told the assistant she was a 34B she is three times my size, when the assistant said more like a 38C I had to run out after her! She was so cross! Xoxoxox

OMG SO FUNNY !!! 38C???

She isn’t far from that maybe 36D I think when she went elsewhere to get measured. Prior to that they hung out of the top, bottom and side!

They will fit you at vs and probably everywhere else to except for Wal Mart so you’re right no excuse

I don’t believe Meghan and/or Shannon needed to go to the hospital to check on Vicki…. none of them like each other. The other ladies kept bitching about it but you didn’t see any of them getting off their butt and going.. they complained the whole night and they could have been on their way and there already!!! I call BS…..

Heather sure does like to pass the buck…

Full of baloney ridiculous. ALL concerned. Drama is the name of their game. Finger pointing & accusations is what they do. Vicki’s daughter & Tamara both voiced that Vicki was self pitying. Tamara would say something like that, but Briana? where is her love & loyalty to her mother, what a user!!!!!! even if there’s truth to it, a daughter should never say that. I know she was ill & doing a pet scan, far more important than Vicki’s injuries, but if it were me & my mom was in a hospital, I don’t care how dire my need is,… Read more »

I agree with you except I have a difficult time believing in Meghan’s sincerity. I think she realized what an uncaring tool she looked like so she tried to save face by apologizing to get back into the clique.

No reason for Shannon or Meghan to visit Vicky. She has kids, a son, a son-in-law, and her friends at camp who were okay that night sitting by the fire drinking. End of story. And of course Vicky embellished and exaggerated. Always playing the vicim.

First, I WISH EVERYONE WELL WHO WAS INJURED. Second, There are hospital advocates, discharge RN s, social workers in a hospital setting
So I find it hard to believe Vicki wasn’t given some clothes and a phone to call her son!!! Third was the bravo team there to help her?
I am recovering from surgery and would have never wanted anyone there except family. This isn’t a game it’s serious medical injuries and the visiting of people who ever it is takes away from the medical care at the point in time.
Speedy Recovery to all!!!!

The award for best over acting is presented to……Ladies and Gentlemen we have a tie! Give it up for Heather Dubrow and Vicki Gunvalson! Moving on, the award presented to the housewife who can’t make up her mind whether Vicki is or isn’t her friend? Let’s have a round of applause for Meghan Edwards. Our final award goes to Vicki Gunvalson for her continuing part of playing the victim.

It looked like a pretty bad accident to ME, especially rolling over. Those women aren’t exactly a bunch of spring chickens and the older you are, the worse it is to recover. The people who SHOULD have gone to the hospital are Brianna and Michael. Especially when you consider what Vicki has done for them. Brianna got a first-class education (as did Michael), 2 cars (that we know of–probably more) and a couple of houses. Yet, she couldn’t be bothered? And even made snide remarks about her mother? Sounds exactly like my now deceased step-sister, who only contacted her father… Read more »